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  1. are you a Dugpa? I've been watching your videos and two things don't make sense 1.the money sign in RSE 2.I've been reading a lot about you being a member of the group whose purpose is to drive us away from christ. This doesn't make any sense when I compare that to your videos.I'm not asking in a critical way. I just want to know the truth.

  2. Can you please make a video about "nations against nation" because o feel it more now day by day. I think you know why I am asking for this vieod

  3. Explain your YouTube name and what meanings it has

  4. Hi, I know this is an older video, but I was trying to find your Angel chart that you used to describe 'Michael' in "I Pet Goat II", and was wondering if you had a video specifically describing the whole chart?

  5. I am not sure what is the meaning of the Ox / OX and does it have something to do with a cross with equal lengths beams?

  6. I've listened to a few of your videos and I don't quite agree with your fomenting attitude and salivating on every TV commercial and trying to connect everything circles and cubes and squares and triangles and cern that's the topic of my question:…. Now first of all I am a scientist I have a couple of college degrees in science and physics and engineering and I have been in the engineering field for almost 30 years and what I know about CERN is that they are taking protons and they are trying to push them at near the speed of light to create a collision so they can observe and measure what the sub atomic particles are inside of a proton that is the science behind CERN and the reason why they had to increase the power output of the super collider now I know that it is a fad and a fetish to try to say that a black hole will be created or a big bang will be created from two little protons traveling at the speed of light and that collision will somehow create a Stargate or a portal in to hell and the creatures of Hell will come out of cern and roam around the earth and Satan will be unleashed….. to me that is about the stupidest and most idiotic thing that someone could be putting on to their YouTube video channels as far as I'm concerned it's like saying that a tire on your car is black and black is the color of Satan and therefore all car tires are satanic and they are round and they resemble stargates.. And the planet Saturn and they are like the rings of Saturn…. and the demons of hell are going to come out of everybody's car tire I think your videos are a bit stupid I think they feed the hunger of people that want and expect some evil creatures to fall down from the sky like in the movies or something but your assertions are very far fetched and very far reaching and they don't have any scientific proof any physical evidence at all it is just imagination and kind of a fetish so I'd like for you to explain yourself without trying to say that circles are equal to Satan what exactly it is that you are trying to say

  7. I would love to see a website that details your beliefs. There isn't one and I'm missing it, is there?

  8. exspose tommorow land movie disney is bringing out

  9. I have a really big question. I know this is passed but I'd like to know what your opinion is on it. When I was 11 I learned that I wasn't attracted to girls but I was boys. I kept it to myself and I didn't quite understand what it meant. I found that most, if not all, that were like that were hated. I grew up in a Christian family and I realized what my feelings meant. At the same time I feel as long as I live my life, be truthful to God and have a close relationship with him, that I am no different than anyone else. I'm now 24 years of age, still have had not had a relationship. The reason is that I want a serious one and when I find the right guy, I will wait until marriage. I feel that God still loves me and by me waiting I am at least showing him that I'm not full of lust. I don't go around having sexual encounters with anyone, I don't make people accept me either they do or they don't. I have abstained from sex as I want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I know what the bible says but I also know what my relationship with God is. I've asked him numerous times to change me if I'm not meant to be this way, I've asked him to lead me down another path if it's not meant for me, and I am still where I've been. So my question is, based on what I said, is it still wrong for me to be gay? I know what I feel about it but I'd like your opinion. 

  10. when will the Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Norse and kindred peoples realise that we are the Israel spoken of in the Bible? the jews (Judeans) were never called Israel and were not the receivers of the blessings of Jacob/Israel.
    Great Britain specifically being Ephraim and the USA being Manasseh. we have a descendant of King David on the throne ruling over us (no matter how corrupt and useless she is), as does the Netherlands, Denmark (the mark of Dan) and other European nations.

  11. Um, I'm pretty sure i missed this but i will ask my question anyway if that's OK, Just on the off chance that it may get answered as you definitely have a better idea of what's going on than I do and you've taught me so much so far, Thank you for this. I'm really sorry its now two things. Two things that are confusing me so much.first one. All of these end times channels and weird things that are going on in the world. Weird weather, Fish dying etc. This is going to sound odd but in your opinion do you think some of it could be a set up for a false second coming? I mean Iv'e heard of HAARP etc. Secondly because I'm going on a bit too much now. Aliens… There has been some really shocking footage recently, I watched the latest last messages video and was shocked. Some people are claiming that they are demonic and are fallen angels etc. Iv'e probably just gone way over some peoples head right there but at the risk of looking weird, I would really love to know your view on these subjects. Again, Thank you very much for everything that you do.

  12. do you get into the economy and prophecy i dunno about europe but amerika is going down and soon…heard about the ports situation?! i always thought they would use amerika to bring down the whole world but how does the brics fit into this?!

  13. Hi there. I was wondering if you could offer me some advice please. I was raised a Catholic but never practiced, probably due to fear. Us Irish, well some of us were often told we were going to hell for minor things. I was often told God won't love me… So gradually fear set in and as I got a bit older I began to search for peace in my life. I began by meditating, ie leaving my mind open. Big mistake! Soon after I began experiencing pretty traumatic night terrors, well that's what my Doc explained they were. Soon things began to happen to me which I'd rather not go into but always when I was in bed. On one occasion I managed to say two words which were "Hail Mary". Instantly whatever was in my room fled. I know at times negative things ppl can't see are around me, but I feel them. The worst mistake I ever could have done was turn to this new age spiritual stuff. I tell Christ I'm sorry and pray to him often. Can you offer me any advice on how to cope with this? I feel alone and frightened. Will Jesus forgive me?

