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  1. This video is delusional

  2. She look possessed in this video

  3. she chose hell, lol she will love burning with the rest.


  5. So many are still sleep, they will look at this as art but, thosoe woke no the truth! We are in revealtion We stand firm in our belif, Jesus is the only Son of our Father in heaven, false christ is going to fool those who arent awaken to the truth. Sad so many entertaniers are trying to recuit as many as they can leading them to damnation. Wake Up! Prays

  6. Intresting what was Taylors Swifts and who create this song reaction on this video

  7. You talk about when she is on the cross, imitating Jesus. After that look at the back of her hand there is a M. Sec 14:54. She a horrible video

  8. i've been told that the Book of Satan is not about worshiping the devil, but worshiping "self"…these pop stars have this going for them in spades- both live, and in these videos…very much about "self-empowerment"…

  9. People have to realize by now, that there is no celebrity women and very few men. They are all gender reversed, or transgenders or "strange flesh" and "abominations", as the Bible refers to these creatures. They have in reality set themselves up as androgynous demigods, just like their true Lord is an androgynous god or fallen angel. Satan appears both in that male form or as Lucifer, which appears female or Baphomet, which is androgynous.

    These creatures are also perfect slaves to the system, to Satan, because they live their lives in the most perfect invisible bondage: They are abominal and there is no redemption for these creatures. They have to hope for their Lord to win the spiritual war, which he of course will not. Jesus Christ already have defeated death and Satan and he will do so again at His second coming. Don't lust after these creatures or let them influence your life at all.

    And before anyone throws that at me, Beyonce absolutely did fake the pregnancy and you can even find videos, where her pregnant stomach is shifting position, which Beyonce even have tried to explain away in a really ridiculous interview, basically trying to talk to her fans emotions for "her". They have to fake pregnancies, otherwise people would have wondered a long time ago, why none of these celebrities gets children. There is an entire industry selling all kind of props to fake pregnancy out there, look it up for yourself. There is also a huge industry doing gender reversal surgery and hormone treatment.

    No wonder, because it becomes a more and more open agenda to turn all of humanity into a genderless and infertile species of wimps, who can't deal with their assigned gender. The war is not only against men. Satan hates all God's creation and will destroy both men and women. Look into Edward Bernays, the even more evil nephew of Sigmund Freud, and all his theories on how to use propaganda to create a society of mindless consumers, basically by creating a culture of inherent rootlessness and dissatisfaction, then you have an idea, what the game is. They have created an image of both the perfect man and woman of which no one can live up to, basically because the people idolized in this world are not the gender or basically anything they are portrayed in the media as being.

    Just one example, the entire fitness and yoga vawe in the western world were promoted by Jane Fonda. Her body was the image for generations of women as the epiphany of a healthy female body. The only problem is, that Jane Fonda is not a natural born woman and the body of that thing has no body fat, because it is not created for childbearing, unlike any real woman's body is. Does it take much imagination to see, how psychological unhealthy these unattainable images are for young women? Or men for that matter, who is tricked into lust after "strange flesh".

    Look into MrE, Transpocalypse Now or just search on transinvestigation. I will link to a very telling video from Transpocalypse Now exposing the stated UN agenda to spread gender equally for all genders (no, not just two) worldwide before 2030. Try to ponder a little bit on the consequences on, what they are saying. Basically, they want to destroy the only two natural genders created by God and turn all of humanity into androgynous and infertile creatures of lust and self obsession.

    No wonder Revelation prophecy, that Jesus Christ in His second coming will save all of mankind from utter destruction, just as in the days of Noah. It's already happening in front of your eyes and yet most people lust after exactly these false images and creatures. Even Christians.


