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  1. Eye opening look at the enemy.

  2. RISE, just curious if you know that Biblical cosmology is real. This world is not what they told us. Never heard you mention it so I was just wondering.

  3. Maybe thats why they are puching the vegan agenda. Cos from the beggining adam and eve dident eat meat cod they dident had sin yeat. And now satan whant us to eat like they did in eden and it will kill us.

  4. My question is what has 4:41 to do with the illuminati agenda? Do you know where that sign comes from? And if you know explain what is bad about it…

  5. Life Cycle – Cyclical – Seasonal

  6. 3:18  Didn't leave us to perish?  He kicked us out of Eden so we would perish, then put cherubim with flaming sword to guard the tree of life to prevent immortality.  Yeah sure, he then sent his son to give us a way back, but he's got some schizophrenia or something.

  7. you should see the movie the kingsmen secret service… it was very VERY strange .

  8. Whiles watching this I had seen a lot of flaws. "Thou shall not look upon a book made by man for guidance, man shall look upon thy heart for guidance" <- just made that up. Woot. My heart speaks to me. Anyways, people should know that god is one. God is all, god is the universe god is earth. God/creator/the divine light, Allah, extra entity's all in all he is one. He is us, we are him. In my eyes, I believe that man was greedy, for they took a bite of the apple "the darkness" and they let it over power there true self, there heart. We are in a time of need of light and love, shall we no longer need fear within our hearts. I believe this planet is just one big hoax, we live in a lie. Which could simply be ended. The law of attraction ladies and gentlemen. This world is a free will country which has been taken by us from the greed and fear. They separated us, so we are not one. In time (soon 😉 ) we will rise to the light and judgement day is upon us. Amen, lol – LOTS OF LOVE

  9. Praise Yaweh for your work!

  10. You know why there are pyramids found throughout the earth?? Because they were trying to be like god. There is a central pyramid/octahedron in the center of the celestial sphere. It's light at the top emits light to the back of the sun disk which then lights the front of it with fire. The whole outer space thing and nasa is a fraud.

  11. The human body is not the result of the fall.  We were not disembodied spirits prior the fall.  Eve was created before the fall and listen to what Adam said…

    Genesis 2:23
    And Adam said, This is now BONE OF MY BONES, and FLESH OF MY FLESH: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

    The fall has made the human body subject to sickness, decay, and death.

  12. whats the name of the documentary footage you used when you talked about theosophy. I have seen it before and i cant remember the name of it 

  13. what do you think of these things I found out, check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFHU7tTbURg

  14. Cesare Borgia is laughing in hell.

  15. When God brought me out of the 'oneness', 'heaven on earth', 'god is in everything', 'it's all holy',  it was extremely painful. Never underestimate The Dragon's hold over the minds/ lives, of the world's population. Most will choose death over truth. God bless.

  16. I had some dreams years ago, about the planets in our solar system got next to each other and they were passing huge amount of energy to earth. The picture in the end was look similar what I saw. strange how I just remembered all this.

  17. ur just as fucked up as them

  18. This teaching of nothing new under the sun is false. What has happened will happen again is also false. These are very un-biblical and deny VERY simple truth… have you seen the Israelites enslaved the Egypt and forced to make pyramids again? Have you seen the anti-christ yet? When God burns the elements has this also been done before?

  19. Oh no…Heavens gate cult.They did meet their mother ship just not as they hoped though.

  20. I truly believe what you are saying..along with the few prophecies about the end times being like so in the days of  Noah,…and the one about the same but of lot…correct me if i'm wrong.

  21. This is for RSE, I have noticed that there are a lot of good people who are speaking about the illuminate, yet in all my searches I have  found not one spiritual, clarervoyant, mediumistic, site even touching upon it let alone condemning it! My mother who has been a medium and teaches Clarevoyance for 30 years and claims she has been visited by Jesus and the Angels who proclaim  her to be an ascended master in which I am very suspicious about! She will not talk about the subject of Illuminate, proclaims me as mad, and tells me this is an Golden age!  I am worried that she and others ARE like you say tricked,  not one Medium ect…..Is not speaking out about it and deny it exists! If something came to me and told me I was a Jesus like being I would tell it to get lost as I would never deserve such a title! I feel people who really believe this are dillusional  about themselves as well as their visions! Anyway I do believe these entities are sinister!PS for a holy bunch of people they sure are stupid!

