TV Commercial reveals Anti-Christ Propaganda (R$E)

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Illuminati TV Commercial reveals Anti-Christ (2017).

This follows recent newspaper articles that suggest ‘tech billionaires’, who are convinced we live in the ‘matrix’, are funding scientists to ‘get us out’. This is all Luciferian propaganda, Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved from sin, death and enter into heaven.


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  1. Everything you've heard about the Illuminati is a LIE!
    The RICH ELITE is your enemy. Find out the Truth and change the world forever!

  2. Two things I have seen that probly no one even noticed. First the flower, in the water from the flower it looks like demonic angels in a group at the bottom and some single fiqure like demonic angels towards the top. Second the scene with the women in the red dress, if you look closely at the part where the dress is flowing up, inside it looks like some type of alien or demonic figure inside of it. Does anyone else see this???

  3. The colour red in the bible red represents redemption, flesh and the word of God but twist it in the occult. Same for the rainbow meant the promise from god or butterfly meant the soul, or the spirit or resurrection but the occult took and twisted the meaning

  4. Oh Fuck Off Enslaving Murdering Rapist Christian LIAR Your religion along with the other stinking major Eastern religions are as bad as them your as wicked and as evil as the Illuminati cunts trying to bring back the fucking lies of the Flat Earth guess you want to bring back witch burning too you fucking vermin and enslaving people because they are '''Hamites'' ? Fuck off you lying cunt

  5. Hiding in plain sight. Its the game they play

  6. Fuck satan

  7. go visit a psychiatrist

  8. The woman and the guy look like prince harry & Meghan markle..

  9. How do you see and know all of this, and I don’t 😭😩

  10. You have a very keen eye about these commercials. It's quite fascinating. I admire your videos and watch all that I can. I belong to Jesus Christ personally. I am glad that you have gone through trials and tribulations and have turned to Christ. God bless you.

  11. I think the lady in red is also showing mokery to god by the whore of Babylon

  12. How Aweful

  13. Great work my friend !

  14. yes LORD JESUS CHRIST is in control..we need to understand..analyze..and open our hearts..thank you halleuyahhhh.GOD bless evry1

  15. Thank you so much

  16. R$E, thank you for being salt and light. See you in Eternity with our Creator! May your audience find the TRUTH!

  17. This is obvious just by looking at their logo. Serpent swallowing man. I agree that they are starting to be less and less concealed! Time is very SHORT, Brother! Keep exposing them through the Holy Spirit! We are truly at war with the Supernatural Spirit world. These twisted elites are, sadly, puppets of the Deceiver, Satan, and the dark one is attempting to devour anyone not paying attention! Wake up and check the factual evidence of the Biblical narrative people! This life is SO short, don’t sacrifice it for eternity with our Creator! At the worst I am wrong, but what if I’m not? Think about it!


  19. Love ur presentation and delivery. Just what I’ve been looking for. Subbed instantly. God bless!! 🙏🏽

  20. Hi-Rise, I interpreted this is explaining our dumbed down brainwashed controlling society. They have people going to 9-5 jobs which don't do anything for us really and only create stress and enslavement and there are students with their heads down falling down on the table, which would signify to me that there is a problem with the educational system, which there is because it is propaganda and has been for years. Am not sure if you are aware of that. It is kind of being playful here or a form of satire, introducing the fact that people who work 9-5 jobs or who study in university are dumb and it gets them nowhere, which actually is true when you think about it.

  21. If you slow this down you see a heart with a serpent face at the bottom!

  22. Hey dude quick test ,can you look in the mirror and say, I mother fucking lost my mind " no really

  23. Ted bundie mother fuckers

  24. Do you guys make your kids watch this shit after homework

  25. Eyem going Two see if you guys are isil backed ot just fucking kockoo

  26. So is it showing prince william as the antiChrist, that's who i thought it showed…

  27. Someone said that Edward Snowden is the anti-christ. I think it is Emmanuel Macron.

  28. Love the channel. I'm a brand new sub💖. Praise Jesus! God bless.

  29. the lion of the tribe of Judah is roaring

  30. Jews are of their Father Satan!!!

  31. Dude.. Slow down. It's just a commercial. Actually a quite good commercial! Not everything has a double meaning and is filled with evil propaganda!… Well it might be.. But i highly doubt it

  32. Great video. God bless you!

  33. The colour of marxism, that's the antichrist system thats here.

  34. Wonderful video, friend.
    I do have one correction: Jesus is the son of God. He is not God. He is God's first creation. Jesus is also archangel Michael.

  35. We, Luciferians, are winning…

  36. It's so obvious too

  37. RSE don't worry. "People who don't want to know the truth" are the beautiful people who control the media. No not "the Jews", I'm talking the rich and famous of all cultural backgrounds. They're producing these commercials, videos, concerts etc from a "star chamber" with no connection to reality. They represent about 0.01% of the population but given they own the bull horn we are easily fooled into thinking their opinion matters. It doesn't. Look into a guy named George Webb on youtube. He's part of a group helping to bring down the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate. Killary & Co got caught child, organ, drug and uranium trafficking. The next couple of years will be interesting. I'll leave it at that.

  38. Yes,Thank you! Jesus is they way. Amen

  39. I am a strong believer in Christ and I really appreciate a lot of your videos but I do have one question and please don't take offense or anything by me asking this…..

    Are you against LGBT people?

    I don't mean any offense I myself am a proud bisexual Christian who is currently dating a guy we are both Christians we both believe in doing things that are right God's eyes…. when you reference sodomy are you referencing anal sex in general or forced anal rape?

    I hope you don't get offended at what I'm saying I don't get really 100% offended what you say I understand of you points…. and the idea of sexuality and faith is still a continuous debate within the Christian community but I would just like to know your thoughts on this


  41. I think I may have already asked you, but have you read the Book of Mormon?

  42. jeremiah 42 and 43 have seem curious application

  43. I do wonder why you use a dollar sign in your name? seems odd

  44. Hey everyone, hope you are all well. I'm in Athens at the moment and have been filming some videos for the R$E channel. The Luciferian propaganda that's being shown is getting very blatant. Perhaps the more obvious it gets, the general public might at least notice that something is a little odd. This is the agenda of the Sabbateans, the Frankists, the Luciferians, the culutral Marxists, the Jesuits, those at the top of the secret societies, to turn everything upside down.

    Woe unto them that go the depths to hide their counsel from the LORD,
    and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who sees us? and who
    knows us? Isaiah 29:15

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for
    light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for
    bitter! Isaiah 5:20