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  1. BAM!!!!! GOOD VIDEO!!!

  2. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

  3. There is anointing in these hands. God bless you


  5. Ck out spy kitten channel. Very informative.

  6. The words of that little girl proves the institutional MIND RAPE of children is GOVECORP policy !!!!

  7. I pray that we all allow the Lord to refine and purify and heal us. I pray for holiness and boldness to rule and reign in the hearts of His people. That every chain holding us to this world would be broken and we would rise up in Christ, in righteousness, accomplishing what we are here to accomplish, never looking back and never fearing the cost. Amen.

  8. from Hear Our Cry album??? great intercessory worship.. Integrity worship & Hosanna worship from the 70s-80s is full of annointed scriptures that help to reaffirm that the simplicity is in Christ! He is Our Redeemer, Our Savior, Our Healer, Our Sanctification, Our Hope, Our Coming King!!! may God Bless You & Have Mercy on us all.

  9. Jesus what have we done? Please forgive us, even though we have hurt you and don't deserve you!

  10. We Love You Jesus

  11. Sounds very similar to the instrumental version of " Layla", I think it was by Derrick and the Dominos in the early '70s. beautiful piece…

  12. Pope Francis says a Personal Relationship with Jesus is Dangerous???
    Speaking to an estimated "33,000" People? There it is. I knew that I smelt more than just the RCC, when I read that a Personal Relationship with Jesus is Dangerous??? But what was the other odour? Then I saw his '33'000 Friends, Bingo!!!    
    I will take Jesus straight up, and with no mix, thank you for your Con'Cern Francis,

  13. Gross, I'm mad if that woman lets her kid  believe every symbol is an Illuminati symbol, and by the Illuminati… even if it's the all seeing eye it's not always Illuminati… please…please… do not neglect your children of the Lords truth, we can't even say if the Illuminati is still existent… if it's a mixture of a bunch of societies, not to mention we're all here… and then you have people who are using the symbols and paganism to their own will and whim.. like wiccans, who just have another religion, even if they're wrong… raising your kids on "Illuminati" is disgusting… at least be honest.

    If you let your kids believe some eye they seen is Illuminati, and it was put there by a wiccan, you're still a liar, and it's gross.

  14. Peace to R$E….Beautiful piece…may GOD keep blessing all of us who continue to seek HIS truth.

  15. A most profound, stark video presentation, sir, of today's harshest reality set in equally stark juxtaposition to this most lovely prayer in hymn form. Grim truth beautifully brought forth. Thank you.

  16. God bless David bass

  17. Hill song is part of the illuminati?

  18. Soothing and moving. I see I'm not the only psalmist. The Holy Spirit has me write poems and things and inspires me to make a song out of it. It's therapeutic. I liked your other video about tones. Confirms what I've been getting more discernment over for a long period of time. It's true, music is spiritual. There's always a spirit behind it. Surely when it's the Holy Spirit it honors the Lord, when He flows through the depth of man's soul and conducts through sound…
    Jesus bless you. The lyrics are my prayer as well! We all stand in agreement

  19. Hallo David, i want to ask you , have you ever thought about that maybe the Zionists(Illuminati) try to make  a self fulfill prophecy?Look around the you tube messages about this themes ,tribulation, jubilee(7*7 cycle),yom kimpur etc..These things are full of Information and desinformation. They have the equipment to put of all in a scene like in a big movie! Look they have H.A.A.R.P they can put every information in your brain acustic or visual, why if they spray chemtrails? Maybe that are much of difference fields of applications, one of this could be to transform the sky in a big screen and you will see everything, from an asteorid impact or an alien invasion and they can not do only visual or acustic illusions(Blue Beam), they can create storms, earthquakes and many more(H.A.A.R.P can create LF and VLF frequencies to create the vibrations for all these things)(Nikola Tesla, a very smart and good man who want free energy for all human have experiments with those frequencies, but j.p.morgan want nothing more than a weapon)….And they will do it so long if all people of this world accept the NWO!(I speak about the people who have survived the population reduction,that is an other effect of chemtrails,people and the nature will be sick and die and Mosanto only have a patented which protect the plant from the chemtrails and  themself( i don´t think that they spray themself without any protection) I love jesus and i trust in god but this is first a human thing from psychopath like Rothschild , Morgans , Rockefeller and the other psychopath. And this is what we really try to do, stand together don´t belive in the mainstream media.Sending messages to all people of all countries and belives systems, say"I love you jews(the real not the zionits), i love muslims, disbelivers, i love all kind of human being.: rich, poor or whatever, WE ARE 99% of the human power and they are only 1%! It´s TIME TO FIGHT for our rights and for our childrens, let us fight NOW! Please People stand up ,come out of the coma and beginn what  the LORD JESUS had begun, REVOLUTION!!!


