LION KING: The NWO Anti-Christ 'Golden Age' (R$E)

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EXPOSED: Deeper occult spiritual meaning of Disney’s “The Lion King”.

He will rule with an ION rod.
IO / L-EO.
A ‘yo yo’ is cast down into a sleeper state and then raises back up like a phoenix.

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  1. Can you feel the love tonight!!!

  2. I just made a video about what you're saying. The real beast system is going to be a christ rejecting conservative theocracy…the way that seems RIGHT to man, not LEFT. Get it?

  3. This movie is garbage anyway

  4. This is also a very Masonic movie. Osiris/Horus rising

  5. So, in the end, 'Scar vs Simba' was thought to be "SATAN vs JESUS", but it is really "SATAN vs *LUCIFER*".

  6. Yes yes yes you got it bro, crazy cause all this i started to see spiritually. Deception and evil from so many directions its only natural to see the truth comes from God

  7. it sounds like you think death is the only redemption. like satan has this world. maybe

  8. so trump is that false savior. He's cleaning house. Its all about what YOU PERSONALLY believe. as long as you know WHO the REAL GOD is.

  9. thank you for the info. what's the pyramid called at 1:56?

  10. The Fullerton Informer
    Published on Mar 14, 2018
    LED street lighting is part of a sterilization agenda. White light at night induces sepsis, supresses melatonin, causes insomnia, destroys health, and affects human egg quality. This coupled with microwave emissions work together to enhance the melatonin suppression.

  11. May the Holy Father, Our Beloved Pontiff and Pope Francis, being the Head of the Roman Catholic Church and Catholic Spirituality be blessed a hundredfold for having to survive the might of Satan and the Diabolic Elements knocking and thumping at the Gates and Citadel of the Holy Catholic Church to give this one and only Universal Faith instituted by our Lord, Savior and Redeemer of Mankind the tremor of a satanic volcano erupting at top speed to bring it down to the level of a spent force.

    It is all the more scandalizing to view the manner in which the Protestants clubbed under the vociferous crowd of malignant elements are in the forefront to tarnish the unblemished reputation and spiritual concept hitherto excelled in the best possible manner by the Spiritual Head of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church, the world over by brandishing lies of anti-Christ and corruption etc with the sole look out of demeaning the spirituality adhered to as a whole. We the Roman Catholic fold of believers and faithful totally denounce such wild vendetta of attacking the very Church of Jesus Christ Himself and attempting to storm in to the morale of the Church without any scrupulousness. It is a shame the Protestants are resorting to such tactics rather than feeling complacent that the Christian World has a bounden duty to unite under one banner rather than defeating the very purpose of glorifying the might and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    We as a whole appeal for reason to find a place among these rude public clustered under the Protestant Groups that are ignorantly making a bid to slash in to the Christian Number making a formidable group carrying the concept and counsel of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    It is very earnestly hoped that reason would prevail in making the lousy elements that are out to vilify the very Catholic Faith which upholds the truth of Jesus Christ Himself.

  12. there is only. 1 and "one" is its name. o nnn eee

  13. Incredible sir.. I ask that you do more videos in 2018 of this nature exposing double headed eagle in such manner . this literally just changed my life and I've been into this for 8 yrs now but it was finally made clear to me as to why they are exposing themselves. Bravo, thank you and I promise more people need this same breakdown right now. God Bless

  14. Rubbish.

  15. The LYING king

  16. I think you are spot on. Makes total sense. Question is who will their Saviour be.. will it be as overt as another Christ figure who does miracles or will it be a 'peaceful King' who ends WW3 (by design) William?

  17. This was and still is my favorite movie and I'll admit to this which I never admit to really anyone. I was a very good child that was full of life always happy and loved God, every night I would sing songs to God and you get the point. When this movie came out, I was five and I became obsessed with it. But my favorite character was Scar and I actually wanted mufasa to die, it wasn't until I got older, I found out this movie pre conditioned me and had a major influence on my psych… like I can't believe my parents thought this movie was okay when their good daughter would cry when scar died.

  18. you got it brother , I been thinking the same things you are. I go as far as to say Obama is Scar and Trump is Horus in the final Hegelian battle that wounds the first beast. Satan himself heals as the ultimate false Jesus. This happens at the 6th trump. True Jesus returns at the 7TH

  19. you got it brother , I been thinking the same things you are. I go as far as to say Obama is Scar and Trump is Horus in the final Hegelian battle that wounds the first beast. Satan himself heals as the ultimate false Jesus. This happens at the 6th trump. True Jesus returns at the 7TH

  20. Yo m8 I think u did a really good job on the vid but srsly, once u do one illuminati video u start being like, "TRIANGLE, LUMINARTY CONFIRMED" just because there is a bit with rafiki breaking the fruit is just a coincidence the lion king may have a few references to the free masons, it's just cuz Walt Disney was part of it. Still love the lion king and still love the vid peaceeeeeeeee

  21. This is perhaps your most important video.

  22. and the rabbit hole gets deeper…deeper.

  23. this cleared up a lot for me ,thanx. A real uphill battle awaits us

  24. You have a dirty mind,seeing sex in the jungle!


  26. thank you  for the  great  video cheers

  27. I love how you explain things so well and in a way that keeps me. Great work!

  28. During this time the major pieces by forming the big picture, and the evil tree of knowledge, just doing the truth in all its simplicity, clear and distinct as Jesus always IS and was and will be. Without Him we can do nothing.

    Matthew 10: 27-28
      Fear not for them. For nothing is secret that shall not be revealed, and nothing hidden that shall not be known. v27 What I tell you in darkness, ye shall speak in the light, and what is whispered in your ear, you must preach from the rooftops. 28 And fear not them which kill the body but can not kill the soul: but rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

    Fortryd redigeringer