How we are being shown “hell” in our media (R$E)

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PART 3. The increasing hellish symbology in the media and the false prophets of the mainstream Christian movement.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. If you want to see how they're coming out, and I'm sure some of us know this but, watch the movie: " Symmetry ". As with a lot of movies they put a lot of subliminal messages in them.

  2. I love your videos… they are very informative. However, the Casting Crowns cd is not wrong … it is a Christmas cd that is quoting what the angels said in praise in front of the shepherds.

    "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:
    “Glory to God in the highest,
    And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”"
    Luke 2:13-14

  3. Details, details…the overall message is clear to us with eyes to see and ears to hear…do not stop or grow weary…we are here and would comfort you with fellowship…your work is ordained…continue to be bold in Him…Peace be with you, brother 🙂

  4. Please tell me why you picked Round Saturn Eye for the name of your channel. Saturn being worshipped as Satan and the round eye reminds of the one eye symbolism. I use my real name and a real picture of myself. Why do truth movement channels pick avatars that seem as the same as the.symbols and colors. And use.strange names that don't have a Jesus feeling at all.
    Just wondering

  5. Kjv does not mention rapture because there is no such thing. We leave our bodies behind, dust to dust but our minds, spirits will rise and according to other studies we will be whole and complete once accepted to live eternity




  9. 1st sentence should read *I think it WAS Darby back in b 1800 – d 1866, Plymouth Brethern, who invented, concocted this kooky idea of the rapture. amazed folks continue to follow that life destroying doctrine. We are here to do Gods Work, not fantasize about flying away.

  10. I think it wa the weierdo called Darby, back some 200 yrs ago why began this kooky idea of the rapture, Weird dude there. Glad you exposed Disney. Disney begins the process of deluding the youths at a early age. AExcellent you exposed Third Day,,and all that Christian music Every assembly now has some type of rock music, music show, lights, words that are not biblical. Once the thrill is gone, many of these Christian groupies will walk away and where they go off to? Anyones guess. They become disgruntled loners. But not until they've hopped around tasting dozens of assemblies. At 35 they've had enough. They think back,,how could I have believed in this idea called the rapture,,,singing songs that have not helped in my salvation in any way,,how deceived I was. How could God allow me to walk down that road,~~~,Its called free will lad. Now are you ready to follow Jesus?

  11. I remember seeing the beginning of this movie and sat there thinking, what’s wrong with this picture?!

  12. C P

    Evil people are impatient and just can't wait to stand before God on Judgement Day and give account for their sins and be thrown into the Eternal Lake of Fire so they can be permanently separated from God and his love, and to burn and suffer horribly beyond description with their evil spiritual father satan and the fallen angels in utter darkness forever without any hope available to them. They love sin and the very worst consequences more than they love God or even their own lives, souls, and eternity… they strive every day with all their hearts for utter and eternal destruction of their lives, they live for the purpose of being punished without relief or hope, they love lies, greed, other evil, death and suffering more than anything else, and they will get exactly what they wish. Don't feel sorry for these sick lost wicked worthless reprobate insane fools of the devil one bit, the sooner they go to their reward the better. Hope God really cranks up the heat for them, they deserve it. Of course it would be better if they gave their lives to Jesus Christ and got saved, but if they refuse, be glad and rejoice that God will take care of everything and soon put a permanent end to sin.

  13. Rapture is not BIBLICAL it contradicts resurrection

  14. , so many Christians defend oral sex simply because it's something they don't want to quit doing. Isn't that amazing a person claiming to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit but rooting like pigs between each other's legs, even after the wife has had a fecal infection, he goes back down there and licks to his content, the Bible says it's like a dog returning to its own vomit

  15. RSE I just happened to watch malificent last night. Angelina Jolie is obviously portraying a demon, or something of that nature. Noncidence I came across this video today. I'd love to see a video from you exposing Disney. My family is so infatuated with anything Disney. I try best to steer my daughter away from it but it's hard when her grandparents are buying her Minnie mouse clothes, toys, and pushing Disney propaganda in her face. I'd really appreciate a video I could share with my family. God bless!

  16. I don't think it's a cube. I would be alarmed if Avicci and his testimony align, I would assume the same lie spirit corrupted both. Jesus will turn out right, and he likened it unto Gehenna and being tossed into a furnace. Revelation says lake of fire. That's all it will be. Fire. No loop, although there might be mental loops, if that is the case. I think in reality, they will be made to live out day and night in this literal place that is a lake of fire.

  17. Satan has already prepared the new age movement with an excuse for the rapture.
    The Aliens took them for re-education.

    He knows when millions suddenly disappear, his boy will need to have an answer for those left behind.

  18. That show is horrific. I can barely stand looking at it.They want people in fear. The only thing to fear is death without Jesus Christ. Thank you for your work on this subject! Jesus told us not to fear!! Death where is your sting?

  19. i had to stop watching when the movie clips started…too much for me on the disturbing images….what a contrast to my pre-saved self; i used to live for horror films.

  20. since..I watch your first vid..I keep on..watchng my LORD Almighty creator of heaven and earth..wll always blessed us guide thank you Jesus.

  21. I dreamt the portal in the sky at 4:25. it took me to a different world, where i couldn't feel any evil. it felt eerie…