  22. I have a question: Is the Christ-statue in Rio de Janeiro a graven image/idol?
    Is this Christ-statue wrong?

  23. If anyone has ever seen the syfy channel remake of battlestar galactica which was produced by David icke, you will see there entire doctrine of false spirituality.
    It's a really cool show but it's full of lucifers lies.

  24. Did you see the illuminati launched there official website and Facebook page!

  25. We are in the valley of the shadow of death. Great work brother in Christ

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  27.                                    TRUTH
    Most humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
    Service-to-others is the ONLY way to achieve spiritual advancement!
    The most free person in the world is the one who has nothing to hide!

  28. This might be off subject to an extent but I feel compelled to mention it. Idk if you are familiar with Oak Island and it's history but their is a show about these two brothers that are trying to find supposed buried treasures on the island. I won't go too deep here but it is full of occultic symbology, that I believe references the opening of the pit and coming counterfeit Christ. There are accounts that trace the name "druid" to duir, the Celtic term for the oak. More interestingly, the actual translation of duir is "door" and lore indicates the spiritually advanced Celts would access the ethereal planes of higher thought (psychic vision or soul-thought) by "opening the oak door."

    The oak's status was (and still is) undeniable. Further merit to its regal presence is its tendency to attract LIGHTNING. This was considered hugely powerful among the ancients and is associated with one of their foremost gods, Dagda.

  29. R$E, your presentations are like Bible class, an ongoing course to teach those with an interest and yearning for reunion with The Father and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Blessings always.

  30. Amazing work, R$E. I greatly appreciate the genuine spirit by which you present information, definitely of the Holy Spirit. You share most valuable stuff and give all credit to the Lord who has opened your eyes. So often I hear things like, "I'm the only one in the world to share this information." Arrogance is at the top of behaviors to loathe. Thank you for this excellent perspective. Thank God and may you be richly blessed. Shabbat Shalom.

  31. Yeah the worlds a stage and the outcome is already set in stone, but your fate is not! Its a steep learning curve that we must experience in order to appreciate what the outcome is, if you dont have the full basis of comparison and go through the mill so to speak you cant possibly understand the (test) that has been laid before us. Its like a battle between the satanic left side of the brain and your true spiritual right side constantly at conflict with ITSELF, one path is easy the other hard and im sure we all know which one to take. When you do choose the path of our father you will loose interest in foolish people and material goods because you are starting to remember who you really are and that you dont really belong here!. But just remember you know its the only way and Jesus/the Father will always be with you, as for the material world you came here alone and you will leave alone no matter who is holding your hand. PEACE.

  32. Thank you so much for these videos, it really helps ground me in these terrible times! God Bless you! You can back up what you say and help us identify this evil! Hugs….

  33. I had an EXPERIENCE ….God spoke to me (the detailed version is where all the proof is, but that would take too much time) and told me some things. He said "stop doctor shopping, stop using drugs, throw away that pack of cigarettes and start loving"! He also told me that "there is only one God". I always thought that if i had the chance to talk w God id have all these things to ask, then you hear his voice (which was in my mind but was not my own) and you realize this is really happening and you completely blank out and only think of the things that are relevant at that momen4t. This event confuses my Christian beliefs. What name do i use when i pray? If it were important he would of told me. The other events that happened proved to me that it wasnt the weed talking or my detoxing meat suit. Anyway, when the bible reads believe in God; it means believe the words he is telling you and follow the instructions. For example when i want to go shoot up and i hear that slight no dont and do it anyway, i have just sinned and showed lack of faith, even though i still believe in God! Life can be so simple and glorious if we just do everything that voice tells us.

  34. Wow! Amazing work

  35. Great Job brother!