How NEW AGE counterfeits Christianity (R$E)

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Exposed! The shocking plan for 2016 and beyond that has been secretly in the works for many years. The illuminati / Luciferian agenda of the anti-Christ is undeniable and this video shows one of its main schemes of deception and manipulation.

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  1. Tlong perjemah kan k bahasa indonesia dong

  2. So it’s 2018 did the illuminati achieve any of these things in 2016…..

  3. Why have the Vatican got 52 Mile underground library of ancient texts, relics, etc ?????
    = And yet if they know the truth why do they worship satan?

  4. Very good vodeo as it shows your passion for truth=CHRIST as perception has been gifted to you. Our Heavenly Father is creator of souls/ spirit as that is our true identity in this realm of dust…as is all matter only common identical common dust in which all appears as it does due to electrons in each atom working as ONE by tweaking freqiency to fit collective perception. The soul/ SPIRIT is not of time but of " moment" for THE FATHER is only Creator as SPIRIT and once a connection is spiritually made you notice clues among all which are lies of this paradigm….for Father knows us as by instant intent of the spirit and our concience is our truth and guide as CHRIST is yoked with our Spirit and we come to notice as even adaptive as we are " time" is a frustration from birth to corporal death. Do not think scripture is not been tampered with as in Christ….not RELIGION all false wanna be Jealous , Contradicting, Metciless, Sacrificing,ETC…ARE NOT MY HEAVENLY FATHER AS HE CURSES NONE, JUDGES NO ONE…THAT is left for us to do as he is Perfection in ALL THINGS AND ALL RIGHTIOUSNESS. It is our own souls which either by our free will and persistance either saves or condemns us.
    Can you rrsearch if John of Patmos actually wrote REVELATION? I do not feel he did as many lies jump off scripture at me as being added on as things also taken away. Though I KNOW THE ADVERSARY as a liar as the hatred of Christ to me only validates him as those with a forked tongue try and deny him but truly hate him…as the Babylonian Talmud has exposed. Just one example as even using different names it is pure hatred as he is blasphemed as it has long been hidden from those NON Jew" ish". I can tell things….as by the PERFECTION OF THE HOLY HEAVENLY FATHER IN CHRIST…AS he is to be our only guide/ teacher…and Navigator for this realm. He said ALL IS inside us and here. I have a theory…I strongly feel we are powerful beings but this has been kept from us as when passionately we desire something and visualize/ fantasize…etc…when it happens in our real lives it even exceeds our expectations. I know the word God….translated and how it is cunningly in the Scripture …and by adding " amen" even to the " Lords) prayer it is trying to null and void….etc, etc… My theory is WE are being used to manifest chaos and our own suffering and demise as we are pummeled with hoaxed ups, deceptions, pre programming ( turn tv off….even in my 2 year old's cartoon's….take any and take a looksie with sound off….all pre programming as to use us gor their evil plans. Know it is the " GARGOYLE….AS HE ADMITS IN SCRIPTURE THAT HE CAN DO NOTHING OF HIS OWN WILL….In my mind I linked this with how in the Real Devil's book…the Talmud teachings it is to be taken as pride and glory when one can trick, or conjob, set up, or even blackmailed to do EVIL BIDDING OF THE HIGH UPS. Best example is hiw CHRIST was murdered!
    There is much pride taken in this very act….by all means investigate as if you believe nothing of the TRUTH I say know NOTHING is coincidence and you will know to recognize the DEVIL's…(I call him THE Gargoyle) work as he has a habit of flipping things upside down….as inneverything lately but one thing comes to mind as I revently saw some video's on it as I have a medical background and know MY HOLY FATHER….as concerning Christ as that is not a ride he would ever take….as trying to make all believe CHRIST's nlood was AB ( rh neg)…which my Father in Law was…now dead but an MIT grad, engineer…and inventor of the FIRST ever laptop, and worked for the CIA. His father is very much alive and at 100 totally independent, tall, and has those same piercing blue eyes…which my uncle got….as they are aqua/ ultra light and bright/ and recessive. He died of cancer…what a surprise there as his tongue slipped a few times as he loved his wine. My point is that I know Christs real blood type is AB+ but they will remove those video's and leave up the ones flipping the blood upside down to be the AB-.
