This video shows birth of False Messiah (R$E)

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Exposed! How Illuminati are CALLING on Lucifer in 2016.
You will not believe how obvious it is!

A week of escalating chaos in US and Europe, ending on the Pope’s Together 2016 event in Washington DC. This short film shows it all!

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  1. O LORD JESUS! Please spare Christian mothers the birthing of any anti christ!

  2. I see this so differently to you. The trigger at the beginning is in her seeing children run by her. Then the labor pains, visually does not look pregnant. Then like a memory she recalls the lost of a child, the veil around the child representing the embrio sack. You do not see her save this child, and then you see her holding another child.

  3. spectaculer..and thee revelation of it is uniquely explained…thank you

  4. Hail illuminati. Join illuminati to have the right path before you my boy. Lucifer is the reality. Believe him.

  5. You dont understand the plan, you dont understand the truth,. jesus is the light and the dark, he is the beginning and the end, he is the flame and the water. the sky and the ground. he is the mother and the father.

    Lucifer is the darker aspect to god.

    There is balance between all.
    God calls lucifer the morning star in the bible, and then jesus goes onto call himself the bright morning star.
    Dont you understand, the anti christ is christ, but hes come to bring destruction this time, but before he came for peace. thats why he is called the Anti-Christ, hes the opposing force,. The dark christ. Not all change is positive, but all change is change, and the prophecy cannot be undone.

    infact this child will be hated by the serpent.

  6. What about the baby is a Fallen one, as it's falling?
    Interesting video;
    I mean yours.

  7. I bet he's not even born yet.

  8. Islam is the true religion save your soul before its too late

  9. What do you mean with "the veil" please explain

  10. do you live in fear?

  11. Brother your videos are amazing and informative! I pray that god blesses you and uplifts you in your mission and helps you to continue spreading the word!

  12. i love your chanel god bless you

  13. Wtf is this video? 😂

  14. Lucifer, we are here for your praise!

  15. Yeshua (and Yahweh , and all these shits) is just another name for Saturn/Satan >_< ! I blind can be some people. You have no idea about the history and etymology of the jews lol , too sad.
    Yeshua is not good . Nor Allah , Nor Krishna or Shiva or Buddha , Nor Quatzlcoatl , Nor El(ohim) , Nor Estharot , Nor Amon Ra or Isis or another idiot faggot.
    look a the stupid fucking depiction of "Jesus" in churches , which by the way , has lost its conotation , cause Jesus referred to church to as a group a people , a comunity , where we people share , and help to seek the salvation through Holy Scripture and Christ. , he IS PAINTED on icons , is carved on stone , and so and so on , his name is moked cause they use his name to promote and teach satanic doctrine and manipulation in this saturn black cube prison matrix.

  16. If you read this I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL DAY !
    Some examples of lectures that speak out the truth , pleease ? I would really appreciate ! Thank you!
    Instead of join satanic deception , rather expose them.
    Books , authors , pastors…

  17. I would like to know what this short film was created for 'officially'? Is it a commercial for a hospital for births?

  18. wow, ive watched your vids for a while now, and I must say that you have truly got a sense of discernment that many do not have. I love your vids

  19. Anti-christ is satan
    christ is Jesus
    anti-christ is satan.
    His only goal and always has been to kill the jews.
    The Jews must leave europe now and go back to Jerusalem for protection.
    The countries are filling with demonic soldiers

  20. Revelation 12 (((the woman is a angel))
    And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. 14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.) antichrist fall from heaven is not born.

  21. Ísis e Hórus

  22. The whole time I was thinking of the Phoenix. Reborn from destruction.