‘RAVE’ NEW WORLD: Satanic NWO Trance Agenda (R$E)

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FULL DOC AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV3rGn__sek
Part 1. The communist elite plan to provide transcendent hypnotic ‘raves’ as a form of mind control, drug taking and initiation into the new age Luciferian spirituality. The hegelian war on drugs whilst systematically pushing drug based propaganda on a controlled media platform.

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  1. That Shadow song is bad ass! Who's the artist?

  2. Would chill/ambient/chillstep fall into this category?

  3. Complete Bulklshit sry

  4. First song please

  5. Well then.

  6. The demon of trance and hypnosis is morpheus: 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsipDvgPQUw   GB

  7. All I see is a bunch of drugs and symbolism (which are meaningless).  Altering your brain chemistry with drugs makes you susceptible to paranoia and religion as this video demonstrates.  I have no problem with drugs personally, but I don't condone using them if you're weak minded. 

  8. Brother!  You never   EVER fail to inform – and point us to the ONLY HOPE — JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!!!!  I truly love and admire your work/efforts. you are a great blessing. I would forward this to everyone I know – especially Christian brothers and sisters – trouble is – your material is being the ability to grasp by most – even those who should (SHOULD HAVE) have – discernment. but people choose to fill their minds with triviality. yOUR ENDING STATEMENT STRUCK me — how "they" don't have a soul or hope – and they want to destroy those of us who do have hope – — I suppose you have read Enoch and the Book of Jasher (extra-Biblical texts) ????? if not – let me just tell you — you are on the money. the LORD bless you and keep you —- David

  9. this def connected some dots for me bruv keep em coming and can i get a tracklist or at least the first track "shadow" thx 

  10. Shocking letter from Illuminati prisoner Donald Marshall…

    THIS IS NO HOAX THIS IS NO JOKE My name is Donald Marshall, I have been cloned by a large secretive cult known as the "Free Masons" and "The Vrill Society" and "Scientologists" together called the Illuminati. They make replicated bodies of people to victimize in terrible ways, they clone children for men with underdeveloped penises to have sex with. Some very famous and politically powerful people all getting together for a disgusting time. Most of the G20 gather there to discuss worldly matters and watch gruesome things done to innocent people for sport. I have seen this firsthand and will tell all as it must be stopped. The political people started bringing movie stars and musicians there to hang around with them, they can control who remembers the cloning facility and who will remain oblivious even though not remembering still damages you. I know who is involved, the ring leaders and everything they do. 

    It is basically a torture and child molesting factory, I was one of those children but when I was young to keep the perverts off of me I started singing songs… original songs, very good ones, they told me to keep making these songs and I wouldn't get hurt, and so I did, then they started bringing me there everyday for songs as the celebrities wanted more, they called me the goose that layed the golden egg, the phenomenon, but I ran out of ideas, then the torture began. They smashed my face to start, throwing me around scaring me a 5 year old never letting me remember in real life until I turned 30. The torture worsened until I was being stabbed and burned and repeatedly sodomized. At age 30 they allowed me to remember these clone memories and now everytime I enter R.E.M sleep I am there, I don't have dreams only clone memories, they made the movie "The Island" and "Inception" about this subject. They think they're very sly and untouchable.

    They have nothing to do but show off for each other in disgusting ways, they have no shame, it seems nothing embarrases them. They sit there in the stands of an unused arena smaller than a hockey rink but can still seat between 300 and 400 people with dirt in the center where the ice would be, they have frightened clones of children go into the middle to be victimized for a bizarre disgusting spectacle sometimes having animals like dogs have sex with them while a man holds the leash so it won't bite them on the back of the neck, which I've seen happen before. They all try to out do each other in their levels of depravity, to be evil is "cool" to them.

