The Collapse of America as we know it (R$E)

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Is America about to COLLAPSE?
Cop Shootings, Race War, Martial Law, Clinton, Chaos…
The SHOCKING Events of 2016 & the End of America.

Illuminati Exposed at Round SaturnsEye Online:


God Be With You Till We Meet Again by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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  1. Hold firmly to the truth. He is not a God of confusion and never honors rebellion. God will make a way where there is no way.

  2. Those are all fake shootings, nothing but FreeMason's behind it. Take a look for yourself, I see no tears on that fat black man. Do you? Give me a break. Look into this yourself, it's all fake.

  3. WeLL ALL 5 of those DEAD WHITES in DaLLas, WERE UGLY, Anyway!!!

  4. United Nations Miltarizi g our police and Isrshell training our military and Replacing military with police.I crime tally subduing Our Nation.United Nations out of America..

  5. Weird. commercial before this video said "bring out the inner beast in you"

  6. your not even from america, who gives a shit what happens to that craphole of a country. americans are the scum of the earth anyway

  7. thank you

  8. Thank you for your loving effort, i pray in Christ's name,Jesus,,,,more if not all Americans would just listen to this message and hopefully come to understand this asap.

  9. bro, you need to do a little more research on these shootings. most of these shootings are staged events by the our government for an evil agenda.

  10. Whats neat about all this is we have a lot of power as a people not to be decieved, so we have at least some control over what happens. I believe some of it we dont, but we still have the eyes to see that this is all just to divide. We have the choice to unite and not fall for it. Lets take back our power people!

  11. don't come here and preach to us, get the fk out if you don't like America, go to England where muslims have their own country within a country  i.e london

  12. The murders are planned they want Americans to riot

  13. ENE MENE TEKEL U-PARSIN N.Y./N.Y. 9/11 2016

  14. Thanks, Always a powerful message. God Bless.

  15. there's lots of people who are proveing these u are speaking of are staged events with crisis actors the khazarian Empire with her now call Zionist on all of the media in America they are pushing for division in the country between black and white and black and cops these murders if you look up the Sheriff's Department in Baton Rouge it shows that Alton Sterling died January or February 5th of this year so how did he die in this video no one can prove that this is this guy and all of the footage pulls the camera away right before the shots are fired very suspicious my father was a first responder for 30 years he said these videos were suspicious right along with the crisis actors at the Orlando shooting guys doing News interviews 48 hours after they got shot 7 times with an AR-15 it's not possible to be sitting up and touching the places and pointing to places you said you were shot but there's no hole or bandages multiple actors doing the same thing. Society is so infantized that they can't even tell when people are lying about traumatic violent events because they've never been through one they've never been in war they've never had to deal with the things that our ancestors dealt with so they can't see that they're being lied to they're called false Flags and the government is doing this using the Black Panthers to push the black lives matter movement when all that really matters I know I jumped around a lot but I'm trying to get you to see that these are staged events even the police shooting was staged in Dallas. The flood in New Orleans recently was engineered I'm telling you there are some powerful demonic forces at work deceiving. Things do get bad and things are bad but not as the news portrays they're controlled by the controllers who want us to think how they want us to think. the Rothschilds for example their name was never Rothschild the dad change their name so they could hide he got his four or five Sons together and have them start Banks starting with England to take over the monetary systems to start the United Nations and take over the world in Revelations it talks about the people who call themselves Jews but are not of them. look up a documentary called forbidden knowledge khazarian Empire. or Jeff Durbin road to Zion it will show you exactly what's happening and relate it all and tied to scripture. all the churches in America are typing in the money is going to rabbis in Israel Zionist rabbis in the Zionist temples they worship the serpent he does interviews with these rabbis you will not believe what you see and hear

  16. 777

  17. good videos but your not fully AWAKE YET…

  18. pleasure of sin with the devil for one season? Eve first, Adam second, second Adam.

  19. It's not a question of are these real incidents or staged with crisis actors – it's the same outcome either way. Their plan to divide us all then bring us together under their new system! So seek Jesus Christ our Lord that's your ultimate hope – NOT JUST BECAUSE OF WHAT'S COMING BUT BECAUSE HE IS THE SON OF OUR GREAT ALL POWERFUL GOD AND OUR HOPE AGAINST THIS WORLD, WHICH IS LITERALLY RULED BY SATAN, AND OUR REDEEMER WHO GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US ON THE CROSS SO WE WILL BE ABLE TO BE FORGIVEN AND HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE WITH HIM AND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AFTER THIS TEMPORARY LIFE ON EARTH. AMEN! AND GLORY TO GOD!

  20. The revolution will not be televised.

  21. Did it ever occur to you , RSE, that these are staged managed events? Honestly, if I were TPTB I would produce the exact same plays.

  22. Thank you for sharing!

  23. How did I go from a simple history video. To this

  24. The old system was a luciferian system from the word go!

  25. The elites are Luciferians. They worship Satan. Consider that the head of a Freemason lodge is called "Worshipful Master". That's right, a grown man; a successful freemason calls another guy "Worshipful Master". You think the Freemasons are a harmless charitable organization? LOL!! They seem to have quite a liking for Islam considering the freedom and dominion over Europe that they have. And they are coming to America by the day. LOL!! Keep supporting Hillary and swallow the media's endless criticism of Trump. LOL!! You Americans are just as much gluttons for punishment as Swedes and Germans and the French. LOL!!

  26. you fucking kidding bro???? Alton Sterling was trying to pull his gun to kill the cop, you're deceived. and they want the second amendment rights removed.

  27. watching this all happen and living through it amongst people who refuse to even try to see the truth, their Lord, is truly the saddest experience of my life so far. it is just terrible. it tears me apart.

  28. They have a course you can take with the police department where you train with cadets, many different senereos, where you have to deal with attackers. You should look into it.

  29. that bald police officer who lost his life in dallas was a white supremacist.

  30. Whether those events are false flags or true killings, the purpose is to incite an internal war and chaos, so they can impose their new law and control. Your message is very good.

  31. We are in the tribulation.

  32. Thank you for your videos! m from Houston but was making my way back home from Dallas just ahead of police funeral procession a couple weeks back. Everyone was on the overpasses holding flags…black, white, Hispanic, Asian, EMS, Fireman, boys and girls, mean and woman, young and old. Someone is inciting a race riot indeed and sparking violence between people that normally get along and love each other.

  33. Personally, I do not think what is happening regarding police brutality is staged for any political reason. All you people are seeing, is the truth about how white people feel about Black people and it is NOT NEW! This is a universal problem and has been since the white man first invaded Africa with their notions of colonization. We CAN blame the police and these are not isolated incidences. White people have never owed their horrific past. Always find ways to defect from the truth and point their fingers at others. The system will collapses because as it was said many years ago… "A nation divided cannot long endure" There will be a war. It is inevitable. It's not the Devil and it's not God… it is the nature of the white man to be violent, greedy and self centered. His end is near.

  34. yes how does that stuf happen right after Hilary gets let off of her crimes?? Just happenstance?

  35. the clash…..they are pushing this agenda tryng to divide us, in europe they are sending every day thousand of african people called simply " migrantes"this new word is part of the deception, most of them are young with eyes full of dreams, but people here is starting to be afraid..they are really pushing a race war…

  36. "They" are the zionist jews wicked isreal . thought you should know