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  1. Good job!!! Thank you for what you do.

  2. Thank you!

  3. At 11:19 I see the Red cross (blood of Christ) in a cage. This to me is their symbolism of caging in Jesus. Satan would love to put Jesus Christ in a locked cage but it will be the opposite. God puts Lucifer in a locked pit.

  4. They first hated Christ

  5. I confess that it is difficult to me to follow your vds because it has a lot of knowledge to be explained in in less than 20:00 minutes. I need more explanation about the cube behind the veil. I’m not getting it 😭😩😭😩😭😩

  6. One thing that connected for me while watching this was "88".

    The speed the time traveling car in back to the Future had to travel to open the gate.

  7. thank again .yeaah their is a deep meaning..when w watch all the comercial its all related there is a similarity..godbless evry1

  8. I really just think this is a nissan car commercial. I see no symbolism, just nissan wanting you to buy the damn car 😂

  9. The name of Pulser comes from ”Pulse electromagnetic waves”, so this commercial just gives the image of Pulse waves.
    The emblem of Nissan comes from "Hinomaru (Japanese flag of the rising sun)" since 1930' 、it's NOT SATURN!!!!!
    I believe Jesus Christ and I know Devil's work, but this video is twisting the fact. This is excessive criticism

  10. Like to add, the symbology of open eyes and closed mouth (as with the lighting on the man in the car) is of being aware but not saying anything. The opposite of this is the consumerist without thought which is eyes closed mouth open, ready to receive what is fed to them.

  11. Nuevo Nissan Pulsar: Tu alma gemela (Your soulmate)

  12. under armour commercial just stated " it's what you do in the dark that puts you in the light" "rule yourself" "I will". wow saying sell your soul to be famous ?

  13. Stretch Armstrong.  The eyes lead to the synapsis ("lights") which blows your mind ("big bang").  This is nonsense, im a truth seeker myself but this is ridiculous.  Don't know if youre a shill or not but I wouldn't be surprised.

  14. A letter, have a piramid shape,NISSAN-AS SIN!

  15. Wow this is incredible ,I can believe how much bullshit can come out of this dude's mouth per second ,I mean I've seen some bullshitiers in my time but this asshole takes the price. I mean ,he seems to have all the answers within his moronic mind and people believe him ,that goes to show you how stupefied the average people are now in days.

  16. Sorry, but what a lot of silliness, the narrator is reading things into a commercial that simply do not exist. CERN isn't going to release the antichrist anymore than it was capable of creating a black hole. Some enjoy their histrionics, but that's all it is.

  17. A Pulsar is a star !!

  18. For a split second of multiple beams of light seem to create the symbol for Is1am as well

  19. Just switch off the television (I mean on a global scale). Switch the 'box' or cube off…

  20. Unbelievable? No it is CGI. This commercial showed that uneducated people can go crazy from their belief.

  21. I just bought a Nissan a couple of months ago. After buying it I noticed something. If you look at the front of the car you see the round Nissan symbol setting in the middle of the horns of Horus. Look at front of almost any Nissan and you will see the Horns of the Golden calf  "Horus"

  22. Couldnt leave a message on your dream vid so ill leave one here in hopes you get it the same Lord willing. Its amazing He gave you a rapture dream but sounds like you still promote it as a false blue beam agenda. Hope you have figured it out by now and use the platform you have been givin to spread the blessed hope of the escape(rapture).

  23. Have a look into the first cloud explosion and at exactly 4:26   does anyone see the figure on the left with a bluish face at an angle facing the center of the flames? , and also in the same frame, at top center do you see a face as if demonic with horns???  Is this a spirit at work or intentionally imposed.

  24. Wow! this is interesting cause I Used to ask my friends when I was younger if they knew Why sometimes there is video/coomerciale strange, weird short cuts that is strange cause it could be so absurd break-cut of something that has to with any of the story. I asked what thought process iis goin on, making something so strange in a video. I now think it could something like this.

  25. Thank you for putting together this. I would like to ask you if is there anyway to give me the word in writing and I can translate into Japanese if you agree..

  26. amen to that

  27. i love learning off your  amazing  vids

  28. Its still about the car though right! Nice car at that!!!!!! 🚗💨

  29. Thank you !!

  30. Ok. Go to the 5:16 and right there!!  we are focused at the letter A  The pyramid.  Look whats inside.  To the left it looks like someone bowing down to a cloaked figure standing to the right.  Also the cloaked figure has what looks like a shining sword in his hand.  Yashua is bowing down to Lucifer.  Cmon!!!  we are getting really close now.  Peace to All. Numbers 6:24-26 "The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;The Lord lift up His countenance upon you , And give you peace."

  31. Wow man you need to lay off the drugs 

  32. What do you mean that Jesus had to commit his spirit in the care of the father to defeat the enemy?

  33. Well since there was no big bang to begin with , we don't have to worry about that with cern , because thats not what it is .

  34. I dunno guys. I think I want to buy a Nissan.

    This anti-science, anti-progress, paranoid bullshit is tiresome. It's a fucking car ad, for crying out loud.