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  1. I recently heard on a truther channel, altho I can't remember whose right now….of course music was written 2 praise God initially. All thru history, it was n a certain frequency…praise & joy came thru this frquency. At sum point…I'm thinkin it was WWI or perhaps b4, a Austrian or Swiss scientist discovered that by altering the frequency just a small amount…emotion could b controlled. With this discovery, ALL music was changed 2 this new frequency & music has ben 4ever changed. Sorry, wish I had more info! Praise God & may he rain blessing on u both!

  2. Great interview our Brothers in Faith and Christ Jesus Yeshua h'Myshiach…Men after my own heart

  3. wow, if people underestimate, their surveillance, think again. even on linkedin it found ex friends whom I've long since deleted email addresses for like 10 years ago and to the few contacts I had on there absolutely no connection. How would they do that. Also tells me how long til I go on my trip abroad.. this is far too much surveillance for my liking.

  4. God Bless you both.

  5. Enoch was taken out of the world before the flood.  Noah went through it.  Enoch is a type of the Bride of Christ being caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  Noah is a type of Israel going through the tribulation and being miraculously preserved by God in the wilderness, Petra.Nicholson 1968 says the doctrine of the imminent return of Christ at the rapture produces lazy Christians and Saturn says it is a dangerous doctrine.  Actually, the opposite is true.  Knowing that Christ can return at any time,  produces a more sanctified life in the believer.  We know that Christ can return at anytime.  Therefore, we are busy serving the Lord Jesus Christ zealously and we are witnessing to the lost about their need to be saved and pointing the lost to the soon coming and fulfillment of end time prophesies revealed in the Bible, to encourage them to turn to Christ before it is too late.  The Apostle Paul warned against those like these two, who deny the rapture in 2 Thessalonians and tells them to remember what he taught them in 1 Thessalonians about the rapture/catching away.  He told them to not be soon shaken by these false teachings, as if they were from him and to comfort one another with the doctrine of the rapture. Paul wrote that God hath not appointed us, His Bride, to wrath.   The rapture is our blessed hope, whereby we escape God's coming wrath upon a Christ rejecting world, ie. the great tribulation. However, Paul poses the question to the lost, How shall they escape?  The answer is implied in the text that they shall not escape and God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie, because they received not the love of the truth/the Word of God.Real Christians know that the imminent return of Christ, which is taught in Scripture, i.e., the rapture, produces an holy and sanctified life.  As we see the final days of this world quickly approaching, i.e., end times prophecy unfolding before our eyes, we know the pre-trib rapture is that much more closer.  Let us get busy, according to Scripture, for the Lord, so that we are not ashamed at His imminent return.  After the rapture, there will be no more opportunity for the members of the body of Christ to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. Our spiritually healthy goal is to be always abounding in the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to receive a full reward at the judgment seat of Christ Jesus, i.e., gold, silver and precious stones and not wood, hay and stubble.

  6. if u guys can get in contact with me please do

  7. i understand. yes i can hear too. 😀

  8. nice wrk guys. yes its getting serious. character assassination, big yes. keep it up. Internet going down, big yes! u guys did great together

  9. Great discussion guys! I can't believe you guys are talking about stuff fellow believers and I have been talking about in my country. Thanks for sharing your opinion and spreading the truth!. The Lord Jesus is surely with you. May God keep you and bless you in Jesus name.
    Praise Jesus!
    Ps. Recent to your vids and websites, I haven't seen your older vids yet, if you guys talk about this but regarding the revealing of the Nephelim, I've got a hunch it will have something to do with the escalation of the instigated third world war started by getting the Zionists and Muslims to destroy each other.

  10. this is probably a dumb question bit what is the best way to meet christ or how do you? and im not talking about dying obviously.

  11. It is so odd that I did not have this information until recently, and I have been searching for years. Nicholson 1968 has answered some questions that I have been asking including the movie A.I. and Stanley Kubrick's messages that I am still analyzing, yet others think I am crazy for trying to search for this information, yet something in our world is really messed up. I have been sensing it for a while… Unfortunately other people will think I am just a conspiracy theorist, and when you think about it, Jesus did not care about if most people agreed with him, He only cared about what the Father asked of Him. My people suffer for lack of knowledge, true that.