    Now to tell you about the ring leaders as unbelievable as it may be to you, but you must believe me, this is a world emergency. The royal family of England,… yes Queen Elizabeth,Phillip Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles are the worst of them, unbelievable depraved perverts all showing off for the celebrities that go there, Elizabeth has the children there call her "lillibet" and does ungodly things to them, some she fakes being nice to, some she is terrible to, cutting them with swords while they scream, the decent people that are there against their will are afraid to say anything against them, most have their children there as a kind of hostage, to be torn apart if they even think of informing anyone, but as they have been torturing me terribly anyway I will tell all, Vladamir Putin loves to put the fear of torture and death into people but is essentially a cowardly pervert himself. Most of the famous people are ashamed to speak or be seen by me there very much,as they're ashamed of the perverse and disgusting gatherings, I am a decent person and will not participate in these acts, so they use me as an example and torture me for my being a good person. They've drugged me and had me say and do disgusting things in a blurred state just in case any of this comes to light so I can be hated as well by any that prove this. 

    C.S.I.S Canadian intelligence are all involved, including a lot of Commissionaires and Prime Minister Steven Harper himself, They do what Elizabeth says, seem to follow her every whim without question, It doesn't matter who you are, If you have a cute child or a child with a moneymaking ability (like song making) they will clone your child, and molest them, it's a pedophiles paradise and must be stopped. Elizabeth secretly owns a few music companies, (universal and others) with bands under contract, she forces me while under the knife to compose music for them, if I can't she will stab my clone, burn me have her pervert thugs smash my body there. It's causing me some kind of heart damage and severe debilitating headaches.

    One good person there Bernie Mac comedian and actor tried to stand up for me speak up for me saying it's not right to do to a human being,… tried to have others join him in speaking out against the clone torture zone while there,… Elizabeth and Phillip had him tortured so badly there as an example of their "power" he had an aneurysm the next day and died. Now no one will speak up, they're all afraid of suffering the same fate. All it will take is a few lie detector tests, I will volunteer for them, they cover up for themselves so carefully that it will be the only way. I know of many non famous people that could be given a lie detector test to to prove this. When it comes to the sexual exploitation of a child lie detectors are admissable in Canadian courts. I need decent people with integrity so speak to about this filthy business, to tell who is involved. There is much more to tell, I am a wealth of information about this topic. Also Elizabeth had princess Diana Spencer killed by having someone shine the brightest light known to mankind through the window side on to the car, they swerved away from it and hit the divider, it was no paparazzi. Diana survived though, and while either on the way to or in the hospital was injected with a high concentration of salt which is near undetectable and died. She did this because Diana was going to marry an Arab. Diana hated them, knew about the cloning stuff and wanted nothing to do with it, but was afraid of being killed so said nothing. I know this and many more things that I will be more than happy to tell. 

    I beg you reading this to help me, I swear this to be true with my right hand to god, They stupidly put my face on a Megadeth album, "The World Needs A Hero" when I was 23, thinking nothing would ever be proven. Google image it, I still look the same, it shows what I end up looking like after a clone gathering. Most of the members of my family are there some willing some not,soe remember in real life some don't, none will do anything for fear of torture and death.My family has one by one been turned against me, they told them things like I secretly hit or molested their children, poisoned their pets when they died of sickness, things like that to make them hate me and not want to help me. Even if they side with me there and say they don't believe it's true, Elizabeth then says "Are you cooling me a liya" in her disgusting croaking voice made as low and evil sounding as she can make it, complete with psychotic malevolent glare and they say "No no, of course it's true" stuttering afraid. My mother Catherine Mcmahon sold me into this sex and torture slavery when she remarried a man named Gordon Cohoon, his whole family is in this scummy secret society, his brothers Tom and Tony Cohoon his sisters Darlene and Bernadette Cohoon, they fear the new and improved lie detector tests, and that is all it would take to prove this true.

    Half way through making this document they brought me there and introduced me to a man named TROY LANDRY, He is an alligator trapper from Louisiana on the tv program swamp people, he said if I sent this letter out he would take a power drill to my shin bone there and suck the marrow from my bones, kinda like a spinal tap, one of the worst things you can do to a clone besides burning, I said the letter will be going out, I have to escape this place, and so he did just that, it was excruciatingly painful, everyone just watched slack jawed in the crowd, Troy Landry is an insatiable child molester and an extra retarded clone, in Louisiana when he see's a young boy he likes he asks his name tells him he's an alligator hunter shakes hands, then asks his pedophile friends at the local cloning station to find the boys blood records to clone him, months later there are multiple identical boys grown for Troy Landry to victimize before the crowd of onlookers. They all do this, it's just a way of life to them, they consider themselves the priviledged people in the world power organization. Nearly everyone on that swamp people show go to the cloning stations. After doing this shin bone spinal tap he asked me again will I send this letter out I said yes, he said he'll do the same to my pelvic bone everyday, its worse. I said I have no choice, and so he did, And it is worse… you forget your own name, where you are, all you know is pain and you beg god or anything to save you from it…

