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  1. moon simbol or crescent has no connection or deal with Islam

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  3. I wish you wouldn't have put that satanic music of the monstrous clock…I had to stop watching your video because that did not sit right with my spirit it's like I was taking part in some witchcraft spell. Gotta be careful what you listen to.

  4. My grandson was 4 years old and he had a dream that Jesus came and picked him up out of a terrible dream. He said he carried him and Jesus gave him 100 kisses and then took him to heaven and there where many children there.
    I asked him what color he was and he told me…. Dark brown.
    He didn't say black or brown or tan or white…. He said DARK BROWN.
    If that is what he said he saw then that is the way of it.
    The blond hair blue eyed Jesus of the world is the actual anti Christ. The Bible says he will be so beautiful… So yeah that's why we have the straight haired, blonde, blue eyed Jesus for those who will be decieved by the false christs beauty when he sits on that disgusting throne in the Catholic Church.

  5. What do you mean exactly when you say IHS Church? Just wondering

  6. what about that disturbing music over there?

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  8. dafuq? Why is there a chicken next to Jesus?

  9. Evil has to be dressed up all pretty with a shiny bow to get anyone to fall for it. This is disturbing mostly the all seeing eye struck me. 😮

  10. الاسلام هو الحل

  11. so maaany graven images???😱😱😱that eye,ooohhh!!i said oohh!!what church is that???!

  12. Wow when then will catholics turn on us part of the mark of beast team

  13. 911 in robe bottom left

  14. The queen of heaven looks a lot like the prophecy in revelation 12. Just an observation

  15. Back around the 1980s I went with my wife into Winchester Cathedral. There I saw men, dressed in what looked to me like monks' habits, singing Ave Maria. I said to my English wife, "I didn't know that this was a Catholic church." She told me that it wasn't but it was Protestant. So I told her that such a thing would never happen in a Protestant church in (my native) Scotland.
    But these days it probably would, never mind that it was the Reformation that made Scotland.
    I atended a Church of Scotland, till about five or six years ago, to be with a disabled friend, as it was his local one. I stopped as soon as I heard replacement "theology" (heresy) preached there.
    Protestantism is as off beam as Catholicism these days.
    I went to Catholic schools but put it behind me around the day I left them. However, there is a great site on youtube called Ex-Catholics for Christ. It's worth checking out. It deals with all kinds of "Christian" aberrations from the Gospel–Calvinism, &c. Hopefully, many Catholics–and members of other "Christian" cults–turn to the true Risen Christ prior to the soon coming revealing of the anti-Christ. Time's getting shorter by the hour.
    Thanks for putting on the vids. They are excellent. I save them to F/B. I hope other Christians do the same–while we've still got time.

  16. when i became aware of every things thats happening , i began to be observant about my surroundings.

  17. which church is this? is it the national church in DC?

  18. The Rev 12 sign is not about the birth of antichrist. It is about the woman representing Israel, the child representing the Church, and the dragon representing the revealed antichrist's world system. After the Child is taken out, or raptured if you will, the dragon will go after Israel and the remnant of Christians saved during Jacob's Trouble.

  19. Please can someone tell me who the person is giving the narrative with a British accent in the video? i am interested in seeing more of his work. Does he have a youtube channel?

  20. hive , how bout pineal gland ?

  21. iluminati are illuminated by monsters because they believe in a religion that dates back to Babylonian times but this is the most absurd and false, the ancient gods were false gods that depended on the man, you follow false doctrines and silly rites and also await the return or ascencion of their master, but this is none other than an imaginary being that no longer exists

      the truth is not in symbols, or doctrines, is within every being, learn this sheeps

  22. 7:49 https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ASx_/aspercreme-lidocaine-patch-bowling Look at the symbol on her back, in a fucking harmless Aspercreme commercial! – the pain and redness is more like a searing brand! Do you see?

  23. im 100% irish & 100% saved, how any believer cannot see the imitation "church" blows me away, pope john paul around 1995-96 declared mary as co-mediatrix!!! blasphemy, mt.23:9, calling a priest "father" is a sin!!!mary is NOT omnipresent so how can she answer a prayer when she can't even hear it????

  24. Ive been to Prague, and it was fcking scary as hell.. Every "sacred" Place built up by Jesuits there.. An Obelisque with an all seeing eye beneath a church with a dome… Bones, Killers, everything inside of the churches.. Depiciton of portals with angels and demons and so on.. Scary one is this : In Jesuit built churchs the all seeing eye in a triangle is common architecture.. Im fcking angry that ppl give there energy to some entities without knowing what they are doing..

    keep on going

    greetings from germany

  25. if you stop playing with the angle of the camera that would be less phallic.you dirty mind

  26. you will find the same thing in most of the catholic churches

  27. bee hive = no egg of easter diety

  28. Open minded? freethinker?
    wrap your mind around this Fact..
    Knights Templar blackmailed RCC using scrolls they have hidden from mankind.

