MATRIX EXPOSED: Where Television REALLY comes from! (R$E)

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An Exclusive look into the inner workings of the Alien Matrix Projection that is coming to the earth from the Abyss.

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  1. maybe brother they will make a fake aliens invasions..then the " the fake heroes..super heroes" fallen angels will take that the people will believe them that they are the heroes but actually they were the falling angels..when the MESSIAH come's HE will not make "PEACE" but " WAR" all the enemies..during the 2ND COMING..Final Judgement

  2. Your analysis is so incredible…i love your videos
    Thank you

  3. Worshipping the altar with pillars in your own homes…having 101 discussions with lucifer….

  4. Do you belive in the trinity?

  5. People rarely question anything these days. Most of my family work in education……..and it shows. They know very little of reality…they are fed rubbish and spout rubbish. The system obviously works very well.

  6. 1:30 I always knew Tom Welling from Smallville was a Nordic Alien!! haha

  7. thanks for all your hard work. I know it's not easy putting together a decent video,but you pull it off about every time. Thanks for your insight.

  8. the odd thing is the gullible a literal take on it. sort of the mental becoming physical. This is what you get with people fed on advertising.

  9. This makes sense.

  10. One part of this video says, And for this cause god shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. It says below this, 2 Timothy 2:11. But I checked my bible and 2 Timothy 2:11 reads, this saying is trustworthy: certainly if we died together, we will also live together. I think there’s a mistake there

  11. so from an Amish perspective "the joke is on us" 😉

  12. Excellent.

  13. Islam doesn't have a false Jesus, Islam says that Jesus (pbuh) never died, he was ascended to heavens, Islam teaches about antichrist and predicts the return of Jesus to kill the false messiah

  14. Excellent video. Well put together and informative. Thank you.

  15. For although in these last days the devil is coming upon the earth and its inhabitants ,with great wrath,because his time is running out ;(Rev 12 :12) yet will the Lord ,through His own body on earth ,defeat the enemy by the intercessions of His Spirit. For this flood of demonic activity, which will yet increase ,is also God's perfect timing for the victorious appearing of His glorious end time church; unto that ultimate manifestation of the sons of God throughout the whole earth. ( Roms.8: 19) Thus the Lord , by His own Spirit ,and through His body , reveal to the whole world the reality of satan's defeat at Calvary, ( Cols.2:15) to the glory of God. "For the whole shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" ( Hab 2:14) For the battle is not ours , but God's. ( 2 Chrs.20:15)

  16. Great videos. I fell for the whole Law of Attraction lie. The whole idea that the mind creates reality, and that we become our own gods, it's all a rotten lie to trick people to hell. I was against Christianity for many years, but I learned that it is the truth, and that we're on this earth to be tested. Death to Satan.


  18. RSE-superb video! Your videos are such a tool for those who want to understand what this "game" is really all about..thanks for your work!

  19. Satan LOVES to twist/pervert/mock Godly things: "his star"..Ishtar

  20. Aliens are demons, demons are aliens. The earth is flat, there is no space, it's the great strong illusion/delusion foretold in the bible!

  21. yes and the captain of Ashtar command communicated with us years ago.

  22. J F

    The illustrations of these beings remind so strongly of female television newscasters — some of whom have a seducing fallen angel spirit, in my opinion. John Carpenter was trying to tell us things in the movie "Them."

  23. Jesus is black brother. He doesn’t have long hair and blue eyes. As a matter of fact, he teaches against men with long hair….you’re very well read and well traveled. One would think you would have realized that by now. The Hebrews have dark skin. Negros, Asians, Latinos, Indians, etc…

  24. I stopped watching TV a few years ago.. Only as my two disabled children take up my time. Plus they do not sleep.. And I can tell you now this is so true of the TV. I have. Totally awakened I read the bible and recognise all the evil in the world now.. I thank the lord jesus christ every day for my two beautiful disabled children.. Not only are they everything to be but they have saved my soul.

  25. We all know that TELEVISION is pure BS ! Religion however is by far the most horrifying mind control on earth and it has destroyed countless millions of lives throughout the ages ! YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND STUDY WHERE RELIGION COMES FROM !!! And when i say study i don`t mean the bible, i mean objective literature ! Religion does not exist in the real world except in the minds of fools !

