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  1. At 2:05 the lady is watching a giant meteor crashing into the earth 🤔 Jesus Christ is coming!!!

  2. that sure looks like a babys head in that wrap up food

  3. Wieso ist das eine weisse Europäerin mit blauen Augen ? Und keine Schwarze ? 😉 das is doch Rassistisch oder ? Seltsam fast nur Europaer in einem koreanischen clip…. the boss/god is always white ??? 😉 why not black ? … because the devil on earth is suppose to be white ? and to say its not true is rassism ? Its not the colour outside…true … but its the sick culture inside wich opens doors for demons !

  4. I was surprised by this group.

    both the illuminati group, the freemason, and others.
    as far as I know, they have their own God or are often called Lucifer. That makes me weird, how can they think that it is their God or something they worship, they glorify, and even give offerings / sacrifices. While they actually know, something they worship is the result of God's creation. It's like they choose to buy fruit in supermarkets that are more expensive, while they actually also have the fruit garden that is being harvested too …

  5. You're clearly sick, get some help man…proper medication

  6. I'm not creating an argument but the antichrist is already here and has been here since his removal from heaven,,just saying it's been written..

  7. Demons are alien

  8. “god” “jesus” And “lord” are NOTHING but “Titles.” Your True Creators name is “Yawashi.” Your True creator exists outside of all these pagan religions, & outside of this satanic world that the devil has temporary control over.

  9. Im not afraid. The whole commercial and even the airplane is just a material thing lucifer is a Garbage . GOD has the power in everything

  10. In islam, Antichrist(dajjal/deciever) and satan(shaytaan) are different. In quran Allah(God) mentions that satan was a jinn who denied the Allah's command and he exiled. He (shaytaan) whispered adam and he(adam) did sin by eating the fruit of the tree which was forbid by Allah and then Adam seek forgiveness from Allah and allah forgives him. And shaytaan real name was "iblees".

    Antichrist is one eyed and claiming as prophet, Antichrist come with the jews at the end times and its a biggest trial. Known as [masīh-al-dajjaal / False messiah]. Prophet [jesus/isa(A.H)] came and slain him on the gate of ludd in a state known as israel.

  11. The movie of Gravitation with Sandra Bullock as Rayan Stone (Royal Throne Stone) is full of Illuminati subliminal messages as well, especially when it comes to their plans of the future of humanity…

  12. Special kind of idiot aren’t ya

  13. I always like the commercial bc of the color teal it uses, Ty for explaining this to me.

  14. Lucifer/satan has always been here, and active. Who are they kidding.

  15. Im in doubts since i know bts promotes love self by accepting genders which means homosexuality. I know the pattern of this satanic agenda and it all the same they will first show as innocence or child friendly etc. After they gain hearts of many people they will start to do their evil propaganda. And I'm not blind

  16. Some people are very paranoid about the coming of anti-christ. They always criticize and judge everything without any substanstial evidence. They are very schipzophrenic..

  17. Oh come on really people. You can take apart any commercial and do this crap. Let’s take the Colgate commercials with the two evil twins they are Satan telling you to brush your teeth…

  18. We already have the Victory in Jesus Christ.

  19. wht do people want to worship lucifer(looser)

  20. Wasn't there a huge scandal lately where the Korean President was involved with some Cult

  21. I disagree, they are simply advertising their fantastic service in hopes to get your hard earned money.
    Common guys, this is just too much. Ridiculous.
    How can you even live when you see demonic influence everywhere? Where is your joy?

  22. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! he's already here.

  23. Man always try to make woman evil meanwhile man are the worse human after all

  24. Full of shit!

  25. Another load of shite

  26. Selfishness!!! What else?!