Where is Technology leading us? (R$E)

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Genetic Nephilim Hybrid? The MOST Dangerous Agenda of the Illuminati Exposed. Technology & the road to the Mark of the Beast, a Genetic Nephilim Hybrid caught in a web of lies and condemned to hell forever.

Music: Kaj – Primrose (Fairhaven EP)
Used with permission from the artist.

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  1. Yes. You are so spot-on. Thank you.

  2. you do amazing work. you know so much, and i am learning a lot from you. please keep putting out your wonderful knowledge about the bible, Jesus Christ, and all the deception the is being poured into our world. this world makes me sick, and I absolutely had know what was going on until this past January, 2018. thank you, thank you.

  3. My cell phone is 11 years old but the battery in it is 3 years….just too old to care about the latest-greatest newest whatever…great video

  4. Wonderful way of presenting our strange existence and the wave humanity is being swept away. . Jesus is are only answer our only hope. His people are going to look so odd to the world….But those who are open will see Him thru us

  5. Good analigy used by the fisher man.
    YAHUAH bless you!

  6. Just beware times are becoming very bad… Through technology i believe they will try to usher the rfid, as no one stupid enough to give up there salvation…need to spend time with friends and family and just don't get attached to technology.. As i have young nieces and nephews and i admit they are most vulnerable as technology has really taken them to an unbelievable level of thought…just gotta be careful and always chat to them and make sure they ain't getting setup… As technology music industry and entertainment is all ways of affecting our thought patterns.. It's also an insight to what's coming next as the elite love to how their next moves..thanks for the knowledge…peace and stay focused…ill be honest the younger generation are really suffering right now…and then also being setup through the media as well..i mean that's just fucked up..even the media headlines these days are weird as folk and you just gota look ay them with a level of detail.. Strange times but i know how they (elite weirdos creeps think look at weinstein brothers and Solomon's island(da fuq)👊👊dirty rats.. ) to say that the rich and elites of the world are on private islands with under age women says a lot about their agendas… They can't even deny it videos are in hundreds (search solomona island, nektar island Branson)… To think that's what the politicians hiding and been hiding for years…) like bohemian grove..all we need is to get to these places and I'm sure we could weed out or may even see familiar faces in another state..👊) peace…stay positive..protect the youth with knowledge as our parents did to us…😎👪👍✌💵 100

  7. What you don't understand is you yourself is using this technology

  8. So true so true,people we need to open up our eyes and stop making this new technologies take over our life.

  9. I want to joind the Illuminati

  10. I really understand what this video wants us to know,,god bless u always,,may god enlighten us all,,and give us strenght to fight this evil around us,,im following u now since i saw ur videos here in youtube i hope u can spread ur videos through facebook also and other site,,

  11. what a fucking waste of time and bread

  12. I'm not religious or in any kind of church and I agree with all this….we are living in some wild times!

  13. Good video

  14. besides that, that i love british accents.
    I really think this video is very very cool and well made.
    You're very intelligent and bright minded, very smart, pretty clever.
    i look up to you (i don't want to idolize you, 'cause my only idol is jesus and god) but i really look up to you.

    God bless you

  15. wtf is this useless homophobic video

  16. It's what I see taking the bus every morning… everybody's almost "dead"… I say "good morning" to the person next to me; looking right at their eyes; and they act weird; I can't really put it into words… feels "empty" almost… THANK YOU for this post.

  17. Im not a christan (im a hindu) but I agree with everything in this video

  18. FOLLOW CHRIST. Love him and trust GOD for everything. God bless everyone😊


  20. So calming!

  21. I love your voice! You should make meditation skills with your voice!