  12. Listened a second time tonight…..Tremendous blessing guys.  You both feel like my brothers. Praying for you both.

  13. Obamanation abomination ? Weird combination of words dude

  14. same deception "ye shall be as gods" Blood of Jesus to open peoples eyes

  15. same deception "ye shall be as gods" Blood of Jesus to open peoples eyes

  16. same deception "ye shall be as gods"

  17. same deception "ye shall be as gods"

  18. 2016

  19. Great interview!

  20. I think that a lot of people are looking at the wrong things as signs. I personally don't think that technology has much to do with what's coming, except for the fact that it could be used for bad as well as for good and spread the gospel. I look at Islam as the antichrist. They are the ones that deny Christ. The caliphate is the revival of the Ottoman empire which means that the head wound is healed. Seeing that the antichrist is already here and is creating chaos to bring about their Mahdi, I believe the islamic Mahdi will be the false prophet who will deceive many. The Muslims expect the mahdi to reveal the ark of the covenant. When the ark is revealed and whatever is in it doesn't align with what we believe, a lot but not all jews will accept the mahdi as their messiah, christians are going to be deceive too but to a lesser degree because whoever reads the bible and understand won't buy it, because we should know that according to Revelation 11:19 the ark is in heaven. Muslim will bring the ark which is the abomination to the temple mount and cause it to become desolate. They don't need to rebuild the temple. Yes our bodies are the temple but there is nothing of technology that will cause the holy spirit to leave us. Jesus said he will never leave us or forsake us. You would have to convert to Islam basically to take the mark of the beast. Babylon is definetly Saudi Arabia where they bow down to a black stone, which will be destroyed most likely by Iran and God's two witnesses are Israel and the church. After the mahdi's time, then Jesus will come and all his elects will be gather with him, so there is no pretrib rapture. Jesus will destroy the Muslim nations which are surrounding Israel right now and reign. This is how after much reading the bible I see things unfolding.

  21. Awesome video

  22. Awesome video

  23. God bless you brothers stand fast keep it up in Jesus mighty name amen

  24. What do you think about this?


    This is site were i have made a visualisation of the powernetwork we call the new world order.
    This is what we also called people who is member ot the illumined!!

    Its not 100 % it is many holes in it, holes i want to fill!

  25. Sharing stuff like this makes us all stronger god bless you

  26. A news article in Australia today said that young teenagers are now assaulting their own parents in high numbers. That is because the govt banned disciplining them by teachers and parents. The govts then programmed and brainwashed kids to kill via video games, movies, tv shows, books, social media.  We only need to TRAIN KIDS to target the ELITE. Let's see, billions of kids against a few hundred elite, at any chance they get. I'd say that the elite would be wiped out in no time. 🙂  Re: Joshua and Jericho. I also like the story of Judith. This is a call to war, girls!

  27. Have you noticed the logo pic on Windows 10? It is a 4 paned window in a blue room filled with a smoky haze. The windows could be mirrors. It is eluding to 'smoke and mirrors' magic. The elite first used satellites, especially in the 1980s when nobody knew anything about satellites (and still don't know what the military spy satellites are doing and they operate on a higher frequency than the communication ones). They use them to stalk people, especially women and children, for their sexual muses and human sacrifices, and of course, pedophilia. The blue smoky room suggests the ultraviolet hologram that is formed from the satellites that are aimed at the targets. The lasers are aimed, infrared and xray beams, at the victims' houses and they can view the inside of the room via holograms that are relayed via the satellites. The transmission goes through a different system, military bases, than the usual communication channels. Check out song lyrics of u2 called 'blue room' (by the passengers -incarnation of u2) and 'ultraviolet'. Bono's song called 'windows of love' is about stalking victims. He is a pedophile and he often writes sexual songs about kids in baby carriages and little girls. He is an absolute creep. Of course, he has the scrap metal from the Queen of England to qualify his pedophilia. It seems to be an initiation symbol into the Masonic 9th Circle: a horde of medals. Search lyrics sites for 'satellite', 'moon' (orbits around earth as satellite; also refers to mother figure and female figure); 'bird' (another name for satellite in NASA lingo); 'birdcage' (victim cannot escape being watched by Masons by satellite).  If you watch music videos going back to 1980s that contain clues about satellites, holograms (including using the prism pyramid as it transmits all the colours into one white light, which is how optic fibres work and holograms are formed, along with its allusion to the Illuminati and Egyptian pyramids).  Eg, Robert Palmer's "In My System" is about him using a computer system to stalk somebody, which wasn't even known about in the early 80s.  Rolling Stones' lyrics: "I've got you in my telescopic sight" from 'Dirty Work' album in 1986. Elton John, 'Satellite', 1985. Eric Clapton: 'If I could reach the stars, pull one down for you', 1995?.  These people are crazy psychopaths. They only want a reaction and to cause psychological abuse to innocent people. I was recently contacted by a 30 degree Mason on twitter who told me they do that to 'purify' their 'worthy victims' so that the soul is stronger and purer and they can 'extract' more power from it when they murder the stalked victim. They are absolutely crazy. And they pretend to 'love' and sing about 'love' when all they do is destroy people for their own glorification. They are absolutely hideous.

  28. Guys its not false prophecy unless you're predicting events ONLY KNOWN TO GOD. You guys use biblical knowledge and worldly knowledge to let people know truth. You guys are okay I'd never call you a false prophet. Only God can judge.