    Anyone who has a medical background and a clue about blood typing knows …IF THEY KNOW THTIR HEAVENLY FATHER ( the rightious all knowing father of mercy, forgiveness, and blissful love so powerful that in the flesh you would burn up/ evaporate as I felt it for a second in a dream and woke me up with my heart racing but it was joy I have not known…timeless and pure…just passion at it's pinnacle perfection and all encompasing.
    I will back Ron Wyatt as the truth matches up with the original results other then back then as when his blood is hydrated it not only comes alive but grow tissue of the left ventricle and now science has proven him but they bury this info which was on the news as if you search you shall find it…as they examined the chromosomes and Christ walked the Earth with only 24 total chromosomes….which biologically is not possible but with THE True Father All is. The rest of us have 46 chromosomes…23 from each parent. Yet Christ has the 2e from his mom and only 1 extra which is the " Y" chromosome as making him male….yet described " similar in likeness to Adam" which I believe was the first of his kind creation which the GARGOYLE was quick to pounce on. As EVE WAS SPLICED FROM HIM AS YOU CANNOT GET MALE FROM FEMALE AS WE LACK THE " Y"….yet The Father Flipped this with Christ as he is no advanced being and carnal….as not a flesh tamperor which any idiot can be. I have my theories about flesh tampering but will save it for later. This splicing as marriage is intended to be of one flesh, no?
    Yet this may have weakened them as Adam I believe was AB+ and after Eve type B blood he was then type A. The serpent may represent hybridization as if man had not invented the Rogan vaccine to trick mother nature I would wonder if anyone Rh neg would rxist today. I will give a simplistic example of hybridization: A MULE is RH– negative….it is infertile as not created as it's own ordained dpecies by THE REAL FATHER often impersonated as something to FEAR …YET I TELL YOU FEAR IS OPPOSITE OF HIS SPECTRUM as it is not of HIM. AS HOW can any love something beyond all if they must fear him? In his midst is the absence of fear and opposition!
    So to get a mule which cannot reproduce and make you lots if you buy 2….the blood is rh negative. You must crossbreed a horse and donkey to produce one. In nature things like this do not normally happen.
    This is just an example as ALL ARE EQUAL AND THE FATHER IS RIGHTIOUS AND ALL PERFECT IN ALL….THINK HE IS NOT PERFECT IN FAIRNESS? Nope. He makes a way as only 1 untampered bloodline was needed to incarnate the Messiah/ Christ as by his perfect blood ( perfect as he is human in flesh but Father in spirit….his blood shedding was to redeem all as he overcame death and is void of sin. The second word used most in scripture happens to be blood….as without blood or death there can be no new life…..compared to seed. So among many secrets covered up know the Heavenly Father can take the worse the Devil warps and make a smoother path from his destruction as by Christ ALL ARE SAVED as by the blood of the LAMB OF " GOD" yet he is not…he is a FATHER but we have earthly dad's. I shared some theories with you and used what I have researched to back what I could….did not lie and my intent is pure as none should judge others for all you do and are is to be applied to you as your salvation or condemnation is left to you ( as by your intent which travels in instant to the Father and he knows your needs), as there can be no argument to exist to question this.
    Due to a hospital hijacking my newborn now 2 year old's DNA secretly in the most vile and cunning of ways as we were never supposed to know but THE FATHER WORKS THROUGH ANYONE when it comes to his. Creepy as this is as I trust my Father to destroy it….but our son's DNA sits at a MILITARY BASE of all places in CA….ACROSS the country as we live in Fl. I had a c- section and yesterday ran across a video about some woman paranoid as they would not give her the placenta…..never would that cross MY mind as how would she feel to be in our position and know the hospital secretly behind back stole your child's DNA I wonder. This video had a ton of views and comment of outrage….yet look at my situation. I was led to think maybe they wanted to dig around in it as our son ( it is very rare but has happenned yet according to the medical blood typing used in courts this is what stands so I researched why my son got my rare type AB+ blood as according to their demented chart he ( because my husband is type O) was to have nlood type A or B. Only. So obvioustly a very healthy male with a Y chromosome who now looks like both of us is showing blood type AB+. I have 2 other doctors in my immediate family and a geneticist and it is simple…he has a 3rd strand of DNA which is called chimeric. It just cists a fortune to dig and find it but can be done.Continued above…….