  10. Burning money, means spending huge amounts of money.

  11. she is a "he".. transgender

  12. These people have MPD. That's how they can commit such evil acts then walk around without going insane from guilt.

  13. i really loved this song ,but after watching this I don't think I will ever play it again coz I didn't know the meaning of it. It is true when they say money is the root of evil ,but God never fails

  14. And in the scene where they mimic the tomb eith the stone and sex kittens, there were 8 outside and 4 inside. Mimicking the 12 apostles

  15. Lucifer: "Look what you made me do!" YOU: "Well YOU did it!" Legally by your own admission……the devil is NOT GUILTY! The Do-er IS!
    She is mimicking you dumbass christians…… "look what the devil made me do!….the devil made me do it!" "Very childish. You get what you deserve when you do it on purpose". Yes…you do! All of you! Thank You!

  16. Now I see why Selena is sick, este brut, her friend Taylor playing the devil. 😮

  17. Amen R$E, this video is amazing.

  18. You refer to Taylor Swift as she. That is not the truth. Taylor is an
    MTF. Taylor is Male to Female Transgender. Just like Katy Perry, Madona, Lady Gaga. All female singers are Illuminati Tranny. This is Baphomet worship and deception. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnvhC1tYKuw

  19. She pleas3d her master's well with her " political " announcement and if you don't believe it she won an awful lot last night, it's also funny she did all this right before the show.

  20. Jews need to be put back in the ovens where they belong

  21. are you people may be looking too much into this shit? None of this in the video makes any since to me…

  22. thanks for exposing this junk.

  23. Great video, very in depth explanation of the symbolism.

  24. She is disgusting

  25. Revaluation it's happening!!!!!!

  26. this is the same as the Crazy in Love video for Beyonce, a car crashes and Beyonce rises as a sexually liberated woman, then comes the Sasha personality! Its so sad what the Luminati are doing to these young woman, Some are programmed as young children that start off in the Disney Club. HollyWood Elites and the Illuminating cult are destroying these women. They are using them as puppets!

  27. Goodness this was a bunch of repeating of nonsense over and over.

  28. She is going to hell.

  29. Please do one about this video Ellen casted.

    "Adam Levine's new girlfriend" and it's a small child. This is a paedophilia promotion that need to be exposed!


    (And comments are disabled for some reason. Hmmm.)

  30. What about including a scene in which the throne melts away together with the devil while he is dropped into a puddle of mud?

  31. Anyone asleep EVER wonder that if her fan-base is 8 to 13 year olds, why she has these mature themes and visual concepts in her videos? And why every celebrity's music, lyrics, videos, and interviews have do with God/Satan/Jesus talk + symbolism no matter what their genre or fanbase? Maybe because it MEANS something??????

  32. This one's insane

  33. She needs an Exorsist! And that really pisses me off when I see all these dumb fake good for nothing pawns always wearing ANIMAL FUR!!😾😿

  34. They're All pointless and Need ignoring!!!, Everyone, the responsibility is on Is to teach Kids that this is Pointless claptrap!!!! Ignore it.. .. don't buy it, they're laughing at You!….

  35. She is a he

  36. Mark 19:26 the light rays are the satanic star.

  37. its out there lucifer witches dosgusting bitches

  38. Thank u that we may all see the truth and may we be set free

  39. Tylor Swift is a men👨‍⚖

  40. Taylor Swift is a Tranny

  41. Im sure she doesnt wanna do it but likes the money.

  42. The Cult Of Death …May God forgive them … May The Most High Come Soon !!!

  43. Sick and Satanic….. Pray The Massiah Comes Soon …Shalom.

  44. what happened to lil Taylor Swift??? with her guitar and beautiful lyrics ..lil folkie sound ??? O M LORD ?? HOW FAR WE FALL FOR THE SAKE OF MAMMON !!!! Why would Taylor be a part of this hideous sickening ritual??

  45. This looks like a Hillsong worship video LOL

  46. i can't believe i just wasted nearly 20 min on this BS

  47. She is infested with evil demons…

  48. do they actually know what theyre doing? i mean its mind manipulation; are they really fully aware? and could they ever quit? (im thinking of for example Jim Carrey at this question) — what happens if they want to stop, like Katy Perry seems to, or maybe Lady Gaga?

  49. God Bless you for exposing the truth. If you own any Taylor Swift music or videos, simply destroy and trash them ALL for your own good people and stop supporting her!

  50. At 14:55 is that a number 13 on her hand?