Inside this ”Illuminati Temple” will shock you! (R$E)

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Secret illuminati Temple Ritual Exposed!
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Inside Freemason Luciferian HQ in Washington DC by Round SaturnsEye (R$E)

It was a bizarre experience to visit this biggest 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Temple in America. Apparently this is the place that Masons from all across the country travel to every two years. This is where Albert Pike is buried – and is full of Saturn Worship symbolism. The very same symbols can be found in the local Jesuit (Catholic) church just down the road!

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Please note – We are dealing with philosophical, religious, political, ethical differences, not attempting to affix prejudice upon any people group. The use of the hexagram is not representative of the Jews nor Israel, but of Saturn in this context.
Likewise, we are not attacking Catholics nor Masons, but showing worldviews depicted here to be derived from Satan himself who is promoting a false Messiah so people will not find the true Christ.

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  2. What’s the name of this song/music that played through out the video in that background

  3. The pope Francis is the Pope of Fatima, he is a good person, i recommend you follow to Guadalupe, the Women vs satan

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  10. Mecca isn't controlled by them,they do plans for control Mecca day by day

  11. But they must have security for it

  12. Ebrei/cristianesimo=saturno

  13. The word conspiracy means to plot/plan for or against something that is harmful /unlawful, To make secret plans. Theory means an explanation made on evidence. Some people call silly theories conspiracy theories to Discredit and mislead people into thinking that conspiracy theorists are crazy. When in truth their not 😇😎👽⛰🍦

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  19. stop this bullshit kabbha isn't a black cube you jackass .
    it is only a cover of cloth on it .
    you can search for photoes and videos for al kabbha and you can see it from inside and from outside.
    and one more thing the old form of kabbha was not cube and it's more ancient than this evil masonic religion.
    plz before you open youtube and upload videos try to do some search cuz people don't read and they will believe some bullshit sometimes.

  20. Can anyone tell me any information of its background music

  21. what does Saturn pattern signify?? I have not understood ..plzzzzzz let me know

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  24. The house of god as it is called is a direction we worship towards since we can’t worship in the direction of god when we don’t know and it can’t be said where god exactly is, we just know that he is above the 7th heaven, and we can’t pray towards the sky cuz how should we position and direct ourselves towards. The house just happens to also have a cube form and sadly sometimes for that people can mistake it for the Saturn cube or that it has relations to. But it has nothing to do with their filthy satanic shit. I give you this information so you no longer will be misleaded about the House of god and Islam. Have a nice day 😀