Take a look inside this GIANT NEPHILIM STARGATE!

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Take a look deep inside this GIANT NEPHILIM STARGATE!

Explore: Find out the REAL history of our world that the secular establishment has hidden from you! Why? Because it proves the accuracy of the scripture!

Atheists, perhaps it is time to stop trusting man’s books.. and start reading God’s book – the Bible!

An R$E Production 2018.
Filmed on location in Golan Heights, Israel.

Kai (Engel) – Headway
Kai (Engel) – Cold War Echo
Kai (Engel) – Meekness

Evidence Shows that this monument is not typical of anything else found in the area at the time and not consistent with other structures or sites of the time. There is strong evidence to conclude that these stone rings were built by the Biblical Giants (Refaim/Nephilim) in 2,500 B.C. – between the time of Abraham and Moses.


There is strong evidence that the biblical giants or Refaim of the Bible were the architects the Circle of the Refaim.

In Genesis 14:5, “the Refaim inhabit the place called Ashtherot-Karnaim. Just ten miles from the rings is the site of an ancient Canaanite city called Ashtherot”.

In Joshua 12:4, “King Og of Bashan, the last of the Refaim, who lived at Ashtarot… ruled a territory stretching From Mount Hermon in the north”.

In 1 Chronicles 6:71, we are told that the half-tribe of Manasseh later inhabited “Golan,” in Bashan. The most explicit description of the size of the people of Bashan is found in Deuteronomy 3. “King Og‘s iron bedstead is kept at Rabbah… and measures thirteen and a half feet long and six feet wide.” The Refaim “were a large and powerful tribe, as tall as the Anakim (giants).

– RETURN OF THE GIANTS by Barry Chamish

Shocking Proof the Giants REALLY Existed!

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  1. " if they were to stop the very rocks would cry out. "…Jesus. Christ. It is good to See the younger generations learning that there has been a great deception and hiding of the truth ' of the history of mankind us been hidden from our generations too help prevent you from knowing the truth of GOD And that you are a created being and not from 'nothing slime fish crawling things and monkeys. 'You are created in the image and likeness of our Father ' Jesus is real.. so too Satan HEAVEN AND He'll.

  2. The ungodly use these. … A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools.

    In my hometown , there is a labyrinth at a catholic college. They encourage all to use it :(. If you google labyrinth… you will be surprised to see just how many religions use this 🙁
    Thank you for praying for those who go there . All glory and praise to God through His precious Son Jesus Christ !

  3. Such a creepy feeling I had watching this. Such an evil feeling with the circle, pagan symbols too. However, it made me understand just what was meant by Baal; etc. more. Brave you are to go and show us this place. God Bless!

  4. He says "People still come here ya know" as he and someone else is standing there…🤨 yes, I would consider you as "people" lol sorry that just tickled my funny bone😆

  5. Thank you for this video. The Lord Yeshua protect you.
    I kindly ask you,where precisely is this place?

  6. Brother you're braver than I could be. Shake off your shoes as a testament to that Wicked place.

  7. You brought light into a dark place

  8. It doesn’t take a machine or something made by hands for spirits to travel, this world mimic’s the spiritual…only the physical has limitations, only man would be ignorant enough to think he could build a way to the spiritual realm! At best this was built in defiance of God, Satan worship…

  9. What song are you singing at the end??

  10. Hey thank you very much for showing these things to us..u took a lot of risk and struggle to get in to these places just to show us.. thank you and you are living in which country??

  11. Thanks so much Rse. That was really great… and really sad to see this monolithic stargate. I was feeling some concern for you and was really happy when i finally heard another voice and knew you were not alone. I hope you know to pray all the dust off so that no unclean thing can ever follow you out. Bleed blood of Jesus on you when leaving.

  12. May be a bottle of holy water or anointed water with a bible, the pastors can clean that ancient sins.

  13. There were some monuments in this video that weren't from the dispensation of Noah… I saw a few with Luciferian characters …. These monuments are from the dispensation of time before Adam, when Lucifer ruled over the Earth as an Angel before He fell. He was also on Earth after he fell for a time. This is when God kicked him and 1/3 of the Angels that followed Lucifer out of Heaven and all the Kings and inhabitants of the Earth watched as they fell back down to Earth. This was the preadamite era. This was a civilization of inhabitants that were extremely advanced in technology etc. …. The reason they were so much further advanced than we are today is because they were directly ruled over by Lucifer and other Angels who freely imparted knowledge to them without having to go through the invention phase and then the steps of progression following invention as we do today..

  14. Looks similar to the stone circles in Southern Africa

  15. Reminds me of Atlantis. Yes, some have claimed to have found Atlantis and it somewhat looks like what is hee-though Imwill say I am more inclined to agree with those making that claim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5kEzxOb-3c&t=473s

  16. I believe in God. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. I have been baptized in sacred waters, prayed for and received the blessing of All that is Holy.
    I also believe that the King James version of the Bible has many mistakes in the translations from the original texts, and that there were many teachings that were not included or changed for the purpose of controlling the populace at the first council of Nicaea.
    I believe that since there's no real, prescribed Christian way to worship we must look into ourselves to do what feels right.
    We shouldn't need a book to tell what is and isn't moral. We should study and research for ourselves so that we understand the true meaning of God's word, not just what we are spoon-fed by our religious leaders.
    There is a whole world that is out there, that God made for all of us, to explore. Find places that resonate with the spirit of Christ within you. Jesus didn't need a big fancy church or tithes, just open hearts and open minds.

  17. there must be a spirit in there with that's why it's cold enough to see your breath

  18. Thank you !! Awesome video. And thank you for talking about our lord Jesus. Ive wanted to see this for a long time

  19. Appreciate your work

  20. At the near of end of times the USA Israel and Europeans Elite and For sure Main stream media and social media networks and even pops and Mullahs will misguide their peoples about False Masih and they will show him as jesuas Christ people's will flow up in the way without thinking people's may not believe or understand the True Masih

  21. Praise Jesus 🙌❤️

  22. I'm not sure about this being something to do with the giants but ready about the cities of Bashan. Those were the cities that the giants built in Syria.

  23. Remarkable, intimate tour of an obscure place I'll never visit…….Thanks.  That low, central chamber may have represented the womb of the goddess or of the world.  The false gods you mentioned remind me of the passage, "They tell how you turned to God from idols, to worship the living and true God, and to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead – Jesus, who saves us from the coming wrath."  I think it may be from 1 Thess. 1.  Oh, that this would be so for many, many more human souls in our day!

  24. Mount Hermon is the navel of the earth, the Fallon angels were cast down from heaven and descended on Mount Hermon.

  25. Sage is used to ward off evil dumbass

  26. Where did the angels fall from? There's nothing up in the sky. Then people say they are inter dimensional beings, so why fall? Rather enter from another dimension?

  27. When the place us cold to freezing….be sure there is someone from another dimension in there.

  28. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching.. this site was a very eerie exploration due to its history and construction by the Giants.

    I hope this helps people to find out the REAL history of our world that the secular establishment has hidden from you! Why? Because real world history proves the accuracy of the scripture!

    Atheists, perhaps it is time to stop trusting man's books.. and start reading God's book – the Bible!
    Witches, discover the real darkness and hell behind these practices and turn to life in Jesus!

    Let me get out of the way, I'm just a guy showing you what the Bible says.. magnify the One who paid the price for our sins and has given us eternal hope and joy! All Praise and Glory to our Saviour, Jesus Christ!