    Another deplorable thing they did in real life, The Canadian government was trying to lower the amount of prostitutes on the streets, (also Elizabeth hates prostitutes) so they had a man named Robert Pickton start killing them and feeding them to pigs on his pig farm, they had a camera set up in the upper corner of a room in his house and recorded him hitting them in the head with a hammer,(a ball-peen hammer) they took the recordings and all watch them at the cloning station, Elizabeth loves watching it, says she has a maccabre fascination with death, Prime minister Steven Harper knows all about it, has seen the recordings and cheers as the rest of them do, If Mr. Pickton ever says anything about them or the recordings they will make him have a heart attack or aneurysm. 

    You may ask why won't they just kill me before I send this document everywhere? It's because I've done so much since age 5 no one wants to be resonsible for my death, they've said I'm the new age Jesus (which I'm not) then they've said I'm the antichrist, also the Jewish people there (there are more of them there than anyone else) called me the Mishiak I didn't know what that was so I looked it up on the internet, it means jewish messiah ( also which I am not ) now every day rich people go there to meet me and smash me or stab me for some gruesome fetish it seems, while the rest watch in the stands, it's the worst nightmare situation I have ever heard of and its happening to me, they get others too but they're just used as sex slaves and wont talk about it, I get tortured anyway and have nothing to lose by telling everyone about it, not only am I tortured into making songs for nearly everyone on much music, they want me to give them video ideas and movie ideas video game ideas they want me to think up all kinds of stuff for them, jewish people think I'm something religious and won't leave me alone, they torture animals too, the more the animal screams the more their god Yahweh supposedly likes it, which I find ridiculous, I've written the human rights board, they didn't respond, I went to the police, they threw me into a mental hospital for 23 days for an evaluation. I was released with a clear bill of mental health. They continue to torture me, talk to me about absurd subjects, they've run out of things to talk about, even talked about the difference between pop tarts and toaster strudel and which is better and why, there is nothing to do there besides sex and fighting and torturing other victims. 

    I must add, they clone people from all walks of life there and chain them down to stainless steel corpse tables or drug them so they can't move, send people into the room dressed up as aliens hollywood quality makeup and make them think they're having an alien abduction, they even dye chicken skin grey and stretch it over a mask for realism, perform medical "experiments" on them cutting them up, perverts anal probing them and raping they're limp bodies, these victims wake up and think they've been abducted by aliens but don't know where to turn, and are embarrassed, the victims even sometimes try to videotape themselves while they sleep, to prove theyve been taken, to no avail, they're not taken, they've been cloned by the most disgusting perverts in the world… the scum even videotape these abductions to watch later as sick demented porn,… this happens more often than you can imagine, they just keep doing it to random people over and over and over… 

    They've offered me clone slaves to keep me quiet, any of the prettiest women I've ever seen any girl from the high school, even children, I do the right thing and spit in they're faces, jam my fingers into they're eyes but they have some way of turning off their pain receptors there, not much will hurt them other than getting dirt or vomit in a wound or bleeding out too much it only costs them time and money to grow new bodies. I started smearing excrement in their faces, I've never handled feces in my real life before but I do this there and even that doesn't deter them,… I made a song for One Republic referring to it called "All the right moves" The lyrics say (All the right friends in all the right places,… All the right moves in all the right faces") I've made so many songs its ridiculous rock pop rap country, there are so many people involved in it it's staggering, the organization is vast. The only thing they fear is nuclear war the new and improved lie detector test and THIS letter. For those of you thinking Queen Elizabeth looks like a kindly little old lady and this can't be true you couldn't be more wrong, she is the worst human being I have ever seen or heard of. It's so sad to see these women and children brought there, sitting in the center dirt naked afraid crying, raped and beaten for sport of the rich and famous. I of course can't bring myself to be a part of it. 

