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  1. This is crazy I remember watching these videos almost 5 years ago! It's crazy how time fly's… and it feels like I'm stuck in the same place 😔

  2. One of the Videos which started my awakening process back then.

  3. poignant

  4. So glad you included the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses)! After being bullied for 15 long, brutal years as one, I can tell you the "elders" in that religion are indeed the most Satanic cowards I ever encountered in my life! They have decriminalised Lucifer!!!

  5. i Thought that BAAL was son of EL, son of Saturn?

  6. Ah, Satan's lying signs n wonders, like the moving earth, the holocaust, space probes, nukes etc etc. The Word of God is True.

  7. NWO=failure

  8. It pains so deeply the level of evil and deceit in this fleshly, temporal existence on this planet. The fact it's even possible to compel and have people sacrifice their children to Baal and other evil deities makes me want to break down and cry. I understand we have free will, but why does the Father permit such things to even occur? My faith is in Jesus Christ and His Father, yet I still cannot comprehend why certain things can even possibly take place. Why does the Father allow this beautiful planet to be completely run and controlled by pure evil? Being a landscape/nature photographer and all around nature enthusiast, I hike through and to some magnificently beautiful places and scenery, and all I can wonder is why the Father would allow such a lovely planet to be run by evil. You'd think after creating such a wonderful world, He'd want those inherently moral and righteous individuals to be able to enjoy it. Yet, we're told that if we love the world than the love of the Father is not in us (which I truly despise this world, so I guess the love of the Father is in me)…But I honestly wonder, is the Father our Creator? If so, why would He not want us to love His creation? So many questions and I feel like I have no one to help with answers or guidance. I just want to be done with this existence. Is it really so much to ask, to be able to live in a place of love? So much hate here it brings me to tears.

  9. Hey look I deeply appreciate your work but I just want to know who is this Christ and also why do the Muslims hold him as a great prophet and listen to his words and also wait for his return. How can people who love Christ knock islam when they acknowledge everything Christians do except
    the fact he is no god. ?!?!??

  10. Birth pains! Love your videos

  11. I appreciate your response. What about the krst that was in Egypt.

  12. Question what is in Saturn(spirtiual or energy source)?

  13. Your videos are the best ones out there

  14. Sehr gutes Video , danke .

  15. The same exact stylized swastikas found in the Temple of Baal are found in the Capitol in D.C..I guess nothing CHANGEs.

  16. Interesting video I saw by 'anonymous' the hacker group or the CIA, whomever they are, the anonymous guy spat the whole "the galactic federation" is waiting, just to come on down to earth and rescue us poor humans from ourselves. But first, 144,000 humans must request our help. If ya don't know, jehovas witnesses claim only 144,000 humans will be called up to heaven during the apocalypse or judgement day, specifically 144000, hmm pretty obvious # there

  17. Great video,letsrpray to jesus christ ,he.s our only saviour,peace and love

  18.  moslims, catholics, and joos together have da same phalse god, Khemosh.. hence da term "MOSH PIT" or Moshing.

  19. May the Creator and Savior continue to bless the work of your hands.  Right on target.  Im so very glad that you view the enemy from a believers point of view so that people who dont know the deception they are living within it can be more easily understand what is going on around them.   Although there is much more that is very hard to illustrate to the decieved believer, such as holographic and electric universe.  This comes from prominent research like everything else, discarded as hogwash because it does not fit "their" agenda

  20. Funny how people knock the Muslims yet the worship oneness and Christians worship Jesus a man. Don't you know the dying god ties into Christianity! All religions been tampered but the original message was to worship one god

  21. Woaaaahhh who in the name of baal made that xx remix………ur killing it rse! Keep up the good work.

  22. Woaaaahhh who in the name of baal made that xx remix………ur killing it rse! Keep up the good work.

  23. Wow! Excellent video. Thank you

  24. To be honest their faking alot of things.The cyber threat is propaganda.And you cant really take anything on the news as fact.It`s all coded garbage most the time.Although i don't doubt they are trying to create everything in the script and are fallen or have fallen.