Satan's Counterfeit Kingdom (R$E)

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Some ways the anti-christ kingdom is manifesting before our very eyes.

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  1. God – False gods, Satan/Lucifer, Demons

    Savior – Self, be thine own redeemer, do as thou wilt

    Eternal life – Reincarnation (Back into the flesh), false afterlife

    Righteousness – Tao, evil is good and good is evil, good can be evil, evil can be good

    Amen – So mote it be, the amen-rah lie

    Born Again – Rebirth/ouroboros/transformation/transmutation , initiation

    Miracle – Witchcraft

    God's Image – Transhumanism/Splicing

    Kingdom of God – New World Order

    New Jerusalem- Saturn cube/Black Cube

    Son of God – Sun God/Black Sun/Son of Cain/Anti-Christ

    Sheep – Sheeple/slave people, goats

    Worship – Worship anything else

    On earth as it is in heaven – As above, so below

  2. lucifer was the light Paul saw in the desert on the way to damascus? it's not to late to have only one teacher, see Matthew and mark, discard the paganism inserted ūüôā

  3. you describe what the false self proclaimed apostle Paul did after his kind murdered Yahshua, what Paul taught dud nog come from The true Jesus who's name was Yahshua, sorry but Christianity is a lie from the beast, it is the anti messiah

  4. Album cover that you were had on your YouTube dangerous Michael Jackson you was deciphering the album cover if you hold the album cover up and look at it from afar that a picture of Demon Cthvlhv

  5. Excellent. It's quite "scary" in a way to observe, how people have divided within the last 6 months Рit's obvious to see those who go for the visible light, and those who irradiate the invible Light = the true Light. It has become more and more heavy to get many things done, and the Anti-Christ agenda is putting up "road Blocks" here and there to demotivate many. WE ARE FIGHTING FROM VICTORY!  Stay strong in Christ.

  6. We are all clear on what it is satan is planning, correct? Well, if you aren't sure, here it is. The whole illuminati and all satanists around the world are leaking more and more information. It's going to get to the point that we will be given information about how they are poisoning our kids and us as well. They want us to get us soooo mad that WE will set up their agenda of the new world order. So please all, understand that it's all a trap.

  7. We are not simple sheep, not the goyim, they portray us to be. Many eyes are opening. Rise above this counterfeit kingdom of Anti-Christ, or as I like to call him Vitamin A/C, the only vitamin your body doesn't need!! May the Peace of the Lord be with you

  8. Great video… I have been watching your video's for a couple days now and I really enjoy them and learn a great deal from them.. keep up the good work… you will be blessed for helping people

  9. Good video, wish it was longer though.

  10. You are awesome. I love your work. Thank you. I am truly grateful there are people like you in this world.

  11. Awesome dude !

  12. Very good video, concise, good music, well-pointed, well produced. Good work and good word

  13. @Round SaturnsEye
    Please give tracklist.

  14. music title pls

  15. opening a doorway not for mind but soul…great peace

  16. Good stuff man, I enjoy your choice of music on this video.

  17. That was awesome.. The reincarnation bit was priceless..

  18. Expose these fools. what's the instrumental you used? Keep the videos coming.

  19. That was real

  20. Nice! Thank you!

  21. Excellent !

  22. And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

  23. Just saw another awesome vid by R$E !!! Speaking about counterfeits, Im going to contact you shortly about some stuff pertaining to Saturn that really shows the duality we are in.  Thanks again!