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  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POWERFUL THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

  2. loved this video best powerful one i have seen

  3. thank you so much for this message it strengthens me more in Christ

  4. it wasn't a cross but a pole,Christ is not a name.

  5. YOW!! Wait  a second  mr.YEll  , isnt a lamb a sheep ? What is satan his hobby ? Killing sheep .I'm just mentioning !

  6. R$E=999=666=The Sun

    This is an occult channel.

  7. Amen! In The Nature or Name of Christ there is Truth, Faith, and Freedom!!! Only serve The Christ, The Son of the only Living God!!!

  8. who is the singer at the end, of the redemption song?

  9. Keep on saying the TRUTH because the word of the The ONE AND TRUE GOD is our Salvation Thank You God Bless

  10. Wow People are really into this Dead Jew on a Stick cult,

  11. I'm not even gonna lie that was some nice azz preaching😇

  12. how is the earth born again? it goes through the water punishment, and then the fire punishment. at the end it becomes the idol….then the idol is destroyed and Christ reigns, then the earth passes away and is born again, and God comes to live in you.everyone locks themselves in this wordly system. not one of you have come out of this system. listening to preachers who they themselves havnt come out.we all need to live Gods kingdom.freely give freely receive. when your born again you should see yourself wholly burnt from this system…denying the idol in yourself …you the beast must be burnt. then Christ defeats you, then God comes to live in you.this is how to be truly born again. peace.

  13. G X

    Can anybody please explain to me HOW CAN I BE SAVED? I'm just so confused about salvation, i'm completely desperate to know the TRUTH about how to be saved.. please somebody help me

  14. Why reference to the "kaaba" .. :/

  15. have to say it again: i love this pastor! he jumps in joy!!!

  16. quote: "HALLELUJAH to God"

  17. i simply LOVE the preaching of Charles Lawson! Nothing fake here: and he's passionate right to the bone!! Amen to that!!!

  18. make….typo

  19. Cry loud and spare not….may a joyful noise unto the Creator of all the earth…preach pastor!!!!

  20. Powerful presentations Round SaturnsEye. You may not be a preacher, but you certainly have the heart of a true one. I fail to attend church today because of the watered down message given to a group of people who have no idea of what true Christianity means. God has revealed so very much these past few years—my eyes are wide open and I feel helpless in what is happening all around me. God bless you for sharing painful truths. So many are being deceived in so many levels. How can we reach them before death overtakes them and it is too late? Forgive them Lord Jesus Christ, they do not know what they do. —Irene.

  21. Wow this is powerful stuff. Pastor Lawson sermon, the art, anime, and music. Praise be to the Father, The Word and the Holy Ghost. One God. God bless RSE!

  22. do not insult the true Islam that has nothing related to Isis or terrorism

  23. Very scary and annoying voice