Million Mask March 2014: NWOrder out of Chaos (R$E)

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With almost 3000 in attendance, thanks to all those who go to these things to set a good example and rectify all the wrongs that the anarchists create.
Please wake up to the agenda playing before our eyes to increase the chaos every year until there are rebel fighter groups with guns and bombs in our city streets. They are making the way for the anti-christ. Let’s pray that people might wake up to the gate-keeper’s trap of creating chaos that they have fallen into.

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  1. +Round SaturnsEye  Did you mention the line Anonymous uses for videos? "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." Why would they use "we are legion," as it originates from demons mentioned in the bible?
    Then Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" "My name is Legion," he replied, "for we are many." Mark 5:9
    Of course, they don't forgive…

  2. I could understand why people are angry at those Elite even if it fits the agenda,it's the karma.

  3. MMM- 333=9 or 13 13 13 =39 Some of their favorite numbers.  Million Mask March, eh??? And these SCHILL Tosers could only get 3,000, LMAO…   People are finally waking up, even with Russell Sell-out Brand ( I do not Trust Anyone with an MSM Soapbox in the 21st Century, sorry russkie), all they could get was 3,000 people. Awesome!!!

  4. Well, this was food for thought.  I played right into the gate keepers hands and feed them.  WTF do I do now?  Russell Brand was easy to figure out from the beginning "Coke Head Puppet" …….David Icke, shit, that's obvious.  Sorry to say, sucked in by Alex Jones and contributed to guests and articles for infowars.  What a fucking paradigm.

  5. Yep… I always knew something wasn't right with the info and how the so call leaders of anger were telling the masses to get as much ammunition as possible. It has always been the plan for US to put in place the NWO, not the actual governments of this garbage system of things. The problem now is that most people just brush aside the info we give them. The evil ones that are way at the top of the pyramid aren't even in the radar, just the ones that are ready pay with their blood for been used as a target, and it's their debt for all the time they enjoyed their place in society. The end is here and it's written, we aren't going to be able to avoid it.

  6. If "anonymous" is full of their own provokers and moles the sincere patriots/people may be unwittingly conspiring with the enemy or at least revealing their thoughts, even plans. Few people have fallen for the NWO  provocation until now, so this may be a false flag protest to get the protest ball rolling. This looks like the protesters are in control. That gives a false sense of security to potential protesters. It's bait_n_ switch when their real target protesters follows suit. Unite other ways.

  7. So social unrest is needed to create anarchy which then will lead to NWO right? 

  8. Ah, yeah folks, the Guy Fawkes character in Alan Moore's V for Vendetta is supposed to be a direct representation of Lucifer.  Turning to Socialism as an answer to the world system's problems?  These protestors aren't even taking a backdoor to the New World Order – they're going right through the front way…

  9. Well spotted! I was on to them the minute I heard of them! Particularly the 'We are Legion' bit! THEY, and that bought moron BRAND, are currently taking root in my native Ireland due to the frustration over water charges… I have been trying to dissuade people from promoting them on twitter but I just get a torrent of ignorance and abuse back… What can I do!?! I would like suggestions?!? I don't know?

  10. I've been thinking that for a while. Nice to see someone agrees. 1984's" revolution" brought on the totalitarian society. Love your videos :).

  11. Nice job as always. I'd like to add a couple important points. First of all, people need to understand that Anonymous is a crucial part of the deception. That's an easy one. On their website, they've described themselves as "Legion". Think about that word and where you've heard it before. They're actually telling you they're Satanic.  

    The Guy Fawkes mask is another red flag. People need to forget that V for Vendetta propaganda. Fawkes was working for the Jesuits. And if you don't know who/what the so-called "Society of Jesus" is, you're WAY behind the curve. Fawkes was no hero and the Jesuits have nothing to do with Jesus. All roads lead to Rome.

  12. Felt absolutely sick watching this. So much deception, so many people deceived. I wonder do Brand & Icke & their ilk truly know who they're working for & what they're promoting? Sometimes I think they just have to know & be complicit, then with some I wonder if they themselves aren't just as deluded as the masses they seek to pander to. Great work, God's blessings my friend

  13. +Red Pill Revolution Big Ben is Lighted with Ebola Green These days.

  14. They are falling right into there trap , and Russel Brand is an Antichrist , working for the Illuminate  

  15. I had my suspicions with them and a time or two i almost wanted to give them a full spiritual arsenal.I met a Alex jones supporter.but he carries a strange feel about him.I even had my suspicions about Alex.that clay cartoon piece >i saw that all as a kid.that thing is a scary thing to watch as a kid.Forgot its name though.

  16. How do people still fall for this? They got the mask they wear from a movie. How obvious can that possibly be?
    The founders of Anonymous are FBI. They have absorbed a few foolish low level hacks that now work for the government in exchange for bits of freedoms.

  17. This is crazy! 

  18. Early on I found anonymous interesting until I found out it was a CIA operation.

  19. How many masked dissenters among these mobs,this is not the way friends, not that I have all the answers but i can see you feeding right into their plans.

  20. 3:35 "these are the nazi colours" dude you putting meaning were ther is none, Manchester United has red and black does that mean they based there uniform on hitler, did hitler invent that colour scheme, what about coke are they satanic and supporters of hitler. I agree NWO it's obvious but it's like when somebody sees a light in the sky they go "it's aliens they've traveled billions of light years to take all of our KFC", or the simpler answer is it was a satellite or a plane, not another advanced intelligent species that has come for some reason.

  21. So appreciate your videos.  Yes, this is chaos unfolding as "they" want it.

  22. this is still a good sighn people are waking up…