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  1. What is the name of the clip with the lady "Leah". I would like to see the full interview if you know of it.

  2. Pretty new to the channel…Amerishima sent his subs over this way for that loop lovers vid and I've already almost watched errythang you have man. Good stuff. There ARE a few times when I wished you would point out what you are showing better cuz, unfortunately, there are a few times that I miss what you are showing. Probably not even an explanation just a lil arrow to point or something most of the time I think would suffice. I don't even mean to criticize at all cuz I'm just a lil slow and new to your steez and a lot of the Saturn knowledge. Don't get me wrong almost all of the time you are on point or I'm on point with what you are showing I should say.
    Anyways, I wanted to say great job…keep em coming…AND you should start a biz to edit some vids for these other cats out here cuz you are killin it on matching stuff with beats and your overall editing (do you make beats?). You don't have to get rich off of it because I bet you do it for the love like I would and have with music, but you ought to do that and make ya a lil payoff for your efforts and time it took in gaining talent…and thanks again for the vids that have kept me busy the last week or so! 

  3. Excellent and outstanding job.

    Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ Yehowshua heMashuach and ask Him to be your Savior. Maran atha!

  4. The New Atlantis is rising ! !

  5. See the light 8,infinity/infinite, in time,reincarnation and round the loop(time trap) of flesh and death.Saturn fishing for lost soul's.

  6. I love that all you got it do is talk in a cartoon voice to claim your a transdimensional entity instead of being a fugly fat bitch preaching run of the mill new age bullshit.

  7. i get the impression that Satan & Lucy are NOT the same entity, but what do i know