New Age: The Counterfeit Creation (R$E)

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I believe there to be two I AM’s the true and the counterfeit. Much like the two lions. The two forms of light. This music video shows the counterfeit.
I still prefer to stay away from using any name for the Father. I only know the name of Christ as a surety.

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  1. What's this song call

  2. Nice vid. 

    Just found this the other day, looks like Plato straight up tells everyone its a fake reality:

    "In this wise and for these reasons were generated all those stars which turn themselves about as they travel through Heaven, to the end that this Universe might be as similar as possible to the perfect and intelligible Living Creature in respect of its imitation of the Eternal. (Paragraph 39 c-d) Timaeus)."

    "It is argued (reasonably), that Plato was referring to was the orbits of the known planets, and not the constellations. Plato himself believed that knowledge of such a cycle was already known far earlier by the Egyptians and Babylonains."


  3. You do amazing work with all your videos. God Bless You.

  4. Fracking scary stuff.

    Thanks for compiling your research into these great videos!

  5. Niiice vid. Incredible song.
    Many thanks for your work.

  6. Hey, what was the awesome animation source material for this video? I'd like to check out their other work!

  7. Excellent find on the cartoon too… wtf, great video man. Ript my mind in half a little bit, always appreciate that..

  8. Who's the Musical Score by? Great Song