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  1. Hey R$E- can you upload or reply me a name/link for your vid on the world`s false love where the anti christ figure is separated by the graffiti wall, then they brake thru… can`t find it, no title to hunt it down either- thanx✝✝✝

  2. 2 arrows = 11

  3. Bloody good cider mate. All this is possible, but haven't you got anything better to do?

  4. its a goddamn marketing campaign!

  5. The bible… sigh

  6. off-course there are books like the bible – Book of Enoch ..Tells u more off the above .
    Book of the Dead ..Ancient indian books Bagavad gita and Maharabat Book of Mannesah you just ain read them .. The Bible is quite limited compared to some etc etc all written thousands of yrs before the bible and tell the same story just diff and prob original in nature b4 the bible and by the i am acall a what u may call christian of the Levi tribe

  7. all religion s are just myths

  8. they could be using game of thrones myths

  9. They released "Devil's Advocate" in 1998. 1998÷3=666. We are in the 2000's now. 2000÷3=666.66666. 9/11 is code for 666. 7/11 too.

  10. 11.3×11.5 =129.95. 74 (Lucifer) , 55 (Satan). 74+55=129 95 reduces to 14 and 5. 555 =Satan. Divide those numbers and see MKultra

  11. two arrows 11.5 =55 (Satan). 11.3 =33 (Masons). 55+33=88 (Danger) or according to BTTF (time travel)

  12. so arrogant they are turning the forbidden fruit into a beer

  13. round Saturn eye
    your full of lies. the state of Israel was created by England after second world war for the zionist who are not real Jews. look up on the Balfour declaration. it was the west who created al-qyeda and ISIS.
    and it is the west who in the middle east surrounding and destroying and destabilising the middle east not the other way round. facts before your lies please.

  14. U need to chillax I don't think Jesus has a bible not a kjv either

  15. How dare you? Your truth is based on faith with no substance. Science gives us GODS truths without the meddling finger of man. You do know it was man that wrote the bible and it was man that erased more then half of it.

  16. I don't have to spend time proving that you people are stupid now, so thanks for that guys and girls.

  17. You sound pretty upset to me.

  18. thank you again

  19. This is hilarious

  20. How fucking ironic, using one of your own overused adverts before this video even begins, overkill much, FUCK OFF SPAMMING US

  21. Oh do grow up.

  22. This is TOTAL nonsense…. Are you aware your helping sell this product… That's the irony

  23. Thank you for sharing!


  25. it the empress bow

  26. Nothing to see here. Cider ad plain and simple. We made it at the cgi studio I work at. Go do something productive instead of making of meaning for booze ads.


  28. Ridiculous over analysis. Honestly ?

  29. Great vid, there's also 15 rows of trees in the circular orchard …15 = nephilim (the fallen)

  30. Hey RSE, do a video on the Scorch Trials. It speaks to Revelation 8:7 it would seem.

  31. At the end the cloud also looked like a vagina as the man with the bow was coming out if it.

  32. No wonder my Strongbow tastes like arrows.

  33. Sometimes the same advertising company is hired for many different marketing campaigns and their commercials are similar theme even down to the music, one also hears this in movies and can often recognize same musical scores from particular producer, who knows what subliminal messages are being flashed as well..good vid!

  34. Mathew 18: And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against it.

  35. Apples: It is give hard to the creation of humanity .. danger !!! reduce population

  36. Terroris attacks false flag with arrows of Wolframio

    from space satellites …oops!

  37. What if "they" are playing both sides…? They obviously know about the Bible, Quran, etc. They have the money and knowhow to do this behind the scenes. 'All the world's a stage' is a famous quote. If you were an elite with hundreds – even a trillion dollars – what would you do to further you agenda? We all know what they worship, so more or less unlimited funds plus knowledge makes for an interesting world.

    Could this be how the über-rich "entertain" themselves? Through war, suffering and death? Enraging people with religion that do not mix? Stirring up the pot? They've hi-jacked all religions and created their own game to watch the ants fight. And we're falling into their trap by spewing out their own propaganda calling it "truth" but not realizing we're spreading the negative energy of fear of what's to come.

    Imagine if YOU had unlimited funds and the only way to attain some "fun" would be to create some chaos to see what would happen… Would that be too reaching to imagine? I mean; most of them are psychopathic sociopaths who do not have empathy for other people, so their "care" level is equal to zero. All they care about is money and control.

    So why not use their power to do so? Indeed: they are. Do some really good research on humans born with psychopathy and sociopath tendencies. They could care less if your whole family died in front of them, and could sleep like a baby the next night without a thought or remorse about it. 'All the world's a stage…' remember that.

    Search for the term 'cremation of care' and you will see how they are trying to get rid of caring about "emotions" and empathy. These rituals are real, and are happening without you knowing and behind closed doors. THEY DON'T CARE! Simple as that. Just as much you don't really care when you hear '400.000 dead' in some tsunami catastrophe half a world away. They (the elite) did not know a single one of these sentient beings, so they don't care – literally.

    Humans only genuinely care when someone they were close with or family parishes. So imagine being a psychopath without emotion and wanting more power… They will not care. As long as it furthers their own agenda, they're contempt. Sad, but this is truth. Most CEO's have psychopathic tendencies who are at the top of major corporations. This explains a lot.

    I've heard of very few – if any – "good" people who earn hundreds of billions if not a trillion dollars, who build free cities for needy people. They all have an agenda or are with some group. Speak out of line, and you're out and perhaps even dead for doing so. It's that simple. People fear death or torture, and this makes them conform without question – except some daring souls.

    'All the world's a stage' remember that. Whenever you hear about major crisis or government change of "unity". That is how they operate: On your feelings. Because they lack these feelings but use them against YOU. This world is truly amazing, and not always for the good. You have the power to believe and choose for yourself, although, this might always be as obvious at times. The mind is susceptible to brainwashing, which can make you think things you normally would not do.

    People are prone to live in their own "bubbles", why politics usually lives in different worlds and admits not to the physical reality, but rather the imaginary and inside your mind. Sweden is a very good example. The real physical reality of an invasion of migrants – be it covert ISIS or not – and real refugees who are in need of help. Throw in some brainwashing politics to muddy the water, and you've got a "stage" of theatrical performance that could end every which way imagined.

    I know you're trying to do good, R$E, but this IS spreading negative energy whether you're religious or not. Showing what "they" plan does not help. It only furthers THEIR agenda to show you beforehand what they want. And you happen to further that agenda. Unwillingly or unknowingly. People will latch on this and change their perspective of the world to see it as a negative future instead of a positive future.

    The whole reality is composed of only two facts: Negative and Positive. Female or Male. Light or Darkness. Anger or Love. Death or LIfe. Matter or No matter. Plus or Minus on a battery. 1 or 0 in the binary code of a computer. On and Off. It's always been this way. 50/50, Yin and Yang. There is a balance in everything – even fabric of reality and time. If only one has a favor of the other, there is chaos and disorder. Hence what they're trying to do. To make one side be 51 pro cent over the other. Darkness. Because life and death must exist naturally to make reality functions, they are trying to mess with this, creating chaos. It's so simple…

    'All the world's a stage' remember that.

  38. You say the bible is the truth… maybe it is.
    Maybe because it was the first case of predictive programming and it was written and compiled by the elites as another form of control?

  39. I absolutely love your english spoken pronounciation also very clear easy to be understood even by a non- english guy.