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  1. This isn't some celebrity trying to be edgy this is a woman that is trying her best to please her God the Devil Himself

  2. I need to start back reading the Bible, but I wish I could understand the depth of the details that you explain when it comes to the symbolism. I really want to learn these things to the depth of which you teach and explain. Evil is right in front of us through lots of symbolism through the way cities and buildings are built, to icons from television stations, to toys, etc. it’s crazy! And it’s important to gain knowledge. That’s part of why we get deceived bc we lack knowledge. But I pray for Gods knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

  3. Just a gorgeous voice he has

  4. 1:00 Lady Gaga looks like Marilyn Manson

  5. creepy commercial

  6. Ulta swastik . That is not the sacred swastik. This type of swastik invites negative energy. Sacred one is different from it

  7. plus thats a male pretending to be a female.

  8. This woman is absolutely disgusting. 🤢

  9. She's obviously under demonic influence! Have you ever seen pictures from her youth? She used to have beautiful dark hair, and tan healthy skin. She was a bit preppy, and seemed like a normal, gorgeous girl. They get a hold of them and turn them into things like this. Smh. Pray for our planet and God bless!

  10. Green Screen. Also Gaga is Dude! Aka man.

  11. You are so superficial…

  12. Stop saying it's a David Bowie tribute everything makes sense if u look closely it all has significance and very detailed

  13. How and why can you prove that any of this is bad or wrong?

  14. Its al about the new tech that They use in the show

  15. Why are you going so deep i cant 😂😂 it is just a tribute for Bowie please talk about real things not your fake things youve got in your minde

  16. do you believe R$E that the Bible has been changed (verses and words) due to this which is going on…???

  17. this is all just ABSOLUTELY DISPICABLE……

  18. Intel = Let in

  19. whats obvious is that you mate are a nutter.

  20. Damn! You are great at explaining symbolism! If it was not for people like you all this will be really unseen by most. But even when there is an agenda. It is not news that we have rulers busy around the world already for… ALL TIMES! SO scared NOT! 🙂

  21. Is it just me?, but in the scene​ where he talks about the seed, I think I saw inside the cube, a shape forming into an demonic figure or outlining of one, right before​ the commercial ends. Did anyone see that??

  22. You are really dumb, David Bowie isn't Lucifer, he's just the best musician ever

  23. So you think Lady Gaga is the Beast of the book of Revelation? Satan? The Devil? The one that will battle Jesus Christ? …lmao… Get a grip RoundSaturnEye. Its a tribute to David Bowie who was into this kind of esoteric symbolism. But dont worry Saturn, you and Forest Gump will still go to heaven.

  24. we shoed not have that kied of tacnolght

  25. i hat it

  26. not like a devel she is one i can see him now it is him the frist of the falling

  27. what the hell

  28. thats fuck up

  29. thsts scick

  30. we all need helpe to portch us fore thes evele thing

  31. she dousint even move like she not humen humenbeing move like that

  32. yhe lilth and lucfir mal and femal

  33. saturns black cube.

  34. Satan is scum. Satan's are scum loosest! Don't join fucken loosers, dombass!

  35. Wow…truly ignorant ranting. Good job being narrow!

  36. this is so … stupid … !!!

  37. bullshit

  38. This is full of shit but interesting 🖕🏻🙌🏻😡🤔

  39. You have problems no one else has…

  40. Onya for exposing this demonic garbage, I bet gaga will be one of the ppl telling ppl not to fear the so called aliens; who will be demons of course, conning many.

  41. looks like vampire s comming from up to the bottom of / realy shit