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  1. Constantine

  2. Your Jesus is dIOnySUS. Ur teaching is stolen from Greeks to Roman from Egypt. Plagiarism

  3. I can't agree with this, because the bible states WHY God did not accept Cains offering. You fail to mention the true biblical reason. It had nothing to do with what was offered, but the way it was offered. Cain did not give in the pureness of heart, Abel respected the act of offering to God.

  4. Islam you always tell the Infidel to submit to Allah, God in Arabic and Aramaic. I tell you, you will submit to Isa The Mahdi who is (Sananda Immanuel) The Maitreya. whether you realize it or not

    Sept 23rd 2017

    Sept 22 2017 Jewish Calendar

    Damascus Skies

    Vatican disclosure, World disclosure, Revelation day, Day of declaration, V Age Biblical Tribulation begins

  5. Sept 23rd 2017 revelation day revelation 12

  6. Sept 23rd 2017 Sananda Immanuel the Maitreya Satan returns I'm the messenger of this date prepare for the biblical tribulation Gideon Rich Facebook

  7. And Nathaniel was under the fig tree and he believed in Christ.

  8. The rapture is NOT a lie it is the BLESSED HOPE for those that ARE IN JESUS CHRIST. I pray that you seek Jesus on this i truly do brother because i honestly believe He will give those what THEY ASK FOR ACCORDING TO HIS WILL. be very careful with this this Jesus spoke in parables for a reason because He knew only those with ears to hear and eyes to see would understand. the INVITATION HAS BEEN SENT OUT FOR ALL THE WORLD TO COME…THE BRIDE OF CHRIST WILL BE TAKEN BEFORE THE AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD IS EXECUTED UPON THE EARTH TO TEST THE WICKED AND UNBELIEVING. unfortunately the lukewarm will be left behind long THIS IS WHERE THE POST AND MID TRIBULATION IDEAS WORK IN SATAN'S FAVOR if christian's think well i have another 3 1/2 years before the Lord comes back to get me or 7 years from now i am okay. which is totally ridiculous because we could die at any moment and have to stand before God anyway. i am surprised you do NOT BELIEVE IN A RAPTURE WHEN IN FACT THE NEW AGE RELIGION SO CLEARLY DO. WHAT WE ALL NEED TO BE DOING IS PREPARING RAPTURE BOXES, WHAT TO DO IF YOUR LEFT BEHIND, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A GREAT DECEPTION. i say this in love and i use caps not in anger but only to grab attn of the reader. i already know fellow believers who are mid and post tribbers will react oddly enough in anger and hate which i find terribly sad. this only furthers proves my point that the Holy Spirit is convicting them because they do not want to hear the truth of the matter we MUST LIVE REPENTANT LIVES BEFORE THE LORD. THE PRE TRIBULATION RAPTURE IS THE ONLY LOGICAL AND BIBLICAL THEORY OUT THERE PERIOD IT IS SCRIPTURAL AND REQUIRES THE BELIEVER TO LIVE PURE AND HOLY LIVES BEFORE THE LORD. THE OTHER TWO THEORIES DO NOT THEY ALLOW BELIEVERS TO LIVE MORE LIBERAL LIVES BECAUSE THEY KNOW TO THE DATE WHEN JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK.

  9. Love your videos brother. Doing the good work. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. DOWN WITH THE BEAST 😊

  10. Could the sign of Jonah be the near death experiences??

  11. Matt 12:40 explains that Jonah was a "type" for Christ. After remaining three days in the heart of the earth, He became a "sign" to that and present generation concerning repentance. The sign in 24:30…that we have no way of knowing..but it will be supernatural and visible, perhaps like the lightning in v27.

    Soon all our explanations will be accounted for..please remember that.

  12. Jesus is Lord!!!

  13. Actually the bible says that the elected will be taken off the planet and purifyed, so if you belive the bible it is not a lie. And earth will be cleaned and then the elected will return to earth. How could Cain be evil? He offered fruits and vegetables to God so he woulden't have to kill an innocent animal. God is evil for not accepting it. That Cain killed Abel maybe was not the right thing to do however. But for sure Abel is not that good either for he killed innocent animals for God. Jesus died when he was 33 years old. And that is the most important number in freemasonory, to say they hate christ is only a fantasy and there is no proof for it, I have tried to find proof of that but nowhere, they don't hate the bible, they read it. Religion is a LIE.

  14. I think more people have to see your videos, I truly believe that . Great work

  15. Can i have a link to that website… i had the very same book you talk of, Was a gift from a neighbor  and i didn't really know nearly 10 years ago who Sananda was so i got reading… I had the book in photocopied pieces of paper (loads of them) but I've since lost them (i believe i left them at my previous property)….However I would appreciate a link so i can scrutinize 😉

    Oh and thanks for the upload… Twas a gem

  16. Great vid, my sister in Christ has been discussing Cain with me lately , and we knew there was more to the story. Thank you for giving more answers

  17. so the second coming is all about the what happened before will happen once again

  18. Perhaps your best video.  Thanks.

  19. The CERN logo as it is 666, also read as the letter "d" for d=cern

  20. "Many Shall Be Deceived" , and They Are.
    They'll All Do a Billy Thorpe Move, Jump on Board and Be Shipped Off to Become Soylent Green for the Rest …or Whatever. You get my drift. : )

  21. yes anyone think it odd about the upcoming pope event besides the obvious Project Blue Beam and radio frequency hearing but that they are not doing the normal checking of the body of John Paul and other irregularities?? what's up with that a fake resurrection??? GOD BLESS

  22. Praise Yahshua for you telling the Truth of NO RAPTURE! We are to Overcome TO THE END! Thanks for all you do for all of us who desire truth! GBY

  23. Haven't watched this yet but want to tell you something. Thank you for doing what you do. This is a crazy world we live in and there are many of us who count on your clarity to give us hope and show us the truth. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, always and you should know that some of us wait to hear from you. Sometimes it makes ALL the difference in the WORLD…to have you realign and make straight all the crooked lines and lies and pure evil coming at us from all sides, every minute of the day. So thank you and God Bless you. Don't ever doubt that what you do is very much needed. <3