JUSTIN BIEBER Satanic Ritual MTV VMA's 2015 (R$E)

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EXPOSED! Occult breakdown of Justin Beiber’s performance of “What Do You Mean?” at the 2015 MTV VMA Awards Show.

See more Signs of the End Times at: http://www.youtube.com/roundsaturnseye

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  1. Being somewhat familiar with deliverance I can say subjectively say that quite a few are possessed by demons. In the Word a distinction can be made between Christians that are "demonized" due to the fact that the Holy Spirit lives within them and those who are in the world who are possessed to one degree or another. Those that produced this trash are in the flesh and possessed and when that happens there comes "transfer of spirits" from one person to another, kind of like a contagious disease. This will occur by TOUCHING in any manner. They do not even know it is occurring as demons are very smart and caniving spirits. As more and more demons congregate, the evil spreads and only Jesus Christ can save them from their ultimate demise and deliver them from demons. This beast rising from the sea can also be that who is referred to as Leviathan from Job 41 where a detail description of this monster is given (Pride). Very powerful master demon.

  2. Where is The Full Performance?

  3. Good work keep on the good work it's really eye opening

  4. Miley Cyrus is MK Ultra puppet.

  5. Jim Beam – we are now half-way into 2018…. I don't watch TV anymore, so have no idea what's going on. If it weren't for this channel and a few others, I would be ignorant of what's going on. We are in the end times….

  6. I dont know if I should meer him or not

  7. I m just wondering if he s a true christian or not I have had dreams about him and I dont even try I just have tons of dreams about him

  8. Good vid man.. Very good breakdown also.

  9. anyone who promotes this as evil or secret demonic symbolism is in fact making this generation search for evil. One thing every one is overlooking is that there is no reason to hide anymore. If they want to send a message in a song they would just say it. Anyone remember gangsta rap in the 1990's? I'm

  10. listen to the red star album

  11. I miss the old miley.

  12. Lol this dude is really dope lol

  13. "It doesn't love you, but God loves you…."16:05 minutes that warms my heart ❤️ GOD LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT. LIBERATING ❤️

  14. thanks brother

  15. Miley is an out of the closet ass sniffer.She can't help herself. Apple don't fall far from the tree they say.

  16. This is why God said, "those whom love the world are enemies of God". This world is deceived, corrupt and futile. The earth is headed for great destruction. JESUS CHRIST still holds out his hands, stands at the door of your heart and knocks and says, "whomever opens the door of their heart, and lets me enter in, shall NEVER AGAIN hunger nor thirst. JESUS is the life raft of SOULS! AMEN – be counted as one of the saints when HE comes to get us, in the twinkling of an eye. To be seduced by this world is to deny CHRIST. BE BLESSED 🙂

  17. the fact that these signs are so obvious now and people still dont believe, is proof enough for me that Jesus is really patient and most loving.He said i come to you.John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

  18. I wonder why the occult is always an inversion. It makes me think that God is the source of all creativity, and the "other side" has none.

  19. this is the dumbest sht i have ever heard about justin bieber. lol.

  20. what do u think about them wanting to blow up the hoover dam? is that the birth?

  21. The illuminate doing the same thing over and over , imagine the next generation , how much worse can they get

  22. You are absolute super.crazy. How is it possible that people can go on sheer madness. Pure manipulation of personality disturbed persons is a mild description.

  23. Luv and respect my Justin and hate those who hate my baby…

  24. please expose more about Beyonce and her music videos esp her new video Lemonade..she's evil and she performed the Kali death dance..please do expose these two Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez & Angelina Jolie..they're into black magic..tysm God Bless

  25. please expose more about Beyonce and her music videos esp her new video Lemonade..she's evil and she performed the Kali death dance..please do expose these two Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez & Angelina Jolie..they're into black magic..tysm God Bless

  26. Justin isn't a devil..he loves Jesus..he may be a victim of Illuminati but he's not the devil OK..gosh!…tyvm ..God bless..

  27. I've seen so many posts about "The Illuminate" but have to say I love how you simplified it and made things very clear without judgment. I really think you really have a gift to get truth out without over kill and the drama!! Just subscribed and look forward to older and new post's!! Thank you for your good works!!

  28. You all must not haven taken art in school, or been let to use your imagination past being told what to be delusional about by your religious leaders… cause you are reading waaaaaay into this.

    Religion is the best form of mind control, look how it has you making videos of made up scenarios and believing in this shit.

    It's a show, it's fucking entertainment and artistic expression lol.

  29. You people are funny.

  30. Thanks RSE

  31. I kinda been knew Justin was in the illuminati

  32. lord bless these people and my soul😞💯
    #HAIL GOD AND JESUS 💖💖💖💖💖💖