Gnosticism’s BIGGEST Deception Exposed! (R$E)

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This is the Illuminati’s BIGGEST Deception (2016) –
Do not be Deceived!

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  1. i'm so sick of their arrogance,mocking and lying filth. Lord Jesus, deliver us from evil.

  2. Christ is the reset button and the NWO can't even fathom what's on its way when they start chipping us.

  3. That Satan and Santa part was mind blowing. I never realized that tho.

  4. Christmas is about family and friends and showing them you care by bringing them gifts

  5. so if the Bible really is just one big astronomical story, then how do you explain the apparent authenticity of the shroud of Turin? that certainly got my ears perked to all of this stuff.

  6. satan-santa

  7. Satan is the father of all lies and false religions.
    JESUS CHRIST Is The Only Way to be saved.

  8. If santa was a blasphemy then how come he gave gifts to the good children?? Like your young age asking a gift from santa. Please reply

  9. Thank you ❤️️

  10. Your videos are a blessing.

  11. That Letter from God was powerful! Thank you…

  12. Amen

  13. tears, tears and more tears.
    praise be to the one true God, my Father which art in heaven.

  14. So glad I found your videos~~you are such a blessing~~truly Yah has HIS hand upon you~~may HE richly bless you!!!!

  15. This letter is exactly for me it is written for me it is best letter i have ever received

  16. Amîn Bavo amîn

  17. SANTA CLAUSE IS A BIG FAT LIE !!!! We are told by God to be truthful in ALL THINGS There is no clause for santa..truth is light a lie is darkness , and we llie to our sacred children from birth ! And then they come to us at a slightly older age desperately wanting to know the truth . They ask is santa clause real ? and we lie to them, to our children and we answer with a lie …YES… and he has demons watching you ( elf's) even while you sleep, santa is a wizard (magic) he lives for ever (he is eternal (like God) and he is a witch ( flying in front of the moon at knight ) OKAY NOW when that child discovers the truth they feel betrayed by their parents , and then they ponder maybe there is no God…..and its okay to lie in certain circumstances ! we have to be honest with our children and stop lying about SATAN/CLAUSE….God Bless!

  18. Every year I find myself having a struggle with to or to not celebrate Christmas. Here I go again. I suggested to my family that if we want to celebrate Christ's birth, we could do it in September. I can't say that went over. Lol

  19. God is gonna throw the greatest party ever. Who doesn't eanna join? I'm in!

  20. hai . iam Moses . pls I want Tamil language .all your videos. pls moses

  21. any holiday that has roots in child sacrifice needs to be avoided. period.

  22. He looks like god

  23. beautiful!

  24. Greatest Truth ever explained

  25. The love letter….got me all emotional. Couldn't stop myself from crying. The tears were just coming out and my heart was breaking bc I'm such a bad daughter. God is so…so good. T_T

  26. It is very god messege.

  27. Santa/Satan … Shampoo / Sham-poo … Hello / Hell O.

  28. Why are other people slandering you as a fraud and part of the Illuminati stage? They say you are a fake, your past is demonic…and you made a lot of $$$$ in Hollywood? Is this true?

  29. 😭

  30. God is our saviour and he's powerful God and all knees shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus christ is lord thanks for sharing this video i have learned alot thanks.

  31. Original name is Krampeus. Its VERY dark ……

  32. The last part really touched my heart, may be it has to do with my childhood, my dad died when i was a teen and he was not the nicest but he had its own prolems, thx for the vid. 😉

  33. where can i find " the letter of the Father" ? not because the rest is not good but it moves me

  34. This is nonsense.

  35. How wretched and pathetic and evil we are apart from Elohim through His Son Yeshua. Maranatha Yeshua!

  36. Amen


  38. Ok ok I dnt understand The name of the Father is YAHWEH. Many people tell me that I Can't say His name, Because they believe THAT it is to Holy to say…. But in the Name of YAHWEH AND IN THE NAME OF HIS YAHSHUA I PRAY AMAN. ALWAYS AND FOREVER….

  39. Why don't you ask yourself if your religion might be false? You might want to start with the pagan origins of the OT depiction of God, how Abraham and Isaac performed pagan rituals and then you should examine the immoral nature of the OT depiction of God. Find out about all the flaws in the NT manuscripts and question the logic of the salvation story.

  40. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

  41. Rearrange the letters of Santa and you get Satan.

  42. Love you brother in Christ! Thank you for your videos and GOD be with you and protect you! Amen !

  43. Excellent video, Thanks

  44. New sub thanks to RFB!! I never noticed the hunger games angle. Great points all around.

    Struggling w/ Christmas… I know the evilness behind it & its origins, but I have young kids that have always celebrated it. I turned away from religion for many years, for many reasons. I always have looked into things, but have been going through a true awakening for the past few years & that has led me back to Yahweh/ Yashua! With all that being said my wife doesn't see the harm w/ Christmas & canceling it would be extreme. Especially in society. Any words would've welcomed!! Godbless!!

  45. We know Satan realized Christ was the Son of God, Matthew 8:29. But he will not sneak, nor be coresed back into heaven. So when John 3:16 tells us, God sent his Son for those who believe in him, He didn't mean to say that those who believed in his existance but rather believed his teachings. So either you follow Satan and know Christ is the Son of God and that he exists, or you follow Christ and what he taught

  46. The last part of this video hit me so hard. Thank you brother for sharing this wonderful truth that is Jesus

  47. This is Beautiful ❤