    Fefe Dobson (singer) and Kurt Russell (actor) told me specifically to include in my letter that they don't like the place and didn't torture me. Then said not to mention them but I just have. Mila Kunitz (actress) from "That 70's show" recently stabbed me a bunch of times while I was rendered immobile for saying she's a slimy scumbag for hanging with these people and saying she has enormous eyeballs and looks like a lemur, then begged me not to mention her, then said she doesn't want to go to the clone zone anyway, and she left, her body going limp and looking dead she was gone. These people are allowed to leave but not me, I'm an imprisoned slave, in the worst nightmare situation. I told Nicole Leone (Madonna) that I was going to tell everyone what she used to do to me for songs throughout my life, She told me VERY specifically to say in my letter here "She is not afraid" no one will believe me and nothing will come of this. I beg you to help me prove her wrong.

    I am a Christian god fearing man, they tell me there is no god only science and technology. They are responsible for the death of young beauty pageant girl Jean-Benet Ramsay, her parents are in this. Casey Anthony's daughter, Casey anthony AND her parents are in this. Many others, recently a man had his wife killed it's on the news now, the asian woman, her rich husband had her killed, said she was responsible for his sons death, Elizabeth says rich people in this organization don't go to jail, they are covered for. Steven Speilberg, George Lucas members, George had them light me on fire for the end of his movie Revenge of the Sith, Said he wanted Hayden Christiensen to scream realisticly, Hayden watched me listened to me scream and groan in pain and copied the sounds exactly, he knows all about it. As does Natalie Portman, and a quarter of the cast. Many directors have used me like that, in a role playing situation, cause me some kind of excruciating pain just to see what kind of squeak or screech I will make, as if I were less than a dog, then when I'm a bloody mess on the floor they crawl on my broken body and sodomize me saying something like they love me and can't control themselves because I made all they're favorite songs and I'm so "special". Broken ribs bending and internal bleeding, me crying or screaming if I am able, but they just keep on going and they videotape this so they can view it again like evil pornography.

    Children they bring there need a familiar face to talk to or all they do is scream and cry, that is where Joy Geizer comes in, she is married to my half brother from my fathers first marraige, Joy Geizer is a girl guide leader and when they clone in girl guides she speaks to them keeps them calm and pretty much pimps them for free, knowing the children will have they're memories repressed and will not talk about it in real life, all the Geizers are in this stuff, many people that could also be polygraph tested, (Independent polygraph testers) because the police testers in my City of Halifax Nova Scotia are compromised, they cover up for child molesters, as I said commissionaires and C.S.I.S are heavily involved. All it will take is a few lie detector tests to prove these things. I will take them, and demand my mother and step father submit to them as well, it would be as easy as that. They've told me they won't even attempt to lie on a polygraph.

    Please don't consider this the ramblings of a crazy person, it is absolute truth. My life and the lives and freedom of many people are depending on this document. They say the world finding t about cloning will set the stage for the end of the world in 2012, they're big into Nostradamus and prophecy,said I'm the Anti-Christ because he is supposed to have a powerful weapon of air (internet) and this letter I send everywhere over the internet is like a weapon over the airwaves and will cause armageddon But something must be done, you can't understand unless you've been there just how terrible this is, the level of depravity and sub human cruelty is beyond anything that has ever been heard of and there is much more to tell, Ignore this and you condemn me to a horrible eventual death and will encourage them that they are all powerful. This is not an exaggeration, I don't need to exaggerate, there is still much more to tell, Even President Obama is involved with these people, he and his wife go to these gatherings, they thought up a sick joke there, they and their administration set up a low level flight of air force 1 over New York city some time after the 9/11 world trade center bombings simply to terrify people!!! Just because they could. Told people afterwards it was a photo opportunity for they're plane but no pictures were taken, they had the emergency calls of frightened people brought to the clone place, listened to them and laughed hysterically, people yelling out "Al qaeda has more planes calling emergency lines, lots of calls from terrified people. Then looked at me and said "Donny we are all powerful, If we can do this and nothing comes of it how are you going to be able to get us? You are our slave and the people here won't speak up for you for fear of torture and death. Now make us a new song or we'll gut you like a fish and leave you to writhe in agony".

