Take a look inside this REAL NEPHILIM Stargate! [VIDEO]

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Journey into a REAL Nephilim Stargate…



Find out the REAL history of our world that the secular establishment has hidden from you! Why? Because it proves the accuracy of the scripture! Atheists, perhaps it is time to stop trusting man’s books.. and start reading God’s book – the Bible! An R$E Production 2018. Filmed on location in Golan Heights, Israel.



Evidence Shows that this monument is not typical of anything else found in the area at the time and not consistent with other structures or sites of the time. There is strong evidence to conclude that these stone rings were built by the Biblical Giants (Refaim/Nephilim) in 2,500 B.C. – between the time of Abraham and Moses.


There is strong evidence that the biblical giants or Refaim of the Bible were the architects of the Circle of the Refaim. In Genesis 14:5, “the Refaim inhabit the place called Ashtherot-Karnaim. Just ten miles from the rings is the site of an ancient Canaanite city called Ashtherot”. In Joshua 12:4, “King Og of Bashan, the last of the Refaim, who lived at Ashtarot… ruled a territory stretching From Mount Hermon in the north”. In 1 Chronicles 6:71, we are told that the half-tribe of Manasseh later inhabited “Golan,” in Bashan. The most explicit description of the size of the people of Bashan is found in Deuteronomy 3. “King Og‘s iron bedstead is kept at Rabbah… and measures thirteen and a half feet long and six feet wide.” The Refaim “were a large and powerful tribe, as tall as the Anakim (giants). – RETURN OF THE GIANTS by Barry Chamish Shocking Proof the Giants REALLY Existed!



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Kai (Engel) – Cold War Echo

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