Illuminati Ritual at Vatican today will SHOCK you! (R$E)

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Exclusive – A SHOCKING ritual took place today at the Vatican!
Illuminati NWO Exposed (2016)

Music by 88 Ultra.
Used with permission.

This reminds me of when someone tries to fob you off with a cheap counterfeit and claim it is the real thing! Plastic trinkets.. Come out of her!! Strange atmosphere there today all round..

And once again, gathering around the Obelisk..
At one point near the end I heard an announcer say we must continue to be merciful after the door shuts.. but to be honest I found the whole atmosphere really eerie and ominous.
Pope Francis has opened up Catholic cathedrals across the whole world to have their own door of mercy (first time this has happened) and to close them just before the final door in Vatican City closed.

Pray that God would change the heart of Pope Francis and save him. That would really confound their plans and he is a lost soul.
Nothing is impossible with God (Matt 19:26)

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  1. they making merry like an god, and that man with a couth that actinging like an sheep is a goat why many ppl making hem like an god

    Only Jesus can save us from the lake of fire just pray for those who did not see the Bueitiful Plan of are God before are Jesus Christ will come to this earth

  2. they making merry like an god, and that man with a couth that actinging like an sheep is a goat why many ppl making hem like an god

  3. The Pope is taking the highest responsibilities for the Roman Catholic community to keep them physically, mentally and spiritually blessed through the guidance of the Holy Ghost. The Pope is the spiritual shepherd over the flocks of the Roman Catholic community to guide them and to keep them safe and sound through the might and glory of Jesus Christ. With the coming of Jesus Christ into the city of Rome in spirit, the Roman culture was tremendously changed to have a spiritual law of God and finally a spiritual church of hope.

  4. I was raised as a Catholic. I was an altar boy for years when I went through Catholic school. Never missed church until I was 18 or so, so I know very well what Catholics believe. Then by His mercy God opened my ears to the truth of His word and he saved me. I was not saved as a Catholic, I thought I was heaven bound by the fact that I was a Catholic and by following their rituals but I was on the path to hell. Through Jesus the Christ ALONE are we saved – not confession, not baptism, not communion, not saying the rosary, not last rights, not praying to Mary and the saints – none of that – we don’t contribute anything to our salvation. To the Catholics reading this – I’m not disrespecting you by saying this – in fact my parents are Catholic – but find a Bible believing church and just attend anonymously. It will feel strange, like you are going in to an enemy camp, but you are not. Pray that God would open your ears to the truth. You must believe in the saving work of God alone to be heaven bound.

  5. I am so proud to be a Catholic Christian and not any apostate or heretics,i am glad that I am part of the religion which is the fullness of Christianity, Our Lord predicted "They hated me they are going to hate you " no wonder why all the religion join together as a one tream to attack the one true Catholic Christian faith.

  6. 😨😨😨😨

  7. Catholic Church 💒
    Do Not Pay That To Bye Heaven
    👉Jesus Christ died ✝ for our Sin
    And Only By Jesus Christus Blood And Flesh we all go to Heaven as Gift by His Death And Rised.Amen💒

  8. it ia the end of the year dedicated to "Mercy" not the door to "Mercy" lol

  9. Why those people keep on believing that nonsence cereony or what ever is that … i believe only in god not to anyone pretending they are use by god thats wtf .

  10. Pope is the messenger of lucifer

  11. Im a pure Filipino.
    Im in a Pentecostal church but I follow Catholic as my guide. Im not really fluent with english but I will say to all of my insights to you. As a human or son of God, there is no religion which is true in teaching or preaching, not our religion can save us from eternal judgement but our faith and believing the gospel of the Lord we will be saved!
    What you guys trying to fight? For the right religion? Im saying it again there's nothing written in the Bible or even in the Talmud that tells what religion will be saved. If Catholics are Anti-christ why God let them teach half of the world about his Gospel?

  12. the name Catholic comes from the latin word catholicus, rev13:18 if you have wisdom calculated the name of the BEAST . go to (English gematria calculator ) and calculate catholicus – his number is 666

  13. A man who always use telescope to see his neighbour. Focus on your own religion, How many denomination your churches have? This is the result of Holy Spirit?


  15. Let it go if it want open or closed, coz it juz "human made" . but remember God mercy is endless to whom were always bow and pray to "God"

  16. Dond do drug

  17. crusifiction of Jesus Christ is the door of Mercy of God Almighty.i believe it always.

  18. Catholic church is evil and rotten and the pope is a jesuite

  19. According to Bible pope is not the man of God.. God didn't teach us in the Bible to worship idolatry and he said I will not share my Glory with anyone.

  20. Population control now emence 😒😒😒

  21. If you have nthing good to say to our religion then just shot up your mouth… and stop spreading false info.. we do believe in Mary, The Holy Trinity. And if you dont then dont poison other people just to get what you want we have this thing called FREEWILL.. a freedom to choose.

  22. The three eyes means although man(the yellow figure) has sinful ways he share an eye of divinity with Christ(the white figure)

  23. Such ignorance! ¡¿Iluminati ritual?! Illuminati rituals are to Satan and are done in the darkness and the secrecy of a sinful ritual. Lucifer, the rogue Archangel that carries the light, is the iluminator of the illuminati. Never the devil will worship God nor the Holy Spirit and of course will do everything to destroy the sacraments. The holy Door is the symbolic door of heaven in times of mercy. Rembember is the Pope who carries the keys of the door of heaven which will open to every one by the reconciliation sacrament or through confession. Repent and confess your sin to the priests and you will be pardon of your sins. Funny isn't it that salvation will be suspended through sinful men. That was Jesus command. Don't believe it?; read the Bible carefully.

  24. christianity is a perverted theatre

  25. Soon game being…..over……end…..

  26. The pope is a leftist douchebag what do you expect.

  27. The Sabbath is the seventh day!

    Not only was the Sabbath never rescinded, but scripture even makes clear that in the future, all of mankind (those who are saved) will observe the Sabbath when worshipping the Lord:

    Isa 66:22 (KJV) For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.
    Isa 66:23 (KJV) And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

    Happy Sabbath!