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  1. how repent of the flesh

  2. Have you seen 3 cities rule the world? The Vatican being the ruler of ALL religions? Washington DC being the ruler of all military systems and London, England being the ruler of all financial systems? Also, when a Christian attempts to demonize other religions by misquoting their sayings, this Christian is no better because he/she is also being deceptive. The saying is do what thy will, but HARM NO ONE, very important fact you left out, it doesn't say, do what you want, sin all you want, this is in fact modern Christianity by the way, Jesus paid it all, so Christians are allowed to keep on sinning because all has already been forgiven. Today's Christianity is the most deceptive and dangerous of all. If you don't believe me, read the comments under this video and see what Christians really believe, if you're going to demonize other religions start with Christianity, because it's no longer Christianity.

  3. does no one realize this guy is literally preaching about what he is condemning???

  4. People have been saying this for years. Rock n Roll, video games…what have you it all is damning. Do you know who started the idea that rock n roll is damning our teenagers? The KKK.

  5. Has Henry Kissinger seen a selfie of himself yet? How can he love that?

  6. Amen.. another great teaching.. and I love that you are using more scripture in your works.. awesome.. I try to treat myself to an R$E break once a day..!! thanks ..

  7. AMEN

  8. So what exactly do we do to please God? What do we physically have to do to be saved?

  9. Thanks rse ūüôā x. 'Evil in the last days', that paragraph is a perfect description of my ex!! How scarey…….

  10. THE CHRIST = devils 
    vatican = land of devils

  11. Yes love today is just about tolerance.  Tristan and Isolde and the Troubadours. "You will have your death" and Tristan says if by my death you mean the death that comes if our love is found our I accept but if by my death you mean burning in hell.  I accept that too.

  12. if the Christians want to unite the world under Jesus's love why were the Christians slaughtering native american women and children back in the day?

  13. Something happened around 2010 Рlike people got extremely HOOKED on smart phones and Facebook and were taken over here in Denmark. Since the invasion of Facebook in 2007, the souls have been captured and enslaved by the enemy running the FB system. Today the majority of Danes seem like empty vessels being controlled and directed by evil spirits. It might sound harsh, but Denmark and the Danes have been under extreme attacks so much that the majority of people reject/deny GOD/Jesus Christ here though we call ourselves Christians here. So many have fallen away at increased pace the last 5 years. The SELFIES are extreme here too Рit's really sickening to experience and sad when understanding what goes on. Some times I Wonder, if people believe they have come into Life to entertain themselves to death and go on holiday all the time and be addicted to all sorts of substances. Very few seem to be on the right Path and even fewer dare to speak about it, since what will the neighbour, Family, fríends, collegues say? FEAR is running rampant here. Thank you heartfully for your gentle and peaceful way presenting these crucial messages. I truly hope that more and more people will get it fast Рlike that they suddenly hit the bottom and realize they need to get back to the Father as quick as possible.

  14. Good video brother.

  15. Like it or not, we're in a New Age, and religion is part of the old.
    While there is a little good in religion, it is mostly false. jesus is imaginary. The time
    has come for people to wake from this delusional and divisive stuff.
    Religion is trickery, superstition, and shame. It simply isn't true.

  16. mind boggling

  17. I cannot LOVE my SELF , another must love me , its not up to me to love myself , GOD loves me I know that , and the people who truly love me .

    David Icke = PAID LUCIFERIAN NEW AGER worth around 10 or 20 million fictional dollars

  18. Obedience to Jesus is to keep his commandments.  If you continue to sin you are not obeying Christ.  Keep your dirty hands to yourself, keep your fingers in your own pockets, is that too much for God to ask?

  19. that's one of my question time question answered ūüôā I just needed to get round the other r$e vids that I hadn't seen. Thank you so much

  20. Tv mega churches Joel Osteen and the rest of them!!!!!

  21. Nice mate, very nicely done. 

  22. 09:38 We all put Christ to death, not just the people of His time physically.  This is exactly why we cannot judge others because we ourselves are also sinners.


  23. All these Churches that are 501(c)3 are new age.

  24. The world didn't hate Jesus, the world didn't crucify Jesus neither nor betrayed Jesus but the Jews and so called Christians of that time did all that job.. you need to do a serious research my friend I know you're doing a good job but I must put you on the right track so ponder upon this.

  25. Sorry guys but the universal ways of the "new age" makes much more sense than modern Christianity. No guilt. No fear. No hierarchy. No giving away of energy through worship. No need for labels either. Jesus taught unconditional love. That is the way of the universe and that is the way I have chosen. Call it what you want. I just am that I am. peace. 

  26. This is the truth. I know many people who take lots of selfies. I'm kinda blunt so I'm like "I don't do that, it's self absorbed, makes me depressed" They're like "Shut up", goes back to taking selfies

    This generation's wickedness is making them sick, everyone's depressed.We need  all the true christians in the world to pray for everyone blinded by the devil.

  27. Why do "truthers" insist on using esoteric rites to fight the Beast? You can't use sin to fight sin. There is no truth in the occult mystery schools, just more an more deception. Guys like Freeman or Sean Stone have spent enough time around Christians to know better. The Gnostic Warrior is leading "truthes" down a deep hole to Hell. 

  28. John 2:19
    Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

    One day to the Lord is as a thousand years. So that means we are looking at around year 3,000. We have some time.

  29. A great song you should check out that i use to strengthen my faith and trust in Jesus is The Crab Family–Through the fire…If you haven't heard it you will love it…I wish many could here it it deals with our spiritual walk and the physical one also..Check it out and let me know what you think it's easy to find on youtube.

  30. Anyone who thinks Satan is real is a Cunt! Netanyahu is Evil, Murdoch is Evil,John McCain is evil,and anyone who believes a book written Hundreds of years later by scribes who weren't there at the time is a Cunt.

  31. I just wish you would not use the N.I.V.for proving yourself,which you are right by the way.great video!

  32. greeeeeat video

  33. Will you post a summary of your eschatology please.

  34. We have the freedom to chose for ourselves what to believe and how to live.  I accept that, through grace, Jesus is my saviour but I am not very good at living a life that is worthy of the sacrifice He made.  I might not make it, but I love Him anyway.

  35. The problem is, there are new-agers who post mantras like "You must be doing something right, if people are hating on you. Be yourself." with Kundalini/Yoga/all-seeing eyes images (especially instagram) and those who are already blind will fall into the DECEPTION even further believing THEIR path of counterfeit 'love' and 'oneness' is the way.

  36. thank you