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  1. How do these symbolic gestures transfer into a video? Just a guess, but I believe the acting members of the illuminati of Hollywood who are slaves of Satan either have visions or direct contact with the demonic realm and pass it down the channels to the choreographers. Is it that detailed? It sure seems that way when RISE breaks it down. Just as the Lord knows the number of hairs on your head so does Satan have a keen eye for detail to oppose that of the things of God. Satan will mock and belittle our Lord in any way he can. Excellent breakdown RISE. This was done approximately 5 years ago and we now know that ALL that was highlighted here is correct. Cyrus is a full sell out to Hollywood and one of their prized pupils.

  2. Butch persona. LOL

  3. wtf why are her pupils so small

  4. A woman in the Bible represents a church. There is a corrupt church called Babylon.

  5. The world will come to the full measure of evil before Jesus comes, sure won’t be long!

  6. Nah!

  7. Educate yourself . Just a little. Christians are among the worst offenders of judgment . That’s pride when. You rise above put other Christians down and think you have al, the answers yes these things are demonic but every one of these videos your no different have to put down another’s faith when you have t all the answers you think you do . Instead of pointing fingers you should be preaching the good news . Christ never said to judge others . That his job . God the father . I dare you if only to sharpen you prideful finger pointing . Find “ Lizzie answers ! Or read. “ the “ Protestant Dilemma “ by Devin Rose. Listen to Scott Hahn . Then come back and explain yourself .

  8. Ezekiel 8:14 King James Version (KJV)
    14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.

  9. Thank you !

  10. Lmao the slapping thing 😂😂😂

  11. Damn! This is deep

  12. Mae

    You are truly anointed. Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to impart your discernment and wisdom regarding this symbology. It’s such a confirmation of that which we are all awaiting…the return of our Savior to end this confusion, madness and deception. 🙏🏻

  13. Hard to like this movie since I will be number 666 to subscribe

  14. This man really knows his stuff!!! People listen to him!


  16. The hoar riding on Apolion the destroyer

  17. This is all bullshit!! Does that mean that if Soemone cries theyre supporting anti Christ!! Wtf

  18. Hi, hope your doing good? I definitely believe you're onto something, and very possibly everything you said could be spot on! I don't know a lot about it but I looked into CERN and different things, I know there is something going on, I do not doubt that! That definitely took a lot of research, perhaps or maybe you were in the occult before? I'm not sure. So as far as your expose on the video I think you did a very good job! I would like to point something out though that I think we all should remember. Miley, like a lot of pop stars, but unlike many more, she didn't exactly ever have a choice as far as her life. The way I've always seen it kind of is her parents are very greedy and pretty much prostituted their daughter into the industry. Which one is very sad but she didn't really have a choice. Now, she is an adult and she does have a choice, but you got to remember this filthy lifestyle of pedophilia and everything is the only thing she's ever known, and yes technically she was an " adult" and I use quotations cuz I believe she was at the age of 18 or 19 when she released this video. A lot of times even as adults in the entertainment industry, between a director the producer and everybody else involved, the performer has little to do with the music video. However, some do have more than others do. I'm not sticking up for her in that fact. But yes, of course I believe she was told to do things for this video! Just like she's been told what to do her whole life. I pray for everyone to find Jesus, including people in the entertainment world and everyone because we all need Jesus and I just think that, IDK she's a puppet you know? And I don't even know if she really knows was actually going on, how deep it goes. I highly doubt it ..And I'm not a huge Miley fan, but I will continue to pray for her and I think it's just important that maybe you want to incorporate just that tidbit of info in your videos from now on, would be awesome! At least when it comes to the child stars who had to grow up in this Insidious vile industry, and she's in a transition here and this song is right at almost 4 years old. Again though, as crazy as it may sound to some, I do see where you're coming from! I follow to the best of what I do know regarding the subject and this is definitely one of the most intense researches I've ever seen out of this video or any😊 God bless and keep up the good work!

  19. Fans of Miley Cyrus news flash, you don't have to believe in none of he is saying Miley Cyrus is believing for yah! 😂

  20. Fans of Mylie, you don't have to believe in none of what he is explaining in this filthy video because Mrs.

  21. Her voice is unbearable. But the funniest thing are the comments here. People get so angry and defensive with the truth that is so hilarious. They prefer give money and time to those "artists" who give nothing but 3 to 4 minutes of unfulfilling words. GREAT JOB R$E. keep up with the good work.

  22. The spiritually dead cant discern the truth ,because the truth can only be revealed through christ and one must seek him to have their eyes opened

  23. She was going through a break up you idiot

  24. Liking your style, keep it up

  25. IT is transgender. IT is not a female

  26. Cyrus looks like Justin Bieber.

  27. they recycle the same tune over and over.

  28. isn't the image of the mother and child absolutely archetypal? the divine feminine is something we need. the image is in all cultures. both good and bad because it is universal. you can't just say it's evil. intention is all.

  29. So riduculous even the sister of Miley is named " noah"Good job on all this you do

  30. they worship the black cube

  31. in the jewish tradition there are 2 types of hells – 1= fire 1 = Ice – also she's a tranny…see transvestigations…

  32. Really? WTF is your problem? You try to find the tiniest little thing to criticize even if its a load of crap

  33. How do you know its a sunflower and the squares in her eyes aren't reflections? Were you just assuming?.

  34. Dude Miley went through a breakup and cried on stage. If anything that would be proof of her humanity and innocence…