Illuminati birth of REAL Nephilim hybrids (R$E)

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Nephilim Hybrids are being birthed.
Illuminati Exposed 2017.

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  1. LORD JESUS CHRIST, said : I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. .( REVELATION 3:1)

  2. I guess this hybrids already exists , what an evil ad… one have to look at the hidden meaning in every ad…

  3. I've Seen This Video Soooo Many times on TV Before I Ever Saw This Breakdown of It & As Soon As I Saw It I KNEW That It Wasnt Right. My First Thought Was Evil & Creepy! I See I Was Correct

  4. Dry very thanks for shared. God bless you…

  5. Dry very thanks for shared. God bless you…

  6. Dry very thanks for shared. God bless you…

  7. Wonderful breakdown indeed yup total satanists putting this garbage out!!!!!!

  8. thanks Lord for Revelation!

  9. Great unfolding

  10. Exactly correct… No coincidence the Nimrod hunter isn't a hybrid. There's a definite reason for that. Wow this is one of the most in your face commercials and this is from 2017. Wow……

  11. I’m glad I found this Chanel ❤️

  12. Fallow Steve Quayle to get your answers for this! Seriously May Christ Word Empower us all who choose Him.

  13. Which Gnostic story were u referring to when speaking about the serpent and time

  14. Elon musk keeps warning about the AI agenda and the search for the singularity. He calls it dangerous and said it's extremely scary and it has to have limits put on that research because it will lead to our destruction. The nephalim roam the earth they are disembodied spirits and i wouldn't be surprised if they end up inhabiting these avatars and the tech companies say look we've achived the singularity! We've created the soul.. Aka we r Gods etc.

  15. Do a video about The Witcher: Wild Hunt. It has the hunters hunting for souls. It is full of symbolism and tons of ancient lore. Its a video game and it's very fun.

  16. 46799999950650169877040001…..SWIFT:NBPLPLPW…IBAN:PL46799999950650169877040….please,-help me!

  17. RR

    Hey guys, did you know there is a country in the Middle East where it is illegal to tell a 17 year old the message of Christ, without being sent to prison for 5 years? I have a surprise for you. It's not Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or Iran. It's Israel.


  18. O my goodness brothers and sisters! The scriptures from Isaiah – I have been having prophetic apocalyptic nightmares since 1969 and no details change. I DO get MORE dreams. No. Nightmares but I can feel the difference and I am SO VERY terrified because what the prophet Isaiah is describing WILL come to pass, I know I am not the only one being warned.
    As I am typing and terrified myself, I AM JUST NOW reminded to rely on JESUS and on my Faith!

  19. WOW

  20. Glad to see some KJV references.. God bless you in Jesus' name Brother..

  21. Just a quick question. do u think earth is flat? according to bible it shud be but wats ur opinion?

  22. I love what you do my brother, I see it all

  23. re nephilim hybrids, I wonder if the push to accept trans-gender iss a precursor to acceptance of trans-species… also is it a genetic manipulation by humans or is it by nephilim reproducing again with beast and man (as in the days of Noah)

  24. re 7:31 it reminds me of a crown of thorns also that has been partly buried, I can see what you are saying about the portal also but yeah, before you said that I kept getting crown of thorns.

  25. do you have an ideia what Marketing is…man you have a impressive imagination…distorted but impresive never the less…lol

  26. Thx for your work!

  27. So right there not hiddening anymore preparing humans whats to come whats already here.So many people are blind to truth hasnt been in history so many satanic things so openly. People have to wake up and thosoe who are must try open up family and friends with spiritual knownledge Satan will fool the wholle world not who eyes are open .keep up your Blessed work from heaven Jesus is the only way he paid for Father in heaven to forgive us! Bless you and your work.

  28. M E

    Pls make this downloadable . Thank you.

  29. Hybrids lol

  30. Your videos are phenomenal!

  31. What’s the veil ??

  32. Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. We are blessed to gain understanding from God to avoid the deceptions coming upon the earth. Did any of you see Beyoncé's performance the other day as the pregnant "mother goddess" at the Grammys.. telepathically offering to "break the curse". All of this we are seeing are the counterfeit false miracles of babylon, to attempt to re-create what the Lord Jesus Christ actually did for us for REAL. Don't fall for the trick! There is only ONE Saviour and its Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Be encouraged – sin is truly defeated in Him!!
    All who are saved are going home to Christ's Kingdom of life.