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  1. Most reach people on these word search a way to program DNA like God programed it for example a man to live only 70 years like today. They want to programed to leaved much more than now. Not only monitored, but upload information, like a false information for example.

  2. If the mark of the beast is a chip, i think have to made by now.
    But i think these chip will be much more, some download and upload device conected directly with the human DNA or brain signals, and these device can upload information directly in the human body, will be some full control. That is the reason i think will be not only a simple chip.

  3. who watches tv any more I mean common lol

  4. Are you Retarded? or have autism or something? This is the way of the future not some alien stuff from saturn. The shit you are spewing out of your mouth is well, shit. Why don't you watch this video and go outside. you'll realize this is bullshit.

  5. Mr. (R$E) somebody just on G.P._ need to put the Mark of the Beast and a great big 666 sign, on your jive time tired ass…A.S.P. NOW !!!

  6. what kind of bullshit is this dude speaking ??? this thing will make things easier . youre stupid guy , you need to be taken out and stomped to death .

  7. I downloaded windows 10, I don't use that hello/ Cortina thing, I'd that the mark of the beast? please respond I'm terrfied.

  8. I'm selling aluminum hats! $10,000 each. worth it if you know what's good for you. Jesus christ himself bought one from me just yesterday.

  9. Not everything is the mark of the beast. Sometimes human ingenuity is just that intelligence.

  10. As a fellow Christian, I totally understand where you're coming from. And I can see a mile down the road to how satan will control people. But until they start promoting putting chips in your body to regulate your body systems and project things for your eyes to see, I don't think we have anything to worry about.

  11. Indeed you have some points , but your points have no foundation or support so even if it seems to you that what you've send is true i say look at it from my perspective .

  12. So fucking stupid

  13. Its gotta b a sony guy we got objects deep in space deep in our oceans and this is the tech you deem the mark of the beast wow u sond a tad desperate for attention on a weak theory guy #getalife

  14. This is the best thing I've seen in ages.  I can't wait until this comes out.  There's so many things this will change.  Architecture is going to change drastically in the next few years from being able to create things in 3d space.  This is going to get people off of their office chairs and moving around more, instead of being stuck to their desktops.  You could have a conversation with someone from halfway around the world, and see each other as if they were in the same room.  This is going to bring people together.  And, really, if you're that scared of technology, what in the hell are you doing on the internet?

  15. …and yet at the end of this video, you're going to advertise what you hate by showing the promo in it's entirety. I'm a Christian and I think you're no different than the people who thought greensickness was real back in the medieval days, or your no different than the scientologists calling psychiatry bad because your going off on fear than credible knowledge and no God does not appreciate it. He does not appreciate this fear mongering. Wouldn't be surprised if you and your followers wound up isolated somewhere passed out after drinking poisoned kool aid. Your just hopping on a trend dude. Calling everything and it's mother illuminati even the air you breath. Even when 50 people take a dump at the same time, its going to be devil worship to you. If you don't like it, then yeah don't buy it. Plus yeah your entitled to your own opinion. But it's what you do with the device and it's not the device itself. Trust me, people don't need you to hold their hand across the street for anything.