    RCC paid them NOT to reveal what is written on those scrolls.. why?
    what scrolls? Knights Templar (red lodge freemasons) protect the two scrolls the Ham stole off his father's Ark (Noah's Ark)
    tracing your history all the way back to Noah's Ark gives that group the upper hand echelon of spirit realm knowledge

    fact that they have hidden it from us.. and caused many to stumble, means status quo is direct result of their actions
    and they will be the ones that pay in the end on Judgment Day.

    God isn't a moron
    micro manages everything.. and can turn anyone to pillar of salt instantly..
    not the kind of guy to mess with
    not the kind of guy that needs spokesman or help

    clearly warned before turning to salt
    men have attitude that ignorance is no excuse
    bible clearly says ignorance is an excuse

    to sin.. you must first think something is sinful to do..
    THEN do it afterward/anyway.
    (free will)

    just because you aren't punished instantly or in ways you realize
    doesn't mean you got away with it forever
    micro manager is able to turn you to salt or kill your livestock if need be
    no advisers or assistants ever spoke of

  29. You project things that are not there. The all seeing eye of god is an old motif and is not necessarily evil of itself. It is mentioned by Josephus Flavius and is also referenced in the bible itself.

    Due to illiteracy Catholic churches used pictures, and images to help convey bible stories to people. Your positioning of the camera to show the cross as a phallus tells us more about they way your mind works than that church. I am not even a Catholic but your assertions are absurd. You could go and visit a mental health practitioner, there are some people who for example see colors for sounds, taste sounds etc; you appear to be a person who is visually gifted – but on account of this you are projecting meanings that are not there.

  30. …WE ALL living IN(inside) MOTHER-Earth!!!
    (like "we all live in a YELLOW submarine"! / Beatles! etc)

    And…. IXXI = NOV(11)2020!!!

    Last but not least: the VW-LOGO = NOV 29th 2020 (!) —–> VW Beatle
    +VW-TouaregCC = TuaregRebels!(Mali…Bundeswehr will start mission in May2016!)
    CC = Bushido/Shindy-BrotBrechen-Scandal-> Paris-Bombing/Opera!!!

    …and so on…

  31. That beehive with keys is no beehive. It is an ancient symbol associated with the third eye, seat of soul, psychic, knowledge

  32. i never knew why i never liked catholics there used to be stories about John Paul the head of the Catholic Church about the cloak he wore it had 666.God is real and Jesus christ is our saviour. pray a lot like i pray the Lord's prayer a hundred times n even when am working am also praying. try and see its not easy but when you manage your life will change. The first time i prayed i shook a lot my mum was scared but now i pray even when am working my employers think am singing coz they just see my lips moving and there's no sound. Please do pray am from kenya

  33. if the ascension is 'evil' then explain his saying "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." he literally says that everybody can do it, neither it's satanic or else, to reach that higher state first you got to clean yourself from desire and lust and to fill yourself with unconditional love 🙂 All you brothers and sisters, do not loose hope, that we will succeed in banishing the evil out of this world.
    P.s don't forget the ying and yang (the exact opposite of good/bad) that always is

  34. I'm just tryna figure out how the hell,what the hell is he doing there

  35. super great music for this one! thanks for the info &the passion

  36. Hey RSE can you make a PDF file or something explaining all this? (or link to a video) like whats the "beehive" and all t his other symbolism. please and thank you.

  37. Hi RSE and thank you on all your eye-opening videos…I would like to know where the churh of the illuminati you recorded is located…GOD BLESS:}

  38. Where is this temple or church ??

  39. What's the name of that place RSE, and where is it?

  40. Watchmen, Witnesses & Soldiers – Facebook group.

  41. That symbol on the ceiling may not have been a beehive, but a pine cone with keys…symbolizing the pineal gland which holds the keys to the Kingdom. God said they have the keys to the Kingdom and don't go in and keep us from going in.

  42. I wish I had the faith to see the Devil/illuminati in everything. But I don't

  43. Spreading lies. It is you who doesn't know who Christ is. Egyptian symbols and mythologies predate Christianity.

  44. biggest bunch of satanists of all the catholics 😉

  45. Lucifer does not exist and that's a fact

  46. Everyone needs to read the messages from Jesus in the Book of Truth given to the world
    between 2010 and 2015 …Google mybookoftruth

  47. Everyone needs to read the messages from Jesus in the Book of Truth given to the world between 2010 and 2015 …Google mybookoftruth

  48. Everyone needs to read the messages from Jesus in the Book of Truth given to the world between 2010 and 2015 …Google mybookoftruth

  49. lets call it guys…. the pope will step down this year, then the pope will become the leader of the UN which will unify science, governance and god, all of which will happen about one year after the UN address last year which was on the final blood moon of the triad which was the forth of the 'horse' shoe orbits. the scam(ritual) is almost complete.

  50. Very well done. Need to know kind of info. Keep up what you're doing. You're making a difference in the world. Thanks for the video. Pam in Tennessee