Spice Girls EXPOSED! Occult illuminati Lucifer's Machine in Eden (R$E)

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The biblical truth of the fallen angels has been shown all through your life in the media.
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  1. The FIxx also had a song "Red Skies at Night"

  2. I had a dream that their "wannabe" song is mk ultra…

  3. It's real

  4. "There's a plot in this country(United States) to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot"-John F Kennedy

  5. very heavy….bravo ….this helps make one think and opens eyes…..the spirit realm is alive and well….good and evil…i choose Christ Jesus!

  6. It's Kinder scary!

  7. Fallen at the first hurdle, they are two boys. 😂

  8. I love when cocks grow dad!! But no body saw this video! Geri (ginger) was no longer in the band and they were dismantling.

  9. Anyone who refuses to see this is worshipping the beast

  10. And most of them are men – part of the androgenous agenda

  11. Omg this guy is reaching!!!

  12. Spiritual dissearnment is a wonderful gift.
    One i also have. Fantastic exciting god we serve.

  13. I always thought posh spice was from the occult /illuminati…. look at David beckham when he was wearing a skirt on the front page of the papers….it wouldn’t surprise me if posh spice was born male but had sex change aka baphomet

  14. I think this song is very beautiful and very touching. I loved the Spice Girls as a kid.The Spice Girls had no creative input into this music video so you can’t criticize or hold this music against the Spice Girls themselves.

  15. scary video

  16. this flying things reminde me on a winx toys for girls… i see a big connection….

  17. The Spice Girls are all male to female transgenders. I other words, they are all men.

  18. seems like it is about the temptation of Eve and the loss of innocence, the corruption of women.

  19. Joseph Watson the best

  20. Of course the group knows what it all means everyone of them are transgenderd. They no exactly wat they're doing research all the music business they are all Trannies & follow there master SATAN love your work but open you eyes to these girl & boy bands & more of the music business they're all a big part of this satanic worship. God bless you

  21. fuuuuureaaaaaaaaakkkk…

  22. Get a life!

  23. two eyes on front of the book

  24. 👁🇺🇸🙊🙉🙈🇺🇸👁

  25. I mean, honestly… what the fuck is this shit?!?!

  26. where does it say eve bit an apple please?

  27. but both kids in Viva Forever music video were both boys -_- and yes, the Spice Girls were popular in the US and Canada. (they were plastered everywhere). the coner stores had the lollipops, gum, and bags chips etc. bigger shopping stores like Walmart had the posters, school supplies, clothing etc..

  28. you did not notice that in the scene in which the spice girls fairies are standing in the cube, they are forming the inverted pentagram or goat of Mendes, plus, at the begining of the video you show the "viva forever" logo, in which the A is a pentagram, it is pointing upwards, but the way in which it is drawn makes the subcouncious to perceive it as a pointing downwards one…; also you shall pay attention to the fact that the white dressed and the black dressed faeries are standing as a pair in the most of the video, resembling the Jachim and Boaz symbol that means the principle of polarity….., plus the blue and the red faeries also tend to stand as antagonic symbols too….

  29. the two people in this video are BOYS the spice girls themselves stated thatThe video starts off with a storybook about two teenage boys who are be best friends, running around the woods when they encounter a case (similar to the case that is inside a Kinder Surprise, but life-sized) that opens by itself which reveals a toy chicken. The two friends chase after the chicken until they see another case, which the toy chicken bounces on. It opens by itself, and five fairies, come out. While one boy runs away frightened, the other, presumably older, stays, and the fairies play with him, whisper a secret, give him a kiss on the nose, and other similar things. They also remove his glasses revealing a cute face. Then they fly him to another place in front of a huge Rubiks Cube The fairies dance on the cube, to the song, until the middle on the top opens. The boy, assisted by the fairies, climbs inside. Meanwhile, the younger boy sees the fairies about to close the cube. By the time he gets to the cube, his best friend is gone, the fairies disappear, and the cube becomes smaller (but still over-sized). He then walks in the woods by himself with the cube (which has shrunken to a normal size) until he sees a giant coin-vending machine which contains other cases. A blue light shines in front of him. He puts the now-solved Rubik's Cube inside a case, closes the case and throws it in the coin-vending machine and walks away sadly. The video ends with ONLY four fairies, Baby, Posh, Scary and Sporty flying away in the sky, with Ginger being left behind.I hope this helps

  30. I don't think believing in Jesus is going to stop these people,

  31. I've always hated that video and they are quite androgynous looking!

  32. Beliving in the bible is so pathetic I can only laugh about all this shit.😂😭

  33. hahahahahaha really?

  34. ? I dont think this is real i dont ~^~

  35. I guess you are doing this to be helpful. But u come off as a little needy to reveal the truth or get attention . "See again", "Look again they are telling us this", "they are doing it all the time". Have a nice day anyway.

  36. I think, that this particular one is all bullshit! If somenone has to much fantasy…you can "make up" a lot of illuminati stories.

  37. If you read a lot of old folk tales they mention people being abducted by fairies from fairy rings in stories that sound decidedly similar to accounts of alien abductions from more recent times. I think this is what the video is really alluding to, albeit in a freaky childhood nostalgia from different eras way.

  38. well the bird is from rupert the bear stories.

  39. 2+2=5? if you're gunna make a video make sense for heaven sake

  40. can't tell if this video is a piss take or not …

  41. Found out yesterday Mel B was a lesbian.

  42. This video used to scare me as a kid.

  43. i used to adore them as a kid in the 90's

  44. 3 on the tail

  45. Hello from Canada! I'm just wondering how you know all this stuff? I'm a new Christian after spending most of my life as an atheist. I'm still trying to grasp all of this, including trying to have faith in God and the existence of a spiritual world. I'm seriously not trying to be rude etc., but how do you come up with this? Couldn't anything on tv or in the entertainment world really be explained into "satanic messages"?

  46. They are both boys!!!! The one inside the cube is a boy not a girl.

  47. huh??? viva forever is your only source??

  48. Pathetic shit.

  49. those little flying witches form a pentagram while they levitate above the rainbow cube

  50. I was a Spice girls fanatic before and I‘ve seen how they influence the people especially the girls about their song‘s, the way they dressed up etc.. Im glad that this video open our mind even its too late but its not yet late to wake up our minds nit only the songs of spice girls but especially the songs nowadays.. Please not to listen the wordly songs!