  16. if you read the bible properly from John who said 2000 years ago that the beast was in the world then and still is now so this is NOT bringing about the anti-christ because he is already here and has been for over 2000 years. very few even see where he is and I will say actually most do not know who he is or where he is or anything. In hebrew, Since the apostles etc were hebrew so the fact they wrote in greek you still have to have the mindset of a hebrew. 666 or previously 616 which was nero actually in hebrew results in four letters which are also words which culminate in hand, cross, nail spike and four head and those 4 hebrew letters/words actually equate to 666 or 616 depending which hand, spiritual or physical. only one group of people put their right hand to their forehead then draw down (nail spike) then shoulder to shoulder (cross) the whore is vatican and is clearly identified and John would have known that as the colours of the whore are purple and scarlet which are the colours of the senate of rome now known as the college of cardinals. a pagan belief where god is also son of god which comes from nimrod and tamuz aka osiris and horus. the beast image is the image of their so called christ on the cross which is actually apollo or apollyon which is also represented by a circle on a cross or the sun god on the cross which is what we say satan does. he can even appear as an angel of light. you cannot say that the vatican is the whore yet they worship christ. rediculous. blasphemy. if you do this via technology then we can say we were not and i MEAN NOT meant to fly so planes are the mark, cars are the mark as we are not meant to travel at 70mph, what about boats and trains? what about you8r computer you use to upload your vids? your phone? by this one analogy you have told us we are condemned and there is no salvation. by your simple analogy. even when people pick up on triangles. oh it's the illuminti because there is a triangle, come on people. really? a gun is just a gun and kills or hurts no-one when left alone on a table for example. it is the person using the gun that kills or injures another. the mark has been here in ROME for over 2000 years and continues. remember how few enter heaven? well that's because they take the mark or if you like. call another god when they do read properly. the beast image. if the vatican is the whore then what image do they use to draw millions in? what belief do they propagate in churches? that jesus is god. Jesus never said he was. he said. blessed is he who declares me the son of god and that was all. he never said you are blessed if you call him god. the pahrisees tried to make that out that he said that even when he was on the cross so you all say they made him out to say that then call him that at the same time? what? really? god spoke through an angel telling job i think it was that the UNIVERSE COULD NOT CONTAIN HIM. if the universe cannot contain him then a man being far smaller then how could a man? the first lie is that man can be god so man cannot be god? but god as man? same result. 2+1 = 3, 1+2 = 3. simple a child could understand that. but you say, oh it was a part of god that became man, psychiatrists have a name for that condition, it's called multiple personality disorder. so god split his personailty and now is a pschyzo? that's what you say. god needs mental health help? really? The Universe being imensly bigger than a man and the universe cannot contain god meaning he cannot be in this universe means a man cannot be god in the flesh but he can be the represetative of god which is why Jesus is refered to in this order. The son of adam the son of god. god created adam so how can god be born from a descendant of adam? who came first? god? or adam? god came from adam so adam came first to be created by god who came from adam who was created by god who came from adam who was created by god who came from adam who was created by god who came from adam who was created by god who came from adam who was created by god and all the while breaking the rule that god cannot be man and man cannot be god and also god said and bear in mind he is consistant that god is NOT a man that he should lie and god is NOT a son of man that he should repent meaning sons of man repent and men lie and we are also told ALL MEN LIE which is why jesus said, DO NOT think i say these words or do these works BY MYSELF FOR I CAN DO NOTHING BY MYSELF, it is BY THE COMMAND OF MY FATHER I SAY AND DO THESE THINGS. so if jesus could do nothing and he is god then god did not create the world and the universe it is saying if you think jesus is god. don't know who your god is but mine can create. another thing. nimrod was worshipped as a god and he died and his people told his son was nimrod reincarnated so tamuz was god(Nimrod) and the son of god (son of nimrod) at the same time. oh dear. jesus also said MY Father is YOUR FATHER (so we have the same father so jesus is NOT the father, then he said MY GOD (he has a god) is your God (our god is the same God jesus declared he has. so how can jesus be god if there is one god? he cannot be for if he was god is he sitting at his own right hand side of his own throne? does he have a fat arse? is that what your saying? if he has a god which he told us he did then how is he god? if he is god then he lied. or if he is god then the god for who? not us as his god is our god right? then whose god is he? but then that breaks only one god. we can only have but one god. if jesus is god and the father is god but jesus is NOT the fatehr then we have 2 gods. OH CRAP. that is the vatican's belief and it is declared in their catechism that they MADE IT UP BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY HAVE MORE AUTHORITY THAN THE CREATOR HIMSELF> THEY OPENLY ADMIT IT IS NOT IN THE BIBLE THAT JESUS IS GOD PROVING THEY ARE OF THEIR FATHER< THE FATHER OF LIES. that is the greatest deception. how to turn people from god 101. make people believe the son of the living god is really GOD thereby removing people away from the true living god. that is what is happening by the many and that is the great deception that people will believe and they will not change just as scripture said god would do, he will make them believe that lie because they want to believe it because they want to be gods. they follow a jesus who declares to be god and they say by following him they will be like him (AS GOD) that is the lie. that is why jesus said he was NOT god and to ONLY DECLARE HIM AS THE SON OF GOD. nothing more, even peter said when asked. who do you say i am? peter replied, you are the SON OF THE LIVING GOD, and jesus replied that no man could tell him that only the Father who is god.. there peter only declared him the SON OF THE LIVING GOD and that is all we should declare him as. now as for tech. seriously. if we followed the rule here we would all become so paranoid we would not function. this is NOT the mark of the beast but the mark is spiritual and also the sign the catholic priests perform which is equal to 616 and 666 and in hebrew consists of four letters translated as, hand, forehead, nail spike and cross. ALL things in this world point back to the vatican and in turn the babylonians hence she is the whore of babylon and babylon's daughter.

  17. This guy went full crazy, Never go full crazy.

  18. Religious nutters, nobody is forcing you to accept or purchase these holo devices. If you want to live in your own religious fantasy land by all means do so. Everyone has the right to live in whatever reality they choose as long as it's not forced on anyone.

  19. who cares where your stupid line is, go live in the woods grandpa

  20. Wow, you're not very smart or open to new ideas, are you? Typical Christian

  21. This isn't the mark of the beast.  As long as you can take the thing off whenever you want to I have no problem with it.  On the other hand if you had to put a chip in your head in order to see holograms I would absolutely be against it.  Technology is only bad when it's used to kill or control people.  I don't think this has the potential to do that.  They may plan to use it to spy on you but I'm sure if your clever enough you can find a way around that.

  22. The elite use technology for many things the mark of the beast, CERN and the Transhumanist agenda

  23. Bullshit.

  24. WTF?… u sound like people in the middle ages are u guys in any era gonna stop to make the samme devil, mark, jugment, final day and etc names u have for? stop babbling we are tired of you guys u have been saying this since 2000 years ago just stop….

  25. For anyone who truly believes this tech is inherently evil, here's a simple thought experiment for you:

    You say this tech is the mark of the beast correct? Lets say a surgeon could save the life of your loved one, but only by using this augmented reality to properly map a deadly growth in their body. He asks you to sign consent or they will die.

    Would you give consent?

    If no: I truly applaud you resolve, although I respectfully disagree with your stance.

    If yes: You're a huge hypocrite, and I have absolutely no respect for you.

  26. "Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."   – Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

  27. You are reaching your public through technology that was looked at the same way. You are recording your "being" for people who don't know you to watch at their convenience. Bro you have using the "mark" as you call it. Lol. Pot meet kettle.