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  1. Jesus Christ is our protection… Who else agrees

  2. Sint niclas is still celibrated today in belgium and the netherlands, on the 5th of december, you can check it on YouTube when you Search for sinterklaas, it is just like the pictures you show at the start of your video

  3. Because we don't celebrate saturnalia…

  4. SANTA = SATAN Never Paid Attention To That Until Now‼️ I Have To Show This To My 13 yr Old BC He Is Very Good In Noticing/Pointing Out Symbolism & Things Like This.

  5. As A Child My Mom & Grandparents Did The Whole Christmas Thing Of Course I Was In It For The Toys…But I Think By The Time I Turned 17 I Kind of Fell Off of Holidays. Once I had my Own Family And Started Studying The Bible And Getting Into These REAL Educational Videos I Completely Refuse All Holidays. "Santa" Does Not Exist For Myself or My Children .

  6. I never believed in Santa.

  7. Respect

  8. But in England and France, he's called Father Christmas.
    Santa Claus comes from the Dutch meaning St. Christopher.

  9. Haha has been a while that I don’t care for Christmas all to make a lot of money cause people don’t celebrate peace and love!

  10. This is so disturbing and creepy… i just can't 😢😢😢😢

  11. Santa Claus is Nimrod

  12. i love Jesus Christ

  13. i Hate Anti Christ who is Santa he is evil Jesus hates anti christ because god is good

  14. I know about the pagan side of Christmas but saint Nickolas was a real person in the catholic church. I think if the church started celebrating it on the true date and focus my on the true mean but churches won't do that.

  15. it will really cook your brain after checking this lot … lol, enjoy! 😉 …. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3AOcCIAXq0RjWCQ2YBXVFwLaPGFxsG1g

  16. Yep.. They want Santa or Satan to be our god. And not the only true God & creator.

  17. ooooo scary….

  18. Great Vid and thanks for your work! Whats the name of the song that starts at 3:03?

  19. Omg haw idiots you people can be!

  20. Happy 9/11 jesus

  21. Ash

    Same thing with Easter…

  22. Jesus was born in a cave not in. a manger and in animal stable gosspel of Mary

  23. God states clearly not to learn the heathen ways, he will not stand for it
    bowing down to pick up presents and bowing down to place presents under the tree
    idk who it's for maybe nimrod but it's definitely a prayer or paying respects to someone
    that isn't god that's for sure

  24. You also lie to your kids. Then later on the kids are not going to trust you and wonder what else you lied about. Jesus the most selfless man ever with the most materialistic day.

  25. that's a lie

  26. Hercules isn't a god

  27. Almost sounded like Sheldon was rapping

  28. This is an excellent video David. The colors are beautiful and you are truly an expert at making videos. This shows the truth 100%. Also make sure to see Jungle Surfer and he has a video on how Trump is a woman. He says most truthers are afraid to tell this truth but he isn't and he is right. And also did you see the video on that rabbi who said that he and the other elite put human meat into burgers at fast food?

  29. I got inspired by a Macy's commercial circulating on youtube to get on the internet and tell the truth that santa claus is NOT REAL (STOP LYING TO YOUR CHILDREN PARENTS)

    I got inspired by a Macy's commercial circulating on youtube to get on the internet and tell the truth that santa claus is NOT REAL (STOP LYING TO YOUR CHILDREN PARENTS)

    I got inspired by a Macy's commercial circulating on youtube to get on the internet and tell the truth that santa claus is NOT REAL (STOP LYING TO YOUR CHILDREN PARENTS)

  30. 😮WHAAAAAT!??

    omgsh…I did not know.
    NOW I KNOW!😱

  31. This explains why there is so much depression and suicide around these satanic holidays. Satan has tired to take away and pervert everything relating to Christ, as in they even moved his birthday to an occultic high point and added Santa to detract from Christ's holy birth.

  32. the music at the end could be a fucked up goa song id love to hear xD very good video tho i didnt knew this because sadly nobody tells you that in school keep up the good work

  33. cool music!

  34. God created Saturn, right?

  35. Jesus never existed he was a Roman Invented cult to try to Subvert the Hebrews when they conquer Israel

  36. When my daughter was five she ask us how it possible for Santa to go to all of the children's home in one day. She's a pretty smart!

  37. i was born 3.9.1996 , – i know gods light, only truth i know is that god is real, i dont know his name, i know that he is the best light you can ever see, god = peace, love, light… i felt that peace in that light, i want to change world into love and help people to get into this light (what we need to do? – love everybody/everything , be good in all ways, we need to destroy all the technology like internet, computers, mobiles, guns, all things which hurts something…) But never destroy people or animals (everybody can change through light) schools must be cancelled, lot of jobs must be cancelled, money must be cancelled, banks, institutions… Instead of this we need farms, everybody should grow their own foods, there must be new ways of healing people (through love and sport) new schools (public schools in nature teached by people who were in that real and true light of peace) teachings about love and helping and farming, reasearch about love and our god, all we need to focus is LoVe [[everything bad is from devil, do not be deceived]] ///beware of www,666,nwo,aliens,false gods,false prophets,religions,technology 3D/robots/// Only TRUTH: God is Light and Peace

  38. +R$E, 20 seconds n2 this video.. What's the name of this movie? Please respond.

  39. Good research, spot on imo. All myth and all duality.

  40. The reason it is surrounded in paganism is because emperor Constantine took the pagan rituals and manipulated them for his own bullshit religion. Wake up people the bible is rubbish, just enjoy your life without guilt because you only get one life and it is very very short. Dean

  41. Santa Claws!!