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Red Horse of the Apocalypse: JUDGMENT IS COMING.
A collection of recent television commercials that are subliminally showing CERN and the release of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this video we take a look at the first two of Revelation 6: The White Horse & The Red Horse.

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  1. 'The beast' is contolling the world.

  2. Wow ……………………………………… this is a great deception people lacking knowledge on history and prophesies already fulfilled

  3. wow the crowds cheering on a car????? now I know the worlds gone mad I mean almost like people will worship all man made things now a days, to me its just a mode of transportation not a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was awesome we got to see a car live smh I was born in 1981 a millennial barely but could be worse I suppose I could have been born and raised with a smart phone making me a complete moron I cant stand smart phones I miss the human interactions people used to do stuff and live life and not feel the need to record everything………

    I hope I turned people to Christ I am telling everyone I see and online there are so many different bibles out there now doctrines of devils I think is what they are called only way to date is meeting in a bar but I dont drink and cant stand the drunkards, I cant stand being drunk or high hate prescription meds so I dont take many at all. Like that song I would rather feel pain then nothing at all but I dont know if that song is satanic or not my guess maybe it is who knows or cares anymore.

    They seem to be ramping up to the anticrist coming they are deleting youtube videos that further exposes their agenda like Giants are real and they may use an alien invasion to unite the world (there really demons and you can have power over them calling on Jesus Christ I thought that was interesting and they flee) oy crazy world

  4. I am wondering? we are told: "(Amos 3:7) "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Could Satan also be compelled to reveal his secrets, veiled in symbolism, but still there, to those who are paying attention?

  5. Is this prolonged commercial for real? And did this air somewhere? Unreal. Almost like they are flaunting their Satanism. Do people swallow this?

  6. Brilliant! You have a gift. God bless you, Brother.

  7. wauw. the even say it. The Devil is in the detail…

  8. This is laughable. It takes quite an imagination to come up with such nonsense. The Bible talks about LITERAL HORSES, not cars. People imagine they see Jesus in trees, water, cloud formations, a face in your coffee, etc. and all these have NOTHING to do with the LITERAL JESUS COMING BACK or the signs spoken of in Matthew 24 and Luke 21. In Revelation the 4 Horsemen are: Death, Famine, War, and Conquest. Not Mazda, Kia, Jaguar, or any other vehicle. If you believe this you may as well watch the Twilight Zone and believe that.  Don't feed your need for information unless you go after the truths of the Bible, instead of senseless speculation and imagination.

  9. Want to know what is really goin on read the scriptures
    Start in Isaiah 13
    Days of Noah is right around the corner.
    Then look up types of antiChrist.
    Daniel 8:12,tells of the antiChrist
    Also Daniel 2:4.

    The man of lawlessness is the final Antichrist Satan himself.
    2 Thess 2:3-4
    He will blaspeme God ,Rev 13:6

    Using the name of Jesus Christ , God n "saying oh my God" is blasphemous.
    When saying them in anger or otherwise.
    The antiChrist Satan himself will soon stand in Jerusalem and claim to be CHRIST..he will expect to be worshipped..( provided you're DECEIVED ) into believing he's CHRIST.. otherwise flee to the mountains

  10. If you look brand logo "KIA" and "A" replace with Chyrilic letter ∧ ("L") you will get word "KIL" (KILL). I notice that a long years ago.

  11. I’m lined up with RISE most of the time but this was a stretch. I don’t think businesses like Jaguar, Lexus, and Nissan are in any way portraying end times. I think they are clueless about such things as are their advertising agencies. The way I see Satan working in the world is through Liberalism / Progressives. They slowly get people to accept all sorts of deviant behavior and godlessness to the point where people that adhere to God given and time tested morality are looked at as old fashioned. I’m not sure how bad Sodom was back then but every day we surely get a little closer.

  12. Dude you are over analysing, it is just a car, plus red and white look good together

  13. Have you seen the pictures cern took inside the collider right after a collision. You can see the faces of demonic spirit beings in the photos. In case anyone doubted what they're doing

  14. Funny 3 years later here in 2018 the red moon above the car the red moon every night here in Seattle

  15. The car driving through the maze thing could signify the lhc

  16. Round SaturnsEye this whole video is just explaining the tactics they use on a targeted individual to get to their core being aka heart. Colour synchronicity etc. Replacing good persons soul with Mark of the beast soul symbolised by red beast car. But good soul still. Trapped creating butterfly split persona.

  17. Zechariah 1:8-9 & Zechariah 6

  18. When you repeat and say red bull over & over, it begins to subliminally mesh together to sound like rebel, is it just me or….

  19. Thank you for your work. It is so clear. Even the music is making me feel ill. I had to dimm the sound as much as possible to still hear the message thereby be able to watch it till the end.

  20. I feel like the video was sponsed

  21. The comedain Sam Kinison (USA) once said If you want to see Satan go to Madsin Ave

  22. Interesting, so what's the premise here? That all the Ad Agencies producing car commercials are in cahoots with each other, their creatives all doing storyboards which are done at the bidding of some kind of global satanistic cabal, who brief them on symbology and subliminal messages which somehow do what, turn people into NWO puppets feeding the commercial beast through their purchase of cars?

  23. Very well done, grounded insight.
    You may also appreciate the focus on His kingdom.