  26. Everybody look at Dallas goldbugs YouTube channel everything on mainstream is fake the stuff you guys are trying to figure out, it's all fake it's all material for us to be bickering amongst ourselves divide and conquer by the elites everything we see is twisted and turned even the Bible the Bible came to us from through the Pope in the church the pope is a fake organization just like the traveling theater that the Jews came up with 2000 or so years ago everything is fake to divide and conquer lands

  27. I took TV off the wall a few years ago and gave it away. I couldn't stand rubbish quality on British TV (news was all propaganda and British made fiction is absolute garbage, poorly acted, poorly edited). I used to watch American shows on sky but I found it mindless, and full of trannies. I don't want to have female role models or heroines who used to have a dick -* they don't speak for me!! All these characters portrayed by dickless men seem to care about is make up, sex and power. All the "female" detectives, "female" superheroes are played by tranny men. Even a clever show like Good Wife has at least two trannies in lead roles. Put me off. The female cast of Big Love – a bunch of trannies. I only watch Christian leaning YouTube videos now and read books. And I've never been into Christianity until recently. I love listening to Gary Wayne and Rob Skiba too. And I find the show It's supernatural, reassuring, even if it's a bit commercialised. Any stuff on Mandela effect and living in a simulation is of great interest, too. I don't think we have anything in movies based on truth, and if I were to make it, it would probably get shut down before we got anywhere. I will probably buy land and grow my own food and disconnect completely

  28. This is an excellent video. Words do matter. Yes, similar sounding words can cast the same spells. Ignore the ignorant, the fools always laugh at deep issues because they are fools.

  29. you deserve a lot more subscribers

  30. so where can I find the true Jesus? can I read the Bible or is t manipulated too?

  31. Jesus is also going to return in the east , beware I think it will be an alien/ demon

  32. U r so right , ur videos are artfully done , and u get the message out so well. Thank u for being a good watcher, I am walking with Jesus everyday and I too try to warn others as well .

  33. Praise the Lord for the way, the truth and the life. Amen.

  34. What about buddhists who attain ranbow body enlightenment?

    Thanks to buddhism and meditation i managed to start overcoming my porn addiction…that is when i started seeing demonic entities and came to the realisation they had been manipulating me this whole time.

    Since coming to christ and christianity i have not been able to go as long without porn and masturbation as i did when i was practicing buddhism…so it appears god wants me to make the effort and do this myself.

    Also i dont see how i am responsible for sin when i have been abducted by demonic alien entities my whole life who have probably been torturing me and traumatising me and brainwashing me into porn addiction…who project these things into my mind and activate my sexual centres against my will…how is that my fault, how can god let little babies get abducted by these fallen entities?

    It was in 2013 that i started practicing mindfulness meditation and i finally started to make progress in cutting down on porn. I went 3 weeks that summer no pmo and i woke up in sleep paralysis with a grey alien standing at the foot of my bed.

    I have gone on longer streaks since and it is all thanks to meditation, the enemy literally had to use people against me to drag me back down…i saw people staring at me like they were posessed, the town i lived in then im sure has a strong demonic influence not like where i live now.

    How do we know the bible is not corrupt, god couldnt stop a third of his angels from falling how can he stop man from using christs teachings then putting lies along side it. Just look at the catholic church.

    Buddhists do attain enlightenment and i have tasted a piece of it…the bliss and love, the lack of need for sin or wordly things.

    What did people do before Jesus was born, were they are condemned to hell?

  35. CERN and TV have a major connection too…CERN invented www in 1989…the devil was always here, his ushering is next.

  36. Seems to me that anti-christ is already here as digital AI.

  37. tv was originally intended to be used to communicate with spirits, and they decided to influence and control you with it.

  38. You are so awesome brother! Keep doing what your doing! Your videos have been so informative. I've been wonder for some time what it means to be, "As wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove." You've really given me insight as to what to look out for. You've opened my eyes to the serpents subversive ploys. And you always remind us of the only source of Truth; our lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Just awesome dude! I would love to talk to you about the Book of Mormon sometime. It's also the word of God – Christ full doctrine restored in by the prophet Joseph Smith (God said he would build his Church on the rock of revelation). I've read the Book of Mormon and I testify to you that it is also the word of God! There are prophecies in therein that would provide some great insight for you as well. Anyways, God bless and praise the Lord Jesus Christ!