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  1. Absolutely praying for you!!! These scriptures are great

  2. Luv this video man. Lord bless you for spreading the truth.

  3. Bro what's the name of the track that you used on this video?

  4. Amen brother. ~SHALOM

  5. God bless you and have his mercy on those that don't know him.

  6. Keep em coming bro, keep allowing the Holy Spirit use you; it's people like you that give me the encouragement that is needed to keep the faith. Be blessed bro

  7. The tomb stone

    Jesus Is Now The Reason For The Easter Season:


  8. Angels at the Tomb

    English: http://youtu.be/pqHIHHJfhDI

  9. Great words brother.

  10. caught you on max malone`s discussion the other day,you are so awake and so gifted. the God i know is kind, generous,patient,loving,comforting and alway`s there for me,and very humorous at times.just like a father he does not alway`s give me what i want but gives me wisdom to get the answer`s.he is awesome! he  brought me to your channel! everyone needs to ask themselves are you a fan or are you a follower, it`s easy to be a fan.   

  11. Put soul in front of your mind, be good, do good things, believe in creator… Jesus was actually human just like you and me, and they used him heavily, for their propaganda and control… Im doing so much research on origins of bible and jesus in past year, and i think i have a long road ahead of me. i like your videos btw.

  12. I went back to public school and my friends are like, "Hey did you see 'The strain' last night?" "Yes, it was awesome! Those black-robed things that jump out at you are sooo scary!!" I feel like I'm living in George Orwell's '1984'

  13. Truth is a person and that person is Jesus Christ!

  14. Very well produced

  15. Vid here so many of us needed RSE! Truth hits home!

  16. You nailed it man, you are either all in or not simple as that. You can't be friends with this world and friends with God.

  17. You always know how to bring a grown man to tears lol 

  18. So so good!!! This is excellent!!! Well done brother 🙂

  19. bravo brother, these are pearls. keep up the great work. seems you're really finding your niche' in relaying the message ALL can relate to. I still like the advanced material, but this as good as it gets. pure, simple, concise.  

  20. Has anyone else seen this ice bucket antithesis trend? Water/Fire…

    Fire Challenge Compilation Video (Teens Are Setting Themselves on Fire)

  21. FUNNY thing is that this is the very same thing I argued with my wife about last night (11:00 pm till about 2:00 am).  The argument was based on +Hyungs (false YouTube pastor), wearing a goatee and sporting Satanic hand gestures, using a light behind his head imitating the sun- like Apollo.  

    My wife fought against me on my opinion and what I said which was to be not of this world and to represent Christ in modest appearance to sum it all up.  

    +hyungs isn't the only one like this, because many will depart from the Faith giving heed to doctrines of devils, but he is a prime example to the discerning Christian.

    I would like to get some feedback on this if possible.

    I know that all the ministries on YouTube are in it for the money, and they preach a false doctrine like the rapture (Jesuit inspired, less than 150 years old).  They are anti-Biblical, self serving ministers of Satan.  

    It's getting worse and worse as I can see it plainly in the last 7 years since I've been on YouTube.

    A fact is that the closer you come to the father through Yahushua, the harder it gets to relate to just about anyone, including your own wife who also claims to be a Christian.

  22. Cubical Saturn's Eye.  

  23. I never tought that I will be a follower of Jesus Christ….never, I was a morron. Thank you Jesus 

  24. big fan, gonna stay a fan, its just i cant get past the thought that jesus is not a good guy. he has all the attributes of saturn,  saturn = dead sun (son) dead son = jesus. just my opinion i guess. i think god and creator are not the same thing. …….peace dude

  25. Take the L out of the word WORLD and you have the word, WORD – THE WORD OF GOD to take us from the wor(L)ds deceit.

  26. The illusion is to get a group of people on the same brain frequency then infiltrate their thoughts make them believe they were raptured and they need to return to wipe evil off the planet causing a mass murder when your on the frequency you start having dreams of what the program is projecting its a larger more safisticated version of the Koren helmet these symbols weather they are diliberatly absorbed or subconscious the effect is the same so exposing them is only programming more people mostly because it's not diluted

  27. wahat a powerful message, thank you brother, God bless

  28. Much needed…awesome message!

  29. GOD is good.

  30. Very powerful video. It reminded me that the loneliness and isolation I sometimes feel is only there because we were truly not meant for this world. thank you

  31. Jesus has blessed you with eyes to see, thanks for spreading the truth and keep up the good work…Gods work.  Shalom

  32. Love! If there's anyone out there that is confused in this crazy world and doesn't know what to believe about Christ or questions the legitimacy of him…please just reach out and ask him. Talk to him as.you would a friend…He understands. He will show you! With him, you will never be alone. And if you are already a believer, reach out to others….don't give up on helping brothers and sisters to wake up from this world. God Bless!

  33. HalleluYah!!! Thy will be done! Thy kingdom come Father!!! Thank you brother.

  34. Full 'RAVE NEW WORLD' documentary will be up soon at the side channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIsYlLpgMOFfixJ0y1vR2UQ

  35. Very well done ! and I might add that since we are still here and not of this world we have the time to bring others to the saving Grace of our Father, much of this is through prayer. I have so many that were in my life who have opened that wide gate and are walking that path of destruction. Prayer thought … My God my Father of all things possible please enter into their hearts and mind and spirit and guide them to the truth our Lord Jesus open their eyes to see  to walk in your path in Jesus name I pray.  God Bless and keep you

  36. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Amen.

  37. That first dislike was Satan hahah get lost loser

  38. s

    "The world would love you as one of it's own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you." John 15:19

    I needed that verse today. Thank you. 

  39. Hey round, can you make a video about the old testament, because I just watched a few videos about God and Satan and their making God look like the bad guy. Can you explain why God did those things please. I'm not losing my faith but it got me curiously thinking. Thanks round, love your videos, in Jesus name.

  40. Hey round, can you make a video about the old testament, because I just watched a few videos about God and Satan and their making God look like the bad guy. Can you explain why God did those things please. I'm not losing my faith but it got me curiously thinking. Thanks round, love your videos, in Jesus name.

  41. it is stunning, how blatan but accepted it is; at the same time so many get irate when it is mentioned or shared, or one is mocked as was prophesied to be (which, truth always has been)…seems the door is closing more, the Light shall burn in some ppl brightly, until the Restrainer is removed, and the last person has rejected truth…. all hell will break loose…

  42. Thank you for this video……….I really needed this today.  You are so right in that it can be so unnerving and sometimes you just have to step back and thank our AWESOME GOD for giving us the eyes to see and ears to hear!  I am so glad and grateful that this earth is not our home.  God Bless You!!!