  5. Who else started watching Mandela effect videos & now you can't stop watching these conspiracy videos.?

  6. Question for RSE are we saying that the 33% are the fallen ones meaning 33% of the worlds population, and if so how would someone know if they were or were not one of the 33% anyway?

  7. battle of the gods!

  8. the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy , Jesus' works were in the open. the Luciferians do their things in secret…that should at least spark just a little bit of intelligence in someones head

  9. yeah but they got great art

  10. we are all sleeves someone we don't know but he is based tour the internet connection already are intered the net all of the world and I am sorry about that

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  12. its 2017…..

  13. Hi, we do not know each other, but in some ways your video's work resonate with me. May I aske you for an advices. I was born in a catholic family, I went to church until I was even an altar boy. But was deeply deiceved by a priest and the catholic church After what I felt like injusticies done to me and my poor emigrated family,at school I've let them striped out of my faith. Untill then I had a strong connection I could even feel it, I was a believer but through logic and fals freedom (you know their tactics), I decieded by myself as a child to became an atheist and be mad against god. I went on all this years by myself but realise since 2009/10 that someone has always be at my side, watch on me and spare my life. Today, I don't see myself go back to catholic faith. Neither to soft fake new age mouvements because these believes are somewhat I've packaging by myself for my soul without knowing it existed. Yes I always knew I had a soul and felt that their is a use to it here down on this earth. I feel when my soul is in pain for me or for others, for things outside me. I don't know from where I can go back from where I came from, from where I belong and how enter back in the grace of god.Thank you

  14. Great video. Whats the name of the song in the background?

  15. very informative,i wish many people could realize this,may lord have a mercy on us and being protected by his son,s blood Jesus that we serve him in a manner that leads to internal peace

  16. SO WHAT WAS THERE PLAN .? your bat shit crazy get a life

  17. I can tell you FIRST HAND none of the statanists i know sit and read the bible in an inverted was or at all. Sometimes they might pull it out because they have to look up something that someone yelled out a passage. OMG this is as boring as your life.
    This is going to happen within the next two weeks? Can you tell me what day we will all be enslaved I got tickets to see Hamilton on the 23rd.will i be ok to go to that? they are expensive tickets and i would like to know if i should sell them so i dont lose money. oh wait either way i will become enslaved so i wont care about money

  18. i am godless if jesus exists stop the mystical shit show yourself and do your bloody job for fucks sake the second coming is way overdue

  19. Just watch Bart Ehrman.. Will You? Then You will find the REAL TRUTH about Today's BIBLE.. Dare to watch? 🙂

  20. You're obviously a lovely person with good intelligence. Your understanding is fairly poor though I must say. You would think of yourself as a wise counselor and yet you do not understand these issues to any great depth. You would also call me a liar through your own lens of interpretation. Shame you don't understand the lamb of God at all. If I explained it to you I would be shouted at so let this be a simple comment to let you know you need to get your head round the truth without your opinions or those opinions handed to you from others. Find out God for yourself and you will see clearly. "Be still and know I am God." Psalms 46:10. You won't even know what this means though. Shame.

  21. i hate when conspiracy theorist bring religion in..

  22. we all fucked up i saw the illuminati cards n that shit aint no joke

  23. if you think this video is bullshit. i give you 3 letters and its meaning by illuminati symbolism…WWW eqauls 666 and 666 is the symbols of Cern who have create the ulitmate particle…The Atom, all scripted natural events are now being manmade via Haarp, any biblical images in the sky or of supernatural are of Project Blue Beam, they also created Cancer and many more diseases and viruses…The world really needs to wake up and take down these fools before they destroy our earth, we are fucked unless something is done

  24. I think he does a good job of showing the truth.he who has eyes let him see he who has ears let him many people are blind now days and they think they have it all figured out. there is only one way to salvation I pray they wake up.

  25. Could have done without the repetitive brainwashing piano in the background. Still what you say is correct about the deception.