Lady Gaga set to play “Lucifer” at Grammys 2016 (R$E)

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In what has been dubbed a “WORLD’S FIRST” by the media, Lady GAGA has announced a collaborative performance with Intel that will reveal previously unseen technology at this years Grammy Awards in February, 2016. Illuminati confirmed.

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  1. She's being used. And everyone buys that shit. Hell there telling you people.

  2. Wicked

  3. If Jesus wasn't the truth then why would they bother?? All this talk of science and new age and all this time spent trying to discredit the BIBLE. why. do. you. bother. ????

  4. CERN666 satanique

  5. Almost no one else in so called music industry could play the devil…She is good for it, she is a demonic singer anyway…

  6. Gaga beware, there is a God Almighty & an eternity in heaven or hell 🇦🇺

  7. I just can't look at these people the same way anymore since discovering the 'gravy train' they get up to for Initiation. In fact no saying how many dicks GagGa has taken up the arse to become An Infinite Vessel , probably the most~whatta trooper. The Tech is Wizard of Oz stuff land. Only the radiant ,backing musicians, who never get on camera, appear to be having a ball all their very own ~ quite happy with the well-paid steady work.$$$ since these Satanists destroyed their productive, creative Music Business

  8. I hear the seed of animation, so does the youtube auto translate.



  11. lady ga ga is a talentless transgendered demonized illuminati puppet!!!!!!!!!end of if you are not awake from the illuminati brainwashing yet watch ——–call for an uprising –jon humanity –round saturns eye —-mag bam truth ———-end time productions——–people will defend their talentless idols to the death———these idols deem you as idiot bottom feeders —–who they are brainwashing into the new world order so you will 'BLINDLY 'take the mark of the beast —-read the Gospel of John ——Genesis ans revelations—————i pray God opens your eyes!

  12. So I watched Lady Gaga's 2016 performance and it was nothing to do with what your talking about?

  13. this has been happening forever. just go look at the old music videos, and i ain't seen nothing yet.

  14. one thing I noticed, I apologize if this was already noted, but her palms appear bloodied when she first appears.

  15. You are part of the reason why I am not religious. You're crazy.

  16. Some scholars regard the mythological Black Sun as the ancient female origin of all, it is both tomb and womb. This way, it is the oneness that uniformly integrates unawareness, death, and yet an expectation of fecundity!

  17. Comparing this 'bunker' with the temple of Solomon is a stretch, my friend 😉

  18. FYI= lucifer is not Satan!

  19. What about the Cube?

  20. Yes I find it weird that she did all of this for a average performance of Bowie. I thought there was gunna be holograms and a whole bunch of cool stuff, but there wasn’t.

  21. She gave her soul for us she is a icon …

  22. Lady gaga going to Heaven not Hell
    Jesus loves her and so do I

  23. Love the way you end the video with a message… God bless you

  24. I found your channel a while back and I’m very glad that I did. I’m a Christian, but just until recently, I knew almost nothing about dark symbolism and I think that’s mostly true for the larger part of society. Of course, I’m not ignorant to Satan and his works, but symbols are not something that I knew a lot about and I have to say that you have opened my eyes to how much they are implemented in almost everything, especially in movies, TV commercials, and music videos.

    It’s getting easier to spot them now a days, because the satanic media has become so brazenly unashamed and basically dare anyone to object to them. It seems that I’m considered a bigot these days simply because I’m a Christian, but that’s fine with me. The more they persecute me for my love of Jesus, the more He blesses me.

  25. You guys criticizing this need to do more research on satanic symbolism i.e. the black cube, inversion, pizza gate and the other symbols used by celebrities, ESPECIALLY her.

  26. Lucifer – I'd Hit It 😉

  27. Eyernerl

  28. satan has only as much power as God granted him!

    satan will never become God because hes a creature (a cherubim) and has limited knowledge.
    (even through artificial intelligence, he will never become like God himself.)

    The bloodline of Cain is the corupt serpent seed-line, they control the world at this present moment with all the secret societies, corporations, educational system, media, food supply, etc.

  29. I know I'm late but thanks a mill for you're advice and help. God bless everyone. Jon from Ireland Dublin……….

  30. Yeah sure

  31. this shit is funny as FUCK

  32. Whoever you are, you need to stop teaching about Satan's kingdom in such a detailed,it is sad to me that you guys are teaching about Satan more than YESHUA, the real people of GOD,has no business listening or watching any of this hellish singers ,or watching any movies,or tv shows, and begin to teach about JESUS ,the truth, about how to become like HIM, it is time to give our time to the word of GOD alone,(Joshua 1:8) (psalms chapter 1) (Philippians 4:7-8) if you be risen with Christ,seek those things which are above, (Colossians 3:1-2) finally my brothers, whatsoever things are honest,whatsoever things are truth,if there be any virtue,any praise,,think on this things, just trying to encourage some one to desire his HOLY SPIRIT, He will lead you to all truth, Be ye HOLY as HE is HOLY, peace love a,and mercy unto you in YESHUA'S name,

  33. Leave Lady Gaga alone!!!1 :(((((( She's a human!!!:((((((

  34. Jesus Cristo é o caminho a verdade e a Vida

  35. so according to you David Bowie is Lucifer huh? stupid hoe

  36. religous people are such hypocrites. they choose what parts of the bible to follow(even though the bible is not the original bible since it was changed and rewritten by a king who didnt like what it preached) and they try to force relion on others. if you dont believe you go to hell. if your lgbtq you go to hell. anything they dont like or agree with guess what you're going to hell. man if actually living happy and free and hateless is a sin see y'all in hell. love you mother monster keep inspiring your little monsters and making a difference in the world with your voice, ideas, and all you do for lgbtq youths and everything else you do😘💋💋💖💖

  37. You must keep in mind 'Antichrist is the real androgynous Beast'!!! He/she is to be a FTM(female to male) transgender, transman! So, he look like an attractive 'man leader' but he was born female with female DNA or both F&M DNA.  Lady GAGA, MTF transgender acted the role of Lucifer and Antichrist in this video because she/he is also a "transgender androgyny demi-god" ! Beware!!!

  38. Everything is against the Divine.

  39. who has time to make this stuff up, lol oh man.

  40. she is goddess

  41. The stargate you said there, also is a reptilian eye

  42. Also when you go,through the door this represents the breaking the temple in two

  43. these people are crazy

  44. great job

  45. I follow Jesus not Satan and I'm so lucky because I'm with Jesus Christ and Jesus loves me also very much

  46. but yah the dvele lucifer is a manle being a nasty evel one but still manle a guy

  47. this so rongon

  48. pary the one and only god i Going to mack sipel fore the all tto undeerstand im time Jeuse

  49. i hat lady gagay and all thers lucifer loveing morons thay try and try that shell only falle