Jay-z's Holy Grail: Cup of Filth (R$E)

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Justin TImberlake and Jay-z sing about the cup of abominations, the overflowing of the chalice.. the birth of the abyss. This is the cup that Christ drank for us. Christ is the only way.

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  1. terrifying

  2. I think the meal represents the marriage supper of the Lamb and how they are mocking it

  3. Herman Cain ran for president…    

  4. ~ "Have you heard of a guy called, Herman Cain?"
           — "Irwin Hank?"
    ~ "Herman Cain."
           — "…Urman Payne?"
    ~ "C.A.I.N. Cain." 
           — "Ohh, Norm McDonald."
    ~ "Refrigerator."

  5. It's crazy because on the right side next to the smoke Jay-Z is blowing out of his mouth I can clearly see an eye that formed from the smoke.

  6. "The DEEP" in the bible is referenced often and represents the abyss as in the realm of demons, thus Hell itself.

  7. That gold chain that Jay Z wears must be a heavy burden.  

  8. Sunday 27th July the GATES OF HADES WILL OPEN its on all the iphones when you ask the question what is on the 27th of July thats the answer I suppose you know that

  9. The smoke he blows out is a goats head

  10. you have to se TheForerunner777 JAY-Z DECEPTION (1)

  11. cheers . 

  12. Good stuff. Hit me up sometime for a chat or taking a look a vid. That Rihanna vid. Was along the same line but dealing with the rain man and letting him have his way with her. Real messed up stuff.

  13. interesting video

  14. I'd like to know what time is on JZ's watch.  Can't make it out on my monitor.

  15. I thought it was a bit insane at first. But I've since seen these subliminals in so many places it has become blatantly clear what is going on. If this shit was so tongue and cheek or insignificant why do we see it so often, why do they spend so much money to hide it in there? For the record I'm not saying I believe the illuminati religion, but it's blatantly clear that the globalists and the people making this garbage do.

  16. i gave you a shot…but no cake for you,this is beyond demented….un-sub…..and good luck with your traffic gathering

  17. Interesting vid …….these performers are so deep into the bottom of the pit I don't think they will ever see their way out.

  18. Cup of filth…birthing of the abyss…cup of filth…birthing of the abyss…

  19. I read CERN on the wall not deep

  20. thank god for the internet because I never would have woken up without it. Thank god for people like you guys to point this stuff out.

  21. Great work guys This stuff is so rotten and now the whole Christian music and toby mac and others with the one eye symbol all over the place. So many things to see when your eyes are open to what they are doing!
    Praise Jesus for your work. It can be so frustrating showing this to others who can't believe these people could do such things even when its so obvious they just cant see it… YET!
     I believe when the fallen show up, those who have heard us will Wake up. I pray the seeds are planted GOD's Will be done. GBY

  22. These celebs. think the devil loves them?….what a bunch of IDIOTS!!!

  23. mt Herman, Cain and Abel

  24. Justin Timberlake has been so corrupted!

  25. http://tarotjourney.net/binah/ > 3rd Sefirot Binah is represented by the Chalice .

  26. @2:39 the chandelier looks exactly like NASA's new space ship to land on Mars

  27. Jay-Z-ionist and Jus-TEN Timber-Lake of Fire