Opening the Gates of Hell TV Subliminals 2015 (R$E)

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Occult Symbolism Exposed: A compilation of daytime TV Commercials showing the birth of hell on earth.

Includes: BBC winter Olympics, Baku Olympic Games, Canadian Olympic commercial, anti-smoking FDA Commercial, Adidas Predator Boots Commercial, New Balance Sports Shoe Commercial, Volvic water commercial and more.

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  1. As a Christian the HOLY SPIRIT guides me showing me right from wrong, there are certain thing's we are allowed and not allowed to watch, I caught a glimpse here and there of this video which was not allowed….this video promotes demonic life styles, perhaps you should consider your audience and post appropriate video's

  2. I saw the eye of horus on some of the T-shirts,, as well as the numbers 7, 9, 5; , man turning into beast, portal holes; and of course demonic beings.

  3. This is invasion of something… Something what I can't imagine. I think war will be of tree sides… Good, bad and neutral's I choice neutral side… Because today's to much information and dificul understand who is right and who lie.

  4. Mean nothing slogans, Just do it. Nike, Save money. Live better. Wal-Mart, I'm lovin it Mcdonald's, All say the same thing; nothing!

  5. run forest!run!

  6. Hate to break it to you, but they already exist on this plane. There's no bottomless pit they need to escape from in order to inhabit Earth. They're already here. I have seen them. They are multidimensional and can exist in this physical plane or on the astral plane.

  7. I already won the game! Game over!

  8. Thanks for all your hard work. It helped me to see the truth. Blessings Brother

  9. any body else feel. " unclean " after whitnessing these commercials ??

  10. This is America, right? "The new Babylon"?
    Where do poor people in America go? That ARE Lovers and Believer's in Lord Christ Jesus? I worry about this. WHAT TO DO FOR THESE PEOPLE OF GOD?

  11. Watching so much of this made me super uncomfortable but thanks anyways for sharing. God bless.

  12. God created men in His own image. Everything men is, God is.
    You have eyes but do not see, you have ears but do not hear. Hypocrits!

    Look at this sign:


  13. I have no worries.
    I'm in heaven.
    For I have given god my body as his own.
    And now we are the same person.
    For we live together in the same body.
    I have only asked for god's knowledge.
    And now I'm waiting for more of my bodies to come and be my ow as well as yours

  14. Man that is insanely creepy. Most of the commercials concern such trivial subjects – why the huge expense and CGI to portray demonic, occultist symbolism? INSANE.

  15. another excellent video. Brother keep pumping these out eventually more people will wake up. And God bless you

  16. There are demons in these comments trying to stop you from making videos.. Do you see them? You must be doing something worthy…

  17. you know nothing about hell moron

  18. the description is so stupid it makes me laugh

  19. Those commercials just show that sports is a dying industry, they need over exaggerated ads to convince people to watch; in short sports are boring to watch.

  20. korn