  14. Please send me your link next time there is a hangout

  15. how about ancient egypt or sumerian

  16. I have more questions please. I know I can google it, but then am I reading pages full of truth or lies? From all I can see you are speaking truth.  So could you explain please What is the book of Enoch and should it be in the Bible? I was given a Bible that has extra books, it's calling them the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books, eg Tobit, Judith,Susanna, Maccabees etc but no Enoch. What are all these extra books and why aren't they in the Bible?
    Also, I've found the NIV has so many verses missing from the KJV, so isn't that incredibly bad? Does that mean the NIV is not a good Bible to read for assistance in understanding.

  17. do you see the similarities  between the mark of the beast and vaccines. forgive me if you  have said so in a previous video. But Its hard to get some jobs, travel ,go to school or see some doctors if you don't get your shots. And when you tell people the dangers  of vaccines they look at you like your crazy. Maybe it will be the same when the mark aka chip is offered to the world…

  18. What do know about pictures of Matryoshka Dolls, or Russian Nesting Dolls. It's just a picture, but recently I've found things around my home that were symbolic and I didn't know, and I don't want to get rid of something for nothing.

  19. Hello, could you give me your opinion or even do a video over the alien (demon) deception, and how the cube of Saturn/ox/matrix is involved in it?? perhaps akin to age of deceit 1 and 2 (tho 2 is more about transhumansim)

    videos like this below give me the creeps, give it a look, it is by that Greer dude who is obviously a luciferian who worships demons posing as angels of lights.


  20. I got a question, why do you (as a christian) use a dollar sign in your logo?

  21. My question may not seems important..but it is." What is the name of our father in Heaven?.. I know his real name is not God. 

  22. The 50 shades of grey hype….. surely a hedonistic satanic franchise? I cant believe the amount of women knowingly walking into this sin.

  23. Can you tell us something about Area51? 🙂

  24. Where is saturn? Kinda strange but please try to answer 🙂

  25. Where is the line drawn between being part of an underground (persecuted) church and denying Christ? This is rapidly becoming more relevant to Western Christians. Thank you and God bless you.

  26. I am mostly with you all the way in your conclusions, very insightful, grateful to have found you.
    Some things struck me as I waded (joyfully and peacefully) through the information you kindly shared up here. I stand in truth.
    1. I still have a hang up with Jesus referring to us as sheep, so not sure if he could be another deception (my heart doesn't think so).
    2. I'm inclined to agree with you regarding the purpose of alex J. and david I (positive and negative pillars), however I felt it  unfair to dig up what mr Icke said many years ago, given you admitted you were wrong in your atheist stance in the past (lucky for me).
    3. Likely heard this qu lots of times, so sorry for a possible repeat, why the $ sign in the name, a sign of saturn as far as I know.
    4.Re the use of the word eXit, in trying to escape we could end up X ing back into it (the brick wall behind the escape hatch), then I don't fancy facing the Elohim if this happens.

    Finally, of the entire journey I have spent learning, noone (not even bill Donahue) has provided a 'not so intelligent' body (me) with such brilliant explanations to make pure sense of nearly everything upside down on this inverted kingdom . My heart keeps telling me 'LISTEN to this soul' i.e you.  Many thanks….. tom

  27. RSE, i want to know more about the Jesus, Zeus controversy please, i dont quite understand it yet, and i hate the idea even being in my head, i have done research but i still dont get it yet, thanks RSE

  28. +Round SaturnsEye
    Hi RSE I've been enjoying your content lately and find it very interesting. I'm now a saved Christian cause of videos like yours. Thanks brother and keep it up!

  29. You're not a gatekeeper, are you?

  30. Hey maybe you can do somekind of main video that explains your chanel and your view on the world. you don't have to go in detail but I'm quite new to your chanel and don"t understand everything and maybe this helps to make your chanel for a bigger audience.

  31. Please discuss project blue beam and the coming false alien invasion

  32. I've just recently found you like in the past week but I Love what I'm hearing and seeing from you. I'm going to try to hop on at 6pm (my time) and get listen, I think it's a GREAT idea and I'm excited!!! Thank you for all you do. God Bless always! 

  33. I'm pretty new to this Saturn stuff and I have a question. I'm confuse on what the relationship between Saturn, the OX and satan. Does satan live on saturn and work from there or does he live on earth and work through saturn to affect us on earth. And why did he choose saturn and how is the moon evolved. Thanks for your hard work on bringing this stuff to us and making us aware even though my wife looks at me funny sometimes when I bring this up. Thanks, Charles

  34. What's the meaning of As Above So Below?
    I've seen multiple meanings but still don't understand it completely.
    Thank you and sorry if this is a stupid question.

  35. Seeing that CERN is the heart of the Internet connection and to all electric devices in the world almost , do you think they will achieve the goals of creating a Portal to bring the underworld demons and all through and release them world wide into everyone's home that the dark power  welcomes itself to, like in Poltergeist and the statement from Serge Monet on the blue beam project disclosure?  just curious, most likely everyone is asking this one right ? :-))    a comment is welcomed indeed.   Thomas


  37. Hey man what do you think the real reason is behind cern and the Japanese "straight" cern they are building ?

  38. Why push fear???

  39. Hi R$E thanks again for all your work. My question is about those dancing sun videos from the Philippines, there is one from Africa too. I don't know what to think? Any ideas?? cheers.