JERUZALEM 2015 – Opening the Gates of Hades (R$E)

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New trailer for Jeruzalem movie shows opening the pit, birth of the fallen angels/entities from the abyss, Yom Kippur Day of Atonement on 22nd/23rd September 2015.
Occult Luciferian symbolism & propaganda.

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  1. Thank u for the infor godbless to brother

  2. This movie has a giant monster

  3. It’s just a horror movie you stupid walnuts. It’s not propaganda, it’s not actually supporting the occult, and it’s certainly not predicting rapture or something. It’s a movie just to watch for thrills in the evening, that’s it. Just calm down, go outside, and actually find good uses for your energy/time lol

  4. The movie is so soooooo fundamentally bad.

  5. On point.. love it 👍👍👍👍

  6. Its just a movie…

  7. Where there's fear and mortification, there's always a lie.

  8. i watched it , it's a very nice horror movie, has a new style and many different new types of horror , and it takes some historical facts and future perspectives that are actually very interesting, and it doesn't show any offense or any hate to the muslim side or the Israeli side , i loved it a Lot !

  9. or z stands for zombies?

  10. Sam

    Zalem (ظالم) also means "unjust" or "unfair" in Arabic and "ruthless" in Persian

  11. Pretty good movie! 🙂

  12. stfu

  13. the nephelim part was odd akd king david character either ruined or made the movie

  14. Dude you are a dumb ass….

  15. people should be a shame by taking the land of YAHWEH god which is Jerusalem israel and making a horrible movie about demonic evil in the holy name… SMH… why don't you just make a movie about the truth and then uplift people with the Holy Bible make movies about that or situations about the Bible revolving around the power of God

  16. Can I buy some of your dope?

  17. i saw SCP 96

  18. Okay soo if the gates of hell open im a muslim so jesus will take me to hell when i die ill just go as a flying monster out of gates in juruzalem 😶😶 well good for me lawl

  19. this show is so fucking stupid especially the Girl with the glasses is the most fucking fucking fucking stupid idiot.stupid at all