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  1. Name of piano song in beginning please?

  2. william  shake spear…shaking the spear….a creation of Francis Bacon,eminent 'thinker' of the british elite,Seems that he created the character known as william shakespeare in order to pass on information and guidelines to forge this NWO,with works such as Novum Organum. He was a proeminent member of the Rosacruz secret society,wich have erected,by 1970 the Georgia guide stones. The rabbit hole goes really really deep and at a certain point we realize many things leading to a common point. This is the matrix we´re living in and it has being hidded and kept secret from us. Cos now time is not on our side.OX…time and space. We really have to be born again…in Jesus Christ

  3. Ummm… I was taught that Francis Bacon was really Shakespeare.  Who taught me that?   I don't remember,  it's just something I always thought was a fact.   

  4. you should have pointed out the flag first when you got in there.

  5. Lucifer is Venus.. Not Satan you guys. Lucifer is only in the bible once and is described of the fall of a king. 

  6. Thanks for sharing trip to Lucifer's library

  7. Screw yoga lets see something by Blavatsky×spelling×

  8. Watch him put the book back, there's a paperback book that is bending double behind the spear shaker book hes putting up nothing otherworldly about this. Looks to me hes just sneaking around.

  9. How can you criticize them when your belief was made by man also.lol what a joke

  10. WOW

  11. This dude is a freaud! Something about him just doesnt sit right with me. For starters… he's a leader in the 7 Day Advent Church! Theyre like a cult. I enjoy some of his videos exposing certain people/things, but something about him with just doesnt sit well with me.

  12. i dont get it, so yoga is luciferian/ saturnian?

  13. Masons like to show off…. the vanity

  14.  lol the way alone he puts the books back looks weired seems to me he´s in his own library room at home..nobody puts a book back like this dude

  15. dude this forerunner777 guy is a fukn shill, i mean the tripple 7 alone tellin a story for themself and this whole clip looks really bad staged cause he´s pickin out the books to fast lol remind on alex jones sneakin into bohemian grove..