  20. Thank you.

  21. Sweet sounds brother. God Bless and thank you.

  22. We accept doctrines of demons..and still people both evil and good keep saying "God Bless America."….How when we choose such wickedness,and drive him away from every area of public life while trying to control the private lives.This world is getting exactly what it wants…Hell on earth!!!..You that kill the young,you should read what Jesus said about harming children.You will either bow to him in service now or latter at judgement….Please choose his free gift now.

  23. I luv singing along. Beautiful song.

  24. Bless you Brother.

  25. Music is absolutely beautiful

  26. Bravo that was beautiful and such a prayer to our God. Heal us Father, strengthen us Father, and change us in body, soul and spirit. Give us the weapons of patience and long suffering. Teach us to be humble and to love our fellow man. We ask you Father in the Spirit and through Your Son Our Lord, Jesus. Amen

  27. Hey I sent you an email a while back about the Steve Aoki/ Kid Ink music video. I noticed this occult messaging throughout. Seeing how Steve is one of the biggest EDM stars on the globe, can you bring to light his dark motives…?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=344KGcW0HRY

  28. Ur all insane

  29. Wow

  30. Death lights are coming… The song "This summer is going hurt"

  31. That was brilliant!

  32. hey R$E, I found something interesting u might like to look at. Have you heard of Muse? Im sure u have there a big time rock band from England. In there song bliss, it starts the video by introducing that wind sound u experienced in the rapture dream. Then he jumps into this portol like thing. I just thought u would like to see it for yourself.

  33. Is that your original composition? If so, it's really nice. I've only been playing for a few months but I already learned your C sharp minor chord progression from the other video C sharp minor, B Maj, A Maj with those dyad fills, very nice. Is that a Williams Rhapsody? I wanted to get one!

  34. Very nice. Words and music both.

  35. AMEN

  36. BEAUTIFUL……..that's you on the piano….isn't it…very touching…………………
    thank you…..for everything you share with us.  It is a blessing.

  37. love the music and lyrics…thanks mate!

  38. @RSE, you need to read Enoch 14:8 describes your vision pretty similar to what you explained in your video not too long ago.

  39. These pictures u show in the background are sickening literally giving me chill bumps on how ppl think this is normal…

  40. If anyone wants to collab and record vocals for this then reupload, please feel free. Thanks and God bless

  41. "God should be a SHE" Very interesting…

  42. Now is the separation from the wheat and the tares. There are pseudo Christians who lack knowledge and repentance who will join in the tares as they never were of the Father. Remember the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Some people enriched by God are going to a bad place. They forgot about justice and mercy and have coopted with the government in controlling the minds of the people. God wants liberty not oppression. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!

  43. Luke 17:26
    And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man.

    Genesis 6:5
    The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.

  44. First video I watched today. So beautiful and uplifting. I loved your piano playing🎹🎶🎼🎶 R$E! Yes you are one of the best channels on YouTube! Thank YOU R$E!!
    God Bless us ALL!!!

  45. The almighty is coming down to kick ass and chew bubblegum……and he just ran outta Gum !
    Can I have a Amen 😉

  46. Google doesn't want to display my comments today…I call censorship!

  47. Lord have mercy on our lost and hopeless world! The world needs you so badly…If only they would turn away from seeking and following these evil people and their agendas! All they can do is steal, kill and destroy just like there father(Lucifer) does…Lord we pray for your discernment and love to fall upon this broken world.

  48. i want a positive video from you ….. there is good in this world and i want you to show me.

  49. It is raining in my heart… a flood of tears, weeping with our Beloved Messiah… every tear is kept… soon dear brothers and sisters… soon He comes… and every tear He will wipe away… forever, no more to weep… But to worship Him in His everlasting Love with Joy unspeakable and the shalom our hearts so long for… very soon…

  50. What we have become must make God so very sad, I know it grieves me everyday now. Jesus please come quickly and put an end to all this evil!!