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  1. Your prayer came true for me in Fall of 2016! Most of what I believed was a lie, and I had only accepted Christ with my mind. I am so grateful and have a new joy and also sorrow for those who are Churchians rather than followers of the way. Your videos are amazing, a blessing for me and many.

  2. God bless us all I felt so alone in this world till I listened to this prayer I have searched for another human who believes with all there heart that Christ is real and now a days its really hard to find one in person

  3. Hey there, I haven't messaged you before but I was wondering… How you are? I love this prayer & it's something I listen to often. I think about 2 years ago I started listening to you & you really helped me to get out some darkness I was in, by sharing yours and your life. You prayed with me to lay down the guilt and shame, so that I could return to my relationship with Christ. Thank you for that! Teresa

  4. who in the world is going to dislike a prayer

  5. i prayed together with you. keep up the good work!

  6. Is it just me who thinks rse sounds like a big viner?cant remember his name but if I find out I'll be sure to post the name 🙊

  7. I will pray with you, everyday with all my heart, from now till the moment I die, our familys and our friends, so many lost, we all need to pray, in Jesus name, the one and only true God, King of Kings and Lord of lords, and pray also for the protection of R$E and will to carry on, to be able to do what God has led him to do for His glory, {{{ PRAISE BE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST }}}

  8. thanks brother for this video !!!
    you really touched my heart and i lost some tears !!!
    i like your accent and your videos are great !! go on like you do …God Bless !!

  9. Jesus defeated the enemy, Satan only knew who he was the moment he died and appeared in front of him in the realm were spirit beings see. He had no choice but to bow. Every knee shall bow

  10. Thanks I love this Pray from the very Heart and spirit <3 Strong and poowerfull in every way. Thank you Jesus … Pray with you and share this pray <3 Be blessed

  11. Blessings on to you brother!
    Much love

  12. Thanks for your prayers! About the time of this video is when I came across the illuminati videos and now I see!

  13. As it gets darker Jesus shines brighter!

  14. Thank You for that. Wie all need Everyn single prayer, we can get.

  15. thank youuuuuuu

  16. Amen

  17. Amen!

  18. Beautiful, powerful prayer. I agree with this prayer and have shared it.

  19. Great video RSE! I pray this gets out to multitudes.

  20. Thankyou Thankyou Lovely message


  22. Listened last eve on Ground Zero, Very informative thank you.

  23. Great prayer beyond words it is awesome to serve a mighty God.I thank God that he made me humble at an early age i didn't understand it then…Oh thank you Jesus that i understand it completely now i am 35 from a poor region in the state of Kentucky in the Appalachain mountains which the sinful groups in Hollywood,and many other big cities love to call us stupid and unlearned and backwards people…and we are anything but.We see more hard times that many that poke fun could no way handle..i thank you Almighty Father for this region……Thanks for the prayer.

  24. Do you think we could save this world through prayer?

  25. AMEAN

  26. Amen

  27. AMEAN

  28. In Jesus name!

  29. Beautiful – very inspiring way of putting the truth. The "truth movement" here in Denmark is almost non-existent. Even the ones believing to have open minds are so deeply taken over – sad but true. All is transparent here and has been for many years. Denmark is now no. 1 concerning the climate and we are the happiest people in the world…..hmmm….. the Satanic agenda has been very busy here and turning people against Father GOD. The egoism, materialism and fear are extreme in Denmark. It's heavy here, and we must pray more and be strong in Christ and remember that WE ARE FIGHTING FROM VICTORY! Stay blessed.

  30. thanks you so much.  i am getting there.  people like you speak the real truth.  same with enterthe5t4rz:)

  31. Do not be afraid, be strong, for your God has come to punish evil and let justice be done. He has come to save you.
    Es 35.4

  32. This prayer touched my heart. You gained a subscriber. God bless you and may He continue to anoint you and edify you until His work is done through you.

  33. Super prayer for all who got to hear R$E!

  34. Amen

  35. Thanks for the prayer. I prayed with you. Praise the Lord for ever and ever! Amen

  36. thank you for the video but i have a question does it say don't take drugs or have sex. in the Bible? 

  37. Thank you so much brother roundSaturn's eye and gobless

  38. …..it's NOT a planet ! …….beyond that, Amen. Christ Jesus IS the only way. All glory to God Almighty, Everlasting Father, Wonderful. My King and Savior, Christ Jesus our Lord.

  39. +Round SaturnsEye
    Thank you for this.  This prayer is appreciated and agreed upon, my brother.