    This is so important, it's all gods honest truth I swear to you, please help me for pity's sake, I realize what this sounds like but I can only say what I know. It's supposed to sound absurd, it's they're best defence, They've chained me to a cross and cut me up burned me and stuff, like a crucifixion with extra torture while they all watch blank faces, some crying some just staring at their feet, Some actually masterbate in their seats while this is going on and I'm screaming. They don't seem to get tired of it, like its some kind of religious ceremony.

    My EMAIL ADDRESS IS – donny865@hotmail.com Message me please and I will tell you where I am and will tell everything in person on camera, will take lie detector tests myself and I have proof this is real… I will be tortured there badly for sending you this, I might die for blanketing the world with this message THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY,… it's simply what is happening. What you are looking at right now is the most important document that has ever been put on the internet.

    Do nothing and allow them to continue to clone your children and sisters and wives sons, causing them to have learning disabilities unexplained depression and suicidal thoughts all kinds of side effects.

    this importance of this is so heavy people, it's the most terrible thing in the world and this is your ONLY chance to do something about it, Don't be afraid, help me help myself and others

    this is Part 1… I will make part 2 including the massive amount of names of people that go there , they're going to make an example of me there to show what happens to people that talk about cloning, and have been, DO NOT WASTE THIS KNOWLEDGE I AM GOING THROUGH A MAN MADE LIVING HELL FOR THIS… IT IS MY ONLY HOPE AND THE ONLY HOPE OF MANY PEOPLE IMPRISONED THERE!!!

    I sincerely beg you.

    Donald Marshall


    Check out Donald Marshall’s videos on YouTube for more info.

  11. 'RAVE' NEW WORLD: Satanic NWO Trance Agenda (R$E)
    Very interesting… I stopped going out to parties / Raves in 2009.  Now every time I have the urge to go back, I believe I never go because I dislike large crowds and fear for my safety.

    Here is some Food 4 Thought:
                                      THE HEAVEN-VIRUS
                   Chaos And Fractals: A Computer Graphical Journey
                                     By: Clifford A. Pickover

    It is the hammer that shatters the ice of our unconscious, offering readers a glimpse of ultimate spiritual technologies for the 22nd Century and a mystic encounter in an age of electronic gods.  – Clifford A. Pickover

  12. Yeah, what's with the dead chickens? They do this in Jewish rituals as well.

  13. Loop Guru lmao oh it will open you up alright. Awesome video man. Isnt it amazing and totally transparent that they want you to go out and take all these chemicals so that you will accidentally or purposely let demons in? but to receive Christ, all you have to do is ask Him

  14. +Round SaturnsEye Would highly appreciate to know whose music you picked for this video! Thanks

  15. I think you made a brilliant and demented music video by mistake.

  16. Right I gotta say after watching this video it's clear you are so far gone it's untrue lol. We don't need to be nannied and mollycoddled by people like you telling us to not expand our mind and find a different way of life than the one society demands of us and shoves down our throats. It's nothing but old fashioned Christian fear-based rhetoric; deeming anything and anyone that lives outside of the reality they push as evil and of the devil.

    So long as you pay adherence to set and setting, nothing from the outside can harm you by simply exploring the mind and enhancing the senses. We all have our place in the universe, there's nothing to fear. The biggest lie of all is that they teach us there is.

  17. What are we demonising Ecstasy now as well? MDMA has done more to bring people together and more for humanity as a whole than Christianity EVER will Which is why it's banned and considered a Class A drug (for the same reasons as LSD and Psilocybin) though occasionally it's still used clinically for some forms of therapy (mostly to treat PTSD).  

    The whole eye rolling thing and wobbly jaw is a simple side effect of taking a high dose, it's not demonic possession LMAO

  18. So listening to this music without taking the drugs is ok?

  19. I've had to subscribe to you several times. You must ripping the veil to quickly 😉

  20. age restricted??

  21. willow smith uno will smiths daughter has a song or an album called whip my hair.These rituals that they do the lilly white peeps in the suburbs that buy this have no clue what they are partaking in.They think it looks cool but when they copy it they are making a pact with demons to come into there life just like when you play a oija board.Stay away from all this evil.

  22. Many thanks RSE- a brilliant exposee of the deception. The New Age Movement – all love and light – as it claims to be, is being offered in opposition to the overtly Satanic 'Illuminati'. But you show clearly that they are just two sides of the same dark coin.

    If anyone hasn't come across Chris White's videos – I highly recommend them. He was a young musician, heavily into drugs and the New Age when he was shown the truth of the Gospel and it's adversaries. Try 'David Icke Debunked' for starters. God bless you.

  23. Hey mate just wanted to say respect to your knowledge and your videos. I consider myself to be awake to the deception that is in our society today and its quite scary, I have been researching all this stuff for years. However i am a musician i love going to festivals, metal gigs, raves etc… and although i can see what the agenda is at these events so does other people who are there to but we like to go and have a good time and socialise and meet new people its good craic. At trance and reggae festivals where everyone is trippin, smokin or drunk etc.. you'll find that they are the ones who bring up these topics for discussion and everyone is open to everyones opinions unlike ordinary people in everyday life who only talk about mundane typical shite. Anyway i kinda agree with ya on this topic but also disagree, We need to have fun once in a while and just because i like to go trippin for a few hours and have a dance at a rave with good people doesn't mean i'm a bad person or a part of their bullshit agenda i'm totally opposite but still like to party. Peace bro 🙂

  24. Thank you I shared in fb and google plus. Here is also vid which is telling about dancing http://youtu.be/mr2JDyKJpfo

  25. Great work man, I just shared it and hey do you have a twitter account?

  26. well then we should kill ourselfs for apparently there is nothing humans can do without sining.:-)

  27. we living in a fractal reality, true. what is so negative about experiencing deeper perceptions of reality? all ancient cultures are calling this very fractal reality god or god consciousness. people are getting more open minded and less materialistic through those experiences. the golden spiral, the fibbonacci sequence is manifested in the micro and macrocosm, why judge this very essence of life? people who are either afraid or closed minded dont wanna see higher perspectives but i doubt that this denial automaticaly is good and of god. did u never think about the possibility that the elite might is forbidding drugs and psychedlic experiences through law and religion because they dont want u to connect? how come that ancient healers and shamans use those levels to physicly and psychologicaly heal the body? not every higher experience is a satanic spirit! it depends on ur intentions. we are constantly forced in the artificial matrix of materialism, tv and consumerism those very psychedelic experiences can actually help us reflect and step out of "the matrix" you calling the golden spiral, fractal reality matrix doesnt make any sense. it is exactly the other way around, in order to step out of the matrix you need to reach the non material levels. i would really love some feedback. maybe we can disuss that topic a little deeper. one (non satanic) love

  28. who says that its all bad?! u can see the sufi ritual is very social, connecting and spiritual. why must it be satanic? all the native americans did that too! its a very strong energy that gets produced, its all about the intentions and im sure they having good intentions. me dancing in a pogo pit or on a free rave is pure freedom. all the natives did that way before christianity ever existed….who says that that is bad? being sceptical and judgemental is being negative

  29. Thank you for your video and I appreciate it. I do not agree that drug taking for spiritual purposes is entirely bad, but doing so without a positive, strongly guided reason and with laced drugs (which they also produce) can surely open yourselves to evil entities. Your body fist and foremost should be a place for the Most High.

  30. That's one of them items on the "I Pet Goat II" video too. Lots of "native" style dancing to create a vortex of energy to help the anti-Christ arrive.

  31. You are awesome, thank you for all your work! Staying up on meth was the worst, turned me into a monster… But glad you have a Gift from God to see all these things.

  32. I've been following your channel for a while your videos do speak truth but this video I can certainly agree with, you see I smoke weed alot people say it's gods plant and whatever but it's far from the truth when I'm high I feel spiritually disconnected I feel there's a barrier there which is stopping some sort of awareness, understanding and connection… Ur videos are a eye opener and reminds me that there's still good people out there spreading the truth despite so much evil everywhere nowdays.

  33. I look forward to part 2. Thanks brother.

  34. Brilliant. Interesting to see the highly self-disciplined Hitler and clean-shaven National Socialist youth among the drug users & surrenderers.