Lucifers Temple – Inside the Vatican (R$E)

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An Exploration of the Vatican, the “Temple of Lucifer” Exposed!

The Jesuit Illuminati Conspiracy to unveil the anti-Christ.
An R$E Production 2018.

88Ultra – Para Bellum – Sad World
Private Domain – Death and Maiden
Emmit Fenn – Blinded
All songs used with express permission. With thanks to the artists for providing the soundtrack to this production.

Filmed on Location in Rome, Vatican City and Jerusalem.

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  1. A Vatikán az ŐR-DÖG székhelye! Semmi köze a Jézusi Szer-ETET-valláshoz! A Sátán-fészke! El fog pusztulni nem kis idő múlva! Meg fog semmisülni a szoknyás pedofil-buzik-birodalma! Így legyen! Nincs új a NAP alatt! Atilla Nagy királyunk feladata lett volna, ennek a mocsoknak a megsemmisítése, de nem tette a dolgát,ki is vették a rend-szer-ből! Jön majd az,aki ezt megteszi! Csak figyeljünk! Közel az idő!

  2. The truth shall set you free.

  3. Makes since

  4. Jesuits behind nazism

  5. Im not catholic im baptist

  6. What about mussolini

  7. Um

  8. Well thankyou sir for pointing out the fasces on the lincoln monument i mean lincoln did send a letter to the pope

  9. The church that is drunk with the blood of the saints

  10. Alot of fascist arent racist and some of them believe in God

  11. Fascism actually makes since

  12. Is bad

  13. Gnosticism

  14. Upon this rock i will build my church

  15. Killing matthew 16 in the catholic church

  16. Erasmus exposed alot of bad things in the church

  17. Ignacio loyola was a witch

  18. Cern

  19. There are catholics that will be saved, there are protestants that will be saved. There will be catholics that will be judged, there are protestants that will be judged. Our Lord will judge us based on our faith and obedience to Him.

  20. Seeing Christians arguing and berating each other in the comments makes me happy to be an atheist. There are hundreds of religions in this world so what makes your the true one?

  21. Rise thanks for this video very good God bless you

  22. can someone help explain the point hes trying to make here I'm a little lost. thankyou

  23. Not easy to conquer and he is feeding on alll dead fleshes and getting stronger

  24. With Pope Francis

  25. All the head of Tibetan Buddhism