SANHEDRIN | Prepare to Build Third Temple (R$E)

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New Documentary interview about Third Temple with Sanhedrin Spokesman Prof. H Weiss.

Not all views discussed in this video are held by the producer. This group are still seen by some as fringe. The goal is to see the rebuilt third temple, and the group are closely linked with other groups with the same interests. The next Altar Dedication is set to take place at Passover, at a location that is closer to Temple Mount.

As Guiding Lights Appear – Joachim Heinrich
Dreamer – Joachim Heinrich

Special thanks to RUN2CHRIST

Sanhedrin Website

An R$E Production 2019

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  1. 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: every spirit which confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3and every spirit which confesseth not Jesus is not of God: and this is the spirit of the antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it cometh; and now it is in the world already.

    As you all can read here, the antichrist is a “SPIRIT” it is a not a person who will come and rule the world and persecute Christians. Through many thousands of years the Jewish people have denied that Iehoshua is their Mashiach, that is the spirit of the Anti-Mashiach or who teaches something different has the spirit of the Mashiach.

    1. Just like GOD (Immortal) put on the flesh (mortality) and everyone else as well (born of the water), the antichrist and the devil will be in the flesh. Every individual born, dead and alive and to come, have a spirit. Whether it be Christlike or instead of…. Read Genesis’s beginning with a strongs concordance along with Revelations 12 (war in heaven). Hoping that brings a better perspective.

  2. Through many thousands of years so called “Christians” have terribly persecuted the Jewish people. They have called them “Christ killers” and accused them of all kinds of terrible things that were so untrue. This is the “history” that Prof. Weiss is referring to and he is correct. Thank God that in the last 25 years things have remarkably turned around and the true Christians are now allied closely with the Jews and with Israel. We still have the BDS movement which was generated mostly by the Presbyterian Church USA which attempts to harm Israel economically as much as they can by encouraging Christians and others not to buy their products and not to go there. Pray for the Jewish people! Love them! These are the brothers and sisters of Yeshua physically and ethnically speaking. You cannot say you love Yeshua and hate them! I pray for Prof. Weiss as I was greatly moved by his kindness and consideration. He is a precious man and God loves Him very much. Pray much for Israel! Pray that their eyes would be opened and that God would protect them from the evil one. They have so many that hate them. I used to live in Israel and I have a great love for Israel and the Jewish people.

  3. Everyone is trying to figure out who the antichrist is 😂😂😂😂

  4. Yes indeed PRAY for Jerusalm that the fog is lifted from their Eyes , it would be great so see an end to The UN for sure !

  5. This video has fulfilled so much in my spirit, it confirmed so much of bible prohecy, "he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches".
    Brilliant interview. The sanhendirin did though, without realizing it say that bible prophecy is being fulfilled…
    Thank you RSE. God Bless you and yes we should be praying for all to come to the saving Grace of Yeshua, Jesus Christ.
    But know that God is not finished with Israel, it is written that they too will be saved…unfortunately through the great tribulation.

  6. He doesn't seem like a bad man but how stubborn and blind…

    1. Yes, God will save Israel. God bless you for your insight and love!

    2. For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered.
      Isaiah 29:10


  8. I really would like to talk to you, i think i am supposed to reach out. Thanks

  9. Thank God this is happening cause it's about time that the truth finally comes out

  10. Hello,
    imagine the following:
    -the rapture happens as an result chaos everywhere…
    -because of the sudden despairing of millions of people worldwide everyone on earth is frightened
    -a man comes out on the world stage and he solves the crisis aka „order out of chaos“
    -he allows the Jews to build their temple and do what they want to do but couldn’t do for 2000 years
    -he brings world peace
    -but 42 month later he shows his true colors…
    -this man in this video suddenly realizes the truth aka Jesus Christ and gets saved

    Wouldn’t that be awesome!

    PS:This man looks to me that he could be of „the fig tree generation“wouldn’t it be awesome if he would see Jesus Christ with his own eyes coming as he left?


  11. Our saviour has saved me and touched my life more than i feel i deserve, he has saved me from the hands of death 3 times and i will never again try and take that for granite. Even those around me notice a light and a great presence around me anymore, my wife sees and let me know she loves the change, but it couldnt of happend with out our Heavenly Father and the savior who sacrificed his own for my sins, I am truly Grateful an definitely feel his hand and love in my life. He still saving me even when i dont notice i need saving, keep you're line open so you can be guided in the right way, how can, love, sharing, caring, respecting, you're family, neighbors and loved ones be wrong!

    I pray in the name of Jesus that more can come to the love of you're light, and feel the hand of your caring soul, that gives us grace to get up and love every day, help those see that you're love is true and will only make their lifes perfect in his eyes, guide those who can help those lead them too your salvation Amen!!!!

    If he can save my angered and bitter soul that did nothing but fight but heads and wreck my life along with others that we're in my way, then trust he can save anyone and i wish more could understand the importance of his love and the truth they are robbing themselves of

  12. Hard to interview this man and let him tell all his beliefs. To keep that quiet..he was noticeably uneasy by the TRUTH of Christ. Very serial to hear and see their blindness

  13. David you really do fantastic journalism.. thanks.

  14. The 3rd temple belongs to false messiah, the anti christ
    Jesus Christ is Lord of lords King of kings and returning soon


  16. I thought what he said about "not allowed to believe" was interesting. It's like even if he wanted to believe it that it was forbidden somehow. I wonder why.

    1. For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered.
      Isaiah 29:10 KJV

  17. Wow, thank you Brother!
    Professor Weiss has an open heart. We need to pray for him.
    I truly hope Yeshua will give me the chance to speak to them.

    1. There’s always the millennium if you are off the Zadok

  18. I am so very moved by this. May Yeshua bless you both and thank you for doing His Work.


  20. It's very hard to discern how blind these people are towards the Messiah, Jesus!

    1. For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered.
      Isaiah 29:10

  21. I love the Jews! If they are seeking Yeshua Messiah they will find him! God bless 🇮🇱

  22. Thank you both very much for that very special moment in a very special moment of humanity history.



  24. He was bruised for our transgressions, pierced for our iniquity….By His stripes, we are healed….(You should have dropped that one on him, when he busted out Isaiah, as his reference to Mashiach)….

  25. Nicki Halley on a Coin also Lol…another Luciferian Baphomet Sodomite Transgender, just like Trump and Netanyahu, serving Satan. Ephesians 5:11

  26. You guys know every time I see this man interviewed he will shrug his shoulders in a "I'm not sure about Jesus "Way"". We really should pray dearly for him because he is in a very sensitive position but I pray boldly by the Word of Christ that Y'shua reveal Himself unto this man…Amen

  27. He seems like a wise man, I pray that our Father show him the error of his belief….& that he come to believe in & on the Name of Yeshua the Christ

  28. This guy is lying big time.. they have found the Ark of Covenant Ron Wyatt already found it and it was right under where Christ was crucified and his blood in right on top of the mercy seat. Bcuz he was the last sacrifice for all humanity period. This guy is lying man how can he say it’s not important if they don’t have the ark.

    1. The ark of the covenant (old testament) is irrelevant now. It would be cool to see though. Jesus is the covenant and is not in that box. That box went into heaven anyways. It’s important to them, yes but irrelevant to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We all need to focus on the tribulation and arming ourselves spiritually.

  29. Let us all keep this man in our prayers. That Yeshua will save him. I believe the Ark is in Ethiopia.

  30. I always enjoy your videos mate… Very informative… Love from Pakistan.. Yeshua is my massiah…

  31. And YET you Americans keep electing evils in your government. Good job on that. You Americans have sold out your souls to Israeli devil.