Lady Gaga plays “Lucifer” at Super Bowl 2017 (R$E)

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Watch Lady Gaga Perform as “Lucifer” at Super Bowl 2017.

Subsribe to R$E:

Today’s performance at the Super Bowl 2017 Patriots vs. The Falcons, Lady Gaga performed the half time show as Lucifer / Anti-Christ / Satan / Devil in a show packed with subliminal Luciferian / Illuminati / Freemason Symbolism.

Edit: Since this performance is centred around Revelation 9.11, it has become apparent to me that the twin towers destruction are represented on the stage – makes a lot of sense. Very disturbing that the nation watches this without even realising. That’s the nature of witchcraft. Thanks for the heads up. God bless

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  1. Why androgyny gotta be satanic n shit?

  2. Lady gaga changed so hea

  3. The fact is that "elite" worships Lucifer.
    But you are exaggerating.

  4. Seriously, to my belief the existence of God or devil isn’t proved it’s what we think exist and if you don’t like the artist you shouldn’t make videos which aren’t true.

  5. Lucifer deserves the lake of fire. He should fry for torturing us with Justin Beiber, the Kardashians, and this one.

  6. Is this 4chan???

  7. The weeknd’s starboy is way more obvious but its one of my favorites . Lol

  8. EVERY LITTLE DETAIL!!! (There happens to be stones on her bodysuit) “tHe BiBlE sAyS sOmEtHiNg AbOuT pReCiOuS sToNes”

  9. Everything the red and blue because the entire show is sponsored by Pepsi.

  10. Far fetched. Far fetched. Far fetched. Implausible. You complete moron.

  11. LORD OF THE RINGS. Brooooo 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love watching videos like this, people are ACTUALLY serious about every fucking far fetched thing they hear and say.

  12. Are people really falling for this. The only way someone could bypass the whole “your the antichrist” or “devil worshiper” during a PERFORMANCE is by simply standing completely still with no stage props whatsoever, no sudden hand or body moments and MAYBE just maybe will you be seen as a basic human being. Literally a girl points her finger up right when she hits a high note and it is deemed something else other then simply that. Come on people.

  13. yeaah..look listen and learn evey1 thanks for this..Lord Jesus Christ their eyes and mind..hearts greatjob

  14. It's called entertainment, dumbass

  15. If we know anything?? Haha you definitely do not sir

  16. If they sing simply they will not earn anything.and they use religion that has huge power.this is shame.At the end she is not well in mind for fake glory.she is really talented and it's sad but they choose that.

  17. Hey man, what if they own YouTube too and all our comments are known to them. While we are busy commenting and sharing these satanic happenings they are busy tampering with it so videos like these do not get enough views, likes and shares? Am just saying…

  18. Queen of hell ❤️

  19. Mature Christians please continue to learn more beyond this! This article will help guide your path to exposing evil in the right way.

  20. 😒😒😒😒

  21. What you're doing is being similar to bullies

  22. how's androgyny relates to this? does it even matter? lady gaga is biologically female tho

  23. Bad Romance could be a song sung by the devil to God, it could also be Lady Gaga singing about her relationship with the devil, the video I think is clearly about her selling her soul for fame and consummating the her marriage to the devil at the end.

  24. how can anyone listen to his filth, it is not even music!

  25. Youtube removed the sound!

  26. I truly, honestly believe that Lucifer was reincarnated in this person's body. Now he's showing us everything that happened in his past life.


  28. Damn I really wish you would stfu and let it play. Fuck.

  29. She is not even in the stadium…she is outside on the roof? Hahaha boy the fans got ripped off

  30. Lady gaga Satan's patsy.

  31. I hope she will accept Jesus' grace before she dies


  33. Jesus Christ and God are going to cast this cunt into the deepest ring of hell. She has no idea the unimaginable suffering she is in for for all of eternity. It's easy to play satanist on earth but once she is actually in hell she will crumble with regret and torment for her evil worship on earth.

  34. I don't really think she's evil and illuminati and all those trash. I think she's just showing these signs on purpose like she's mocking the evil and not being part of it. I know that she is not an Anti-Christ. She just uses these signs to show you that she knows about these things and she will not give in. You should see her praying to Jesus. She is not evil guys. I think you're just missing the point here.


  36. she is healed now

  37. God bless you thanks for the video. How many people going to her concert and they don’t even know what is going on I will pray for her.

  38. The greater secret is, you have never been abandoned by the positive. You turn the pages of your own book. In your perceived isolation of a great spiritual void of darkness, scream out what it is you truly want and it will be heard. That scream will form the context of your next wisdom path. Gaga can elect to be "the one to show the way." Namaste.

  39. Lady GaGa : breathes
    This Person : OMG, ILLUMINATI CONFORMED (she quit it watch a video [1 hour long] she talks about the evil)

  40. Bullshit

  41. Round SaturnsEye RISE
    Hey – did you miss one? The star on the left is lucifers sigil upside down. Perhaps Lucifer has asked Jesus for forgiveness and she wants to set things right.


  43. Shut da fuq up and play the damn video

  44. Drama

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  46. Lady Gaga jumped, she did not fall. The Edge of Glory is a name of one of her songs about the death of her grandfather. The smoke was to hide the harness that was holding her up. I see you know nothing about performance, staging or choreography. Poker Face is actually about thinking about somebody else while she was with her fiancee so she had to keep a poker face. Listen to her lyrics without thinking everything has such a deep meaning. It is a pop song, and it is not that deep. I cannot believe you spent all this time dissecting this performance and got it all wrong.