IXXI: The End of Days (R$E)

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The hidden code of the Anti-Christ Armageddon, happening before our very eyes..

RSE R$E IXXI roman numerals 9/11 9 11 X X seal of saturn anti christ lucifer son daughter androgynous baphomet revelation end times last days prophecy Jesus Christ bible scripture apocalypse signs of times mark of the beast fallen angels cube saturn satan black box alien deception demon demonic hybrid reptile reptilian snake serpent

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  1. as w/much EVERYTHING (facts w/in) are not TOTAL COMPLETE TRUTHS (cherry picked details to support vid-creators intention/narrative) THERE'S MANY MANY CORRESPONDENCES & MEANINGS to the NUMBERS (here in) … going this (vid's) route of depiction – one might consider KNOWLEDGE/NUMBERS/etc = EVIL … do you NOT know Angels (angles) speak thru Numbers?!? do you NOT know there's a correlation between Numbers & Music?!? … and that Great Celestial-Spiritual Consciousness communicate (thru/with msgs – messengers) thru BOTH?!? … oh how I do pity you & those who unwittingly (thru fear) bury their heads in the sand

  2. I'm not sure why I love metal "music" so much but wish the lyrics were articulate and honored God. Why do I enjoy something that is so evil in nature?

  3. I'm not sure it's a good thing for a Christian to be playing these records and music videos.. Far too demonic.. At least you didn't have to play them for SO LONG….

  4. whoa that jesuit sigil at 7:45 looks like a face with a blinded right (our left) eye it's also an overlapping AM

  5. Epic work man.

  6. Take a look at this commercial, also. The image is branded like with hot irons. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ASx_/aspercreme-lidocaine-patch-bowling

  7. yes THEY want hell on earth or what ever, Yes THEY want u to believe in god satan heaven and preach the bull shit side of the old religious books!, all religious ppl who play into their hands helps them too four fill there bull shit side too the bible. we hold the key, humans smart ones or at least not so blind faith full retarded ones.

  8. "in fact from my research it also represents the numerical lineage of the birth of the anti christ figurehead" well yes if u know saturn is "satan", as saturn was in its unique positioning in our last days of the age of Pisces when September 9/11 happened. theres no god or heaven just elite ppl who use religion as a misguided front too there teachings and knowledge of our solar system, they "help" things too happen on astrological dates in honor of there old school big gods [ planets ].

  9. WOW! great video, thanks RSE!!!

  10. Yes…and he is YHWH YAHWEH
    YHWH is teh devil

  11. Think! When Y'shuah ha Mashiach last walked earth, the Devil did also. There will be no ambiguity when they arrive next time. Soon…

  12. It would be cool if every video that spoke against the satanic elites wasn't christian. I am not a christian in any way, shape, or form.. but it's obvious to me that the "elites" follow some very satanic-type shit. You don't have to be christian or believe in jesus christ to know the difference between right and wrong… or to be against these assholes. Personally I believe in reincarnation and universal consciousness…. it's very clear though that these clowns believe in evil deities.

  13. IXXI=
    IX= 9 XI=11
    (I=9, X=24 ) 9+24=33

  14. IXXI m/ Great band!

  15. That was scary, Thank The Most High God for his L♡VE and protection through our Lord and Savior Yeshua/Jesus Christ.

  16. the earth is flat bro, just like it says in the bible.

  17. I'm glad you put scripture quotes after those perfectly horrid "songs" by IXXI. I felt like I was being assaulted.

  18. First, I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you for all the work you do to open people up to Christ. I've been studying the bible and have gotten closer to God and his word over the past year because of videos like yours and Pastor Lawson's. I just wanted to point out a recent episode of The Walking Dead, which interestingly enough aired on 3/6 ('Not Tomorrow Yet') and gave me the chills when I watched it. With that said, there's a new character on the show that was recently introduced named "Jesus", which seemed completely random to me and caught my attention from the moment he was introduced. But what really got me was a scene towards the end in which we see this (false) "Jesus" character come to the rescue of two of the main characters on the show by shooting someone who they thought they had killed, as he's standing right in the middle of an IX XI in the background, though its inverted XI IX, and says "This is the next world". Just wanted to share, as I thought this could be of use for one of your future videos, especially since young people, and adults alike, are so fanatical about this show. Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless.

  19. Hello Round SaturnsEye , how can I prove to some who believe in Satan that the real god is Jesus Christ?

  20. RSE, did you see the one (IXXI) from Stanley Kubrick's The SHiNiNG?
    'Jack' stands right in front of a tapestry, that forms an IXXI, with him right in the center. Kubrick was a genius, and he was trying to help those "with eyes to see", that is for sure.

  21. 9/11 3 bc was birth of christ


  23. You know, whenever I hear the lyrics "I set myself on fire" I get this gut feeling. It's like someone is saying something I know is wrong. It feels like a hypnotic suggestion. saying: 'sing along with the lyrics.'

    I think it's about freely handing over you acquiescence.

  24. Hh

  25. This is probably just a coincidence, but when you start with Rosh Hashanah September 13, 2015 (partial solar ec), add 1260 days, you get February 24 2019, add another 1260 days, you get the 9th of Av, 8/7/2022. February 24 just so happens to be 911 weeks from 9/11/2001. To the day, it falls on the first day of the week 9/9

  26. Good stuff RSE. Thank you my Brother.

  27. Whats with the heavy metal video, as the lord tells us over and over again. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN….. NOT UR BEST WORK!!!!! JUST SAYIN………

  28. Great Video! Songname? Thanks..

  29. What's the first song?

  30. It is no coincidence that Revelation 9/11 speaks directly of Apollyon the destroyer..

  31. Great video! It says A LOT. In watching your videos, I agree with your logic and research. But one question I have and I wonder if you have it too?… I noticed you used sound bits of Russ Dizdar… Have you ever noticed that there are a good number of "ex-satanist, turned Christian speakers" presenting what seems to be truth? Russ Dizdar, who suspiciously always seems to still wear all black spite being an "ex" satanist, Bill Schneobelen, Stephen Dollins, etc. etc. It just seems to be that there is quite a suspicious amount of supposed "ex-satanists" presenting "truth"… The other thing is that, when you really look hard and critically at the footage of all of them, including Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, Steve Quayle, you'll see them quite clearly and undeniably display odd "shapeshifting" anomalies such as having slit pupils, morphing hands, and in some cases rare glimpses of much, much more significant, seemingly unbelievable (if I didn't see it myself when slowing down the footage and pausing the frames) of what can only be described as a flash of some demonic "reptilian" form that is behind these people… Do you see it?

  32. I think it all started with the likes of Black Sabbath, blaspheming the infallible pope and all the war, torture, burning and terror the mother church has wrought on humanity. of course like everything else the focus of blasphemy is now directed squarely where the pope and his high priests prefer it to be. 

  33. Wow! Awesome video

  34. http://www.secretsinplainsight.com/2011/09/15/ix-xi/ The Jesuits have been using this clear back in the 1700s. IXXI means I Am as seen in a post way in the bottom and Je Suis is I am in French and thus Jesuits. The whole article is interesting but that post got my attention too. Great video!! Thanks for taking me down this route!

  35. You do your research, my man…..fo sho

  36. Gutes Video, Respekt.

  37. You are doing God's work. God bless you!

  38. wow, your researches are absolutely